Always a Leader

I took a day off Monday to hit up an amusement park with another couple that my wife and I are friends with. They have 4 kids, we have 3 and on this day we just decided to get away from being parents for a day, or so I thought.  It turned out that what seemed to be a normal, functioning couple turned out to be quite the contrary which lead to some action on my part.  Today I’ll discuss our adventure and how I had to lead even when I didn’t expect it.

We had all planned this trip months ago.  The guy seemed like a cool enough guy.  Works hard, goes to the gym, works on cars etc.  Good dad to his kids and him and his wife seemed to have their shit together.  I imagined the trip being pretty chill as I know that a day without having to take care of the kids is always fun.

We get to the park that has rides and a waterpark.  We planned on doing it all in one day. If any of you remember, it was very hot and sunny on Monday. I even ended up a bit sun burnt, but whatever, you deal with it.  That is when thing started to change.

The other woman is on the fatter side.  Not obese, but not “thin” or “fit” by any means.  You can tell the ride seats are “too small.”  Wanted to just chill in the waterpark (where you can be a lard ass and still do all the amusements)  We end up passing by 6 roller coasters (that the wife and I wanted to go on) and I finally said “Are we going to ride these rides today”

The fat woman lost her shit, telling us she wanted to leave etc.  I look at the other guy, he just kind of puts his head down and follows her as she storms off.

I want to remind you all that this was the first day I was getting in months to get away, and I wasn’t going to let some fat bitchy woman ruin it.  I caught up to them saying “Look Im here to ride the rides, do what you want, but I didn’t pay money to just walk around here.”  The wife and I went and did our own thing.  About an hour later, the other guy texts me apologizing for her.

I told him “You didn’t cause any issue, why are you apologizing?”

He says “I know but she was causing an issue.  We want to meet back up”

I say “Fine, but we’re doing what everyone wants to do, not just one person”

He agreed and from there I just led the group around a bit.  I noticed that after the whole encounter, the wife quit her bitchy attitude and everyone had a good time.  Even noticed the guy not putting up with (as much) shit as he had been.   We did everything there was to do and then went and had a great dinner.

The Takeaway

Even when you don’t think you need to take charge of something, in an indirect way I had to.  I wasn’t about to have my day ruined.  I didn’t have to yell or freak out.  Just simply put an end to the situation that started involving me.  I think the woman who caused the issue was just used to getting her way all the time and didn’t care/know how to function in a group of adults.  All in all, despite that hiccup, everything went well.  I would have had a shitty time if we just did whatever she wanted, and part of me hopes the guy will stand up to her more.  You never know when you’re going to have to command even something as simple as a vacation day.


– J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

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