The Lone Leader

This isn’t my typical article, just a view on life as I go through it. I promise no protein, eggs, coffee, or tae kwan do. As I figure out this thing called life, I feel that you reflect on things as you experience them.  Wisdom, to me, is truly grasping a problem or concept that you have lived through, viewing it from all possible angles. All of you seem to be on a path to bettering yourself in some way.  When you better yourself, you tend to go against the grain of most people.  Most people seem to follow patterns and will take the easy way out.  Furthermore, I’m finding that as you lead in life, its quite lonely at the top. Today I’ll go over just how I’m dealing with this, why I think its ultimately good, and how you can deal with not only being focused on your goal, but also enjoying the process too.

When I found the “red pill” it was a much different thing than what it is now.   It was more focused on getting your own shit together.  Getting fit, getting your finances in order, style and grooming, game/confidence etc.  Its evolved into a bit of a bitching and whining fest as of late.  I don’t even buy into the whole alpha, beta, zeta, omega etc bullshit anymore.  Things aren’t that black and white to me. The reason why I even gave a shit in the first place was that I wanted to become a better man.  Not that I was some basement dwelling loser, but I feel we all have room to improve.

I decided to eat better and workout.  I went and got a useful degree and now have a career that provides me the cash to provide for my family.  I stamped out any childish or destructive habits.  I went from basically having nothing, to building a personal empire.

Having come this far, and committed to keep going, recently I’ve felt, for lack of better terms, quite alone in my endeavors.  Not that I don’t have my own motivation or lack support from family, that isn’t what I’m saying.  What I’m saying is that when you’re in a higher level position at work, running a family, and basically the decision maker for things 24/7, you’re essentially a shield or a rock for those that stand behind you.

You see the ugly truths.  You deal with the bullshit, the hard shit.  You face the things they cannot.  Sometimes you must make decisions which to those who don’t see the big picture, seem rash or uncalculated, but are just the opposite. I’m not bitching here either.  A man should be able to handle himself and his family if he chooses this path, but I wanted to make it clear that if you’re looking for the easy way out, this isn’t it.   You really see what it is you’re made of when you have to handle shit, day in and day out.

Like I said in my recent WB Fitness article, once you’re on the gains train, you cant ever stop.  Similarly to bodybuilding, commitment to self excellence seems like something you just need to nut up and shut up and get done. Once you start the journey to becoming not necessarily the best man in the world, but the best you can be at being one, the ride never ends.  Some parts will really fucking suck, some parts will be fun, but in the end, its you, by yourself making this shit happen.  This was one facet from the old school red pill I loved, that its you all alone.  No one is going to hold your fucking hand.  No one is going to show you how to do this shit, and they shouldn’t have to.  You want a life of shit? Go for it, but don’t bitch if you don’t try, and if you do, it won’t be easy but it will be worth it.


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.