Meal Prep 101:Pepper Chicken Breast

I’m back from a much needed and as usual, way too short vacation with the family.  For meal prep for the week, I wanted to change it up from my fritatta  (as there are too many eggs on this site lately) so I went for a more traditional high protein lunch for the week; chicken breast.  Today I’ll go over what you need and how I prepared and portioned it.

Chicken breast has been a go to for people trying to get protein for decades.  Its relatively  cheap,  has great macros, and can be prepared in a number of ways.  That said, just boiling it or searing it can get boring so I decided to try something different.


3lbs Chicken Breast

Olive Oil

Chili Peppers or Chili Pepper powder

Hot Sauce (whatever preference)

1 lemon


Instead of just cooking all the breasts whole, I decided to chop them into smaller pieces.  I can cook them all at the same time and it makes it easier to portion it out after its cooked.


Once its all chopped, season the meat any way you want to.  I used Datil pepper, chili pepper, ghost peppers and cayenne pepper.  I squeezed juice from half a lemon in as well

Lightly drizzle olive oil into the pan then dump the whole mix in.  I added ground red pepper and some of my own home grown peppers to the mix at this point too.  Add more lemon juice while its cooking.   Keep stirring and flipping until all the meat is cooked, then drain the pan of the fat/oil.

When finished, I always add more hot sauce to the mix to replace what cooked off.  At this point, you’re basically done.  I then portion it out for five lunches, weighing it out and filling containers for the week.  Makes it easy to just grab and go.


I didn’t add any salt (though about the Tajin seasoning, but opted against it)  as I’m cutting out  carbs, salt and sugars all together.  The macro breakdown for each day is:

Calories: 311 

Carbs: 0g

Fat: 9g

Protein: 54.5 g

Not bad at all and I’m very full from this potion (about 9oz a day) The sauces do enough flavoring but if you want more you can always add it in.  I don’t heat anything in/on plastic so I just dump it out of the container onto a paper plate, and nuke it at work.  I love the flavor and even though it may not look appealing, I remember when WB told me a long time ago “This is fuel for your muscle growth.  Food shouldn’t be a reward” but honestly, this recipe tastes awesome.  Let me know if you try it out.


-J. Nyx


Author: Jnyx

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