Playing Hooky

Im sure the lot that frequents our site are no stranger to the concept of playing hooky.  You know, where you skip school and go do whatever all day.  But what does that have to do with a site geared toward married men with families.  I’m glad you asked, because I came up with a way to do this as an adult.  I’ll offer how and why you should do this, and how much fun I actually had when the wife and I just took a vacation from life for a day.

The Plan

The wife and I both work full time.  After we get done its after school activities for the kids, dinner, then bed not too long after.  While it is rewarding in ways, the same day in day out can get a bit stale.  Granted, all you know that I’m all about hard work and getting shit done but I started thinking of how we could both ethically get a day away and time for ourselves.

What about work?

What about the kids?


In the end my plan was simple: Just make all entities think you’re tied up.

Work: Request time off, use a PTO day if you can. (The BEST part)

Kids: If school aged, get them off to school as usual.  If younger, take them to the sitter/daycare as usual.

Let work know that you’re going to be PTO so plan around projects and deadlines.  The kids and daycare wont know the wiser. This is the beauty of the plan.  Everyone has their pieces where they should be, but you get to go do whatever.

Our Day

We left home as we do everyday, only to meet up at a local coffee shop.  Its kind of strange how that feeling of “getting one over” when I played hooky as a kid came back.  I was relaxed and happy, but it was kinda nice to just enjoy a weekday.

We ate and had coffee then decided to just drive into the city.  Checked out some shops, went to a park, grabbed lunch later. What we did wasn’t important.  It was the break of being in high level, high stress positions at work, and a break from being mom and dad.  If I ever did it differently again, I’d rent a hotel room so we could go fuck, but ya know, details.

Even without sex, it was awesome to just enjoy the day and each other.  It gives you time to reflect on the shit you do, why you do it, and how you can better accomplish things.

Even as the kids got home, I started checking emails that night etc. the glow of a good day was still in affect.  Sure the next day I had to do twice the work and get into my week a day later, but who fucking cares?  Your career is important, but isn’t all you are.


If you can spare it, you and your wife should take a day off from work and parenting to play hooky.  Try to just wing it on things to do as I feel its more fun if you just wander and have a good time.  I think another point that could be made is that you could also do this alone.  Go fishing, go to the gun range, shit stay home and sleep all day.  It can be nice to just break the cycle sometimes.

-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.