Iron vs Bodyweight: Week 1 Recap

Jak and I have decided to do a 3 month challenge -starting May 18, 2018 and ending August 10, 2018-  where we will compare the differences between doing weight training (J.Nyx) and bodyweight exercises (Jak).  Each Friday we will share our results, what changes we’re going to make to our respective programs, and specific benefits/issues we come across.

Week 1 is now in the books!  Below we will briefly cover what we’ve been doing, any issues or breakthroughs we’ve had, and also updates on our pics and measurements.**If you’re interested in receiving information on the bodyweight portion of this experiment not being covered in these posts, subscribe to our site with your email and you will be added to our weekly newsletter.  The newsletter is sent out every Friday and covers topics like why I chose bodyweight exercise, my approach to this challenge, and workout variations you’ve probably never thought of!**

Jak’s Stats: Week 1 (Bodyweight Training)

Measurements (Starting Point ⇒ Current)

  • Chest measurements – 39.75 in ⇒ 40.25 in
  • Bicep measurements (relaxed) – 13.75 in ⇒ 14 in
  • Waist/Hip measurements – 39 in / 41.25 in ⇒ 38.75 in / 41.5 in

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this much of an difference in my measurements in such a short time.  I actually measured everything a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t mistaken.  Upon contemplation, I guess the changes in numbers make sense, not because I’m putting on muscle like a roided up bodybuilder, but most likely due to inflammation in the muscles, especially around my back and chest (LOTS of pushups and pullups).  These measurements will be interesting to watch over a longer timeframe.

I’ve spent most of week one working on the basics as well as incorporating some more difficult variations of the pushups and squats into my routine.  I recognize that my back is the weakest link so I’ve also spent extra time building up the strength in that area as well.  Since starting working out in earnest, my appetite has skyrocketed so fasting throughout the morning might need to be dropped for the time being.

I’ve also made sure to dedicate some time to taking cold showers.  This is great right after a hard workout as it cools me off and helps keep the soreness down in my body.  Also, cold showers are great for helping with body composition and converting white fat (what we often think about when we talk about fat) to brown fat.  If you aren’t familiar with these two types of fat, I highly recommend you research it.  Very interesting stuff!

While I haven’t completely removed grains and sugars from my diet, I have significantly cut them down.  Most of my grains come from the white rice I add into my dinners (chicken and broccoli stir fry) and my sugars come from one apple each day.  I’ll be tweaking my breakfast bowl recipe next week to reduce the calories while upping the protein.  This should make a big difference in my fat loss while improving my recovery and muscle gain.

All in all, energy levels are up, my muscles are sore (which means they’re growing), and I’m seeing some definite gains in my strength (not necessarily muscle mass, yet).  I think I will devote another week or two to mainly basics and then begin focusing more on advanced exercises.

I’m also looking into building an outdoor workout area in my backyard similar to this.  Right now I’m doing chin-ups and pull-ups from my back patio, which isn’t ideal.  Something like this would allow me to attack my muscles from different angles as well as perform additional exercises like dips.

J. Nyx’s Stats: Week 1 (Bodybuilding)

Week 1

Measurements (Starting Point ⇒ Current)

  • Chest measurements -41.5 in ⇒41.5 in (no change)
  • Bicep measurements (relaxed) -15.25 ⇒15.35
  • Waist/Hip measurements -33in/35in ⇒32in/35 in

These numbers make senses as I’ve beenb working like a madman since January. My biceps we’re 14.5 inches a month ago so that’s progress.  Also I’m on a cut and wearing a 32 inch pants for the first time in over a decade. I’m focusing on fat loss and definition. Last week I was holding more water due to a salty meal so this is a better representation of my numbers.

I have been keeping up on the WB Fitness prescribed program of volume training.   This weekend being Memorial Day, the unofficial start to Suns out Guns out season, I’ll be shirtless for most of the weekend.  The reason for this isn’t just to show off, we’ll maybe it is.

In Arnold’s book, he goes on about how he cut the bottoms of his pants to show off one of his weakness, his calves.  Im going to use this time to assess where I want to attack in the last month before July 4th. Im   While I wont be quitting, July 4th is kind of my “day” to reveal my fitness journey. I’ll never be satisfied, and I’ll definitely be in the best shape I’ve been in my whole life.

Diet is still a deficit with a protein shake for breakfast, protein rich lunch and balanced (protein and green veggie) dinner.  Still consuming no sugars/alcohol.  I did the math and I am eating about 30g of carbs a week.

I feel good, but I’m really ready to kill it as I’m committing to bodybuilding year round.  Last year, I took the winter off, gained some fat, and lost some muscle.  This time round, I’m just gonna keep up the intensity.  I need the mental aspect of the gym to round me out.  I also want to get my bodyfat down to my goal of <12%. As of today, I’m at 12.3%  Diet is going to play a huge role. June will not be a fun month, but it will make me happy in the end.

Other than lifting, I’ve been spending more time outdoors with the family. Yesterday I took my family to a local community park where we threw the football around.  Played fetch with the dog, and walked the entire ring around the lake 3 times (about 4 mile walk).



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