3 Free Apps to Keep You Organized and Productive

Let’s face it, life can often be hectic and unorganized, especially if you got little ones running around the house.  People used to keep to-do lists on little sheets of paper or on sticky notes, but those can be easily lost or may require many revisions, leaving you marking out and rewriting what needs to get done. 

As technology has improved, we’re seeing new ways to digitally track things we once did on paper and so much more.  Today, I’m going to cover 3 free apps that have personally helped improve my own productivity and keep me much more organized as I juggle my work, family, and side hustles.


This is a fairly old app, but is a staple for many bloggers, hustlers, and scatterbrained people alike.  Evernote is simply an online note taking system where you can organize your notes into separate notebooks and sheets.  The power of Evernote is nearly unlimited to all but the top level users.

On Evernote, you can create tables, lists, upload photos, videos or other files, and even write entire novels.  What makes Evernote even more useful is the fact you can work on it everywhere.  Evernote can be accessed both from your phone via their free app, or you can log into your account on any computer, no need to download any software.  This makes it easily accessible for when you’re always on the go.


Monday.com is a task management system for those who struggle with juggling multiple deadlines.  Monday.com allows you to enter lists of projects you’re working on each week, set deadlines for those tasks, assign who’s leading up on each task, and post updates to make sure your whole team is up to date on where you stand on each individual project.

Like with Evernote, Monday.com’s real power comes from being able to be viewed from anywhere.  You can download the app to your phone as well as log into it from your computer.  On top of this, you can invite other coworkers to your group so everyone can tackle the tasks as a team and no one is stepping on anyone else’s toes.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal has been a longstanding app that many of you are familiar with.  I used this app many years ago, but dropped it due to the frustration of trying to get even the simplest data entered on it.

That has since changed and My Fitness Pal is now MUCH more user friendly, making the task of entering entire meals or simple snack a quick and easy process.

If you are looking to cut or bulk, this app is a lifesaver that will easily and accurately help you track your calories, macros, and workouts to make sure that you’re staying on track.  The built in pedometer on your phone app is a nice touch as well.

As is with the other apps on this list, you can easily access your account on a regular PC as well, but this app really shines when used on your phone.


As technology advances the temptation to get sucked into the digital world will continue to grow.  That doesn’t mean that all technology is bad however.  When used properly, it can be a powerful tool to help you reach new heights in your personal and professional life with greater ease than you thought possible.

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.