How To Dominate Your Fitness Goals With Time Management

Time, energy and money – the big three. These, minus the use of other people, are the three resources you have to get what you want out of your life. The reason I’m ignoring other people is that although they can give you information, they aren’t going to get you lean or muscular. Only you can. So, it’s just these three resources.

Taking this a step further, time is different to money and energy. Energy is replenished every time we eat, drink water and sleep. Money is replenished whenever we get paid/receive returns. Time is never replenished. Ever. And it’s just as important as money and energy for getting us to our goals. Contrary to popular and misguided belief (thanks, supplement industry), fitness success takes time. So we must manage it properly if we want to get the best out of it.

Most people simply have no idea how to do this. They’re stressed out all the time, and they:

  • Have “no time” to sleep properly
  • Have “no time” to eat properly
  • Have “no time” to train properly

So instead, they would rather:

  • Get fatter, slowly but surely
  • Get weaker
  • Get less attractive
  • Get more lethargic
  • Slowly destroy their testosterone levels

I’m sure people don’t really want the above outcomes. Instead, if they knew how to manage their time and prioritise properly, they wouldn’t have to suffer the needless negatives.

Here’s how you “make” time:

“Making” Time To Look Like A Greek God

Making more money requires time. Maintaining that income requires time also. Sculpting the body of a Greek God takes time. Maintaining that body also requires time.

Everything takes time. Maintenance is always easier than building/creating, but it still takes time.

Now, this is especially important if you live a busy and full life already, with a family, kids, and a stressful job. But it’s perfectly do-able.

You CAN sculpt a Greek God physique.

You just need superior time management skills.

Here are five solid, tried and tested, time management strategies in order to destroy your fitness goals:

#1 – Prepare Your Weekly Meals On A Sunday Evening

This tip alone is enormous. It has the potential to completely transform your entire fitness journey. The NUMBER ONE reason why most guys screw up on their diet is because they failed to prepare their food in advance. So when they’re pressured into making a last minute decision regarding food, they always fall back to the easy option – junk food. It’s quick, easy, and incredibly calorie dense & simultaneously nutrient sparse. Not good.

Instead, if you prepare your entire week’s meals in advance (Sunday is best), you no longer have this problem. You may want to invest in a slow-cooker. Then store the meals in Tupperware’s in the fridge/freezer. Simple.

What’s more? If you use only 2-3 meals, you can make calorie-counting and macro-tracking much easier. You only measure it once, then use those numbers for every time you eat that meal. Massive time-saver. Same thing applies to snacks (like fruit, for example) – use similar snacks as it makes calorie-tracking easier.

You think only 2-3 meals throughout the entire week would be boring? Okay:

  1. You would be surprised at how much difference it makes simply using different herbs and spices within each meal. It adds variation without altering the calories & macros. Rotate herbs & spices on a daily basis and you won’t get bored.
  2. You can rotate your meals every week. So rotate chicken, beef, turkey, fish as your main meats, rotate the vegetables you use, etc.

You don’t need huge daily variation. As long as you have weekly variation in foods you’ll be fine.

The entire weekly preparation process ONLY takes about 2-3 hours MAXIMUM.

Only 2-3 hours to make sure you get your entire weekly calories and macros nailed without suffering any problems. Awesome. If that sounds like too much work, I’m sorry, but you will never get the body of a Greek God.

Plus, the process gets faster and faster every time you do it. It’s great, you’ve got to try it. It transformed my results, and it will do yours too, especially if you’re a busy guy.

#2 – Do Full-Body Workouts & Ruthlessly Eliminate The Fluff

You’re a busy guy. You’re aware that the gym takes time and energy; both of which are limited, as we know.

What if I told you that getting a Greek God physique can be done in three full body workouts per week? Would you prefer that to six workouts per week? I know I do. It frees up the extra time to put into my diet, business goals, career goals etc.

We’re talking serious Pareto Principle stuff here guys.

Focusing on three heavy, hard, full-body sessions per week gives your body more than enough of a stimulus to grow (or to maintain muscle, if that’s your goal). Every single major muscle group is hit three times per week. Whereas if you do a body part split, you may train five times per week, for just as long, and still only hit each muscle group 1-2 times per week. It’s not ideal unless you’re on gear.

How do we get as much in three workouts as we do in five then?

I’ve been lifting weights for a long time now, and I’ve seen many trends come and go; both dietary trends and gym trends. One of the (many) things that irritates me about bodybuilding articles/magazines/men’s fitness topics is the emphasis on the unimportant – isolation movements.

Sure, bicep curls, tricep extensions and calf raises do work. But my point is that you can do other, bigger compound movements that will get you 95% of those results, plus a load of other benefits and hit other muscle groups.

Weighted chin-ups for example, will get you about 90% of your bicep growth, provided you do enough sets. Squats will give you about 97-99% of your quad growth (without leg extensions), provided you do enough sets. They also give back growth and hamstring/glute growth (respectively) that you won’t get from isolation work.

I’m not saying to never perform isolation work, but just to be aware of the low return on investment of bicep curls relative to weighted chin ups.

Save time and get equally good results by doing three full-body workouts per week. Supersetting compound movements is also an excellent way to get a LOAD of volume in with little time spent.

#3 – Smash Your Cardio Straight After

You’re already pumped up, warmed up, in your gym gear, and in “exercise mode”, therefore it makes sense to your cardio straight after these workouts. This will save time and energy, as you won’t need to drive to the gym again, get dressed, showered etc. every time you need to train.

However, there is a caveat to this:

Once you start getting leaner, there is a good chance you will need to do more than three cardio sessions per week – I certainly do.

But if you’re just starting out and want to maximise your time management, I suggest timing your cardio sessions with your training sessions.

#4 – Wake Up Earlier

It’s been said before, but if you’re working when your competition is asleep, you’re one step ahead of the game.

Not only does this help with fitness, it also help with general productivity. By the time your lazy, lethargic competitors have woken up you’ve already smashed your gym session, done your first important piece of work for the day and are ready to destroy the rest of the day’s challenges.

The benefits of waking up earlier are:

  • It’s quieter in the gym which is great for time management – get in and get out, with nobody there to get in your way.
  • You’re already awake and alert before you start your working day.
  • It creates good habits that carry over into everything else – you can’t afford to waste time in the evening by watching useless TV or mindlessly scrolling through social media.

#5 – Turn Off All Electrics Before Bed

This is basically what’s called “making time” to sleep properly. I mean, come on, how can you not have time to sleep? That’s literally gambling with your health – it’s that serious.

But not only your health –  you simply will not recover if you’re not sleeping properly. You also won’t regulate your appetite properly. You’ll always have unnecessarily high cravings, and unnecessarily low willpower.

Watching TV and staring at screens before bed keep your brain active, which is the opposite of what we want. Set a goal sleep time, subtract 1 hour, and then set a “turn off electrics, you idiot” alarm on your phone. Every night.

The earlier you go to sleep, the easier it will be to get up early (see point four) and the better your recovery and appetite regulation will be.


Guys, dominate your time management, and you will be ten steps ahead of the competition – the world really is yours for the taking. The older you are, the more important time management becomes. It is NOT renewable like money and energy are.

But if you get good at it and follow the above tips, you will annihilate your fitness goals over time. Just keep at it. Consistency is key to getting what you want.

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Author: Alex

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