Iron vs Bodybuilding: Week 8 Recap

ak and I have decided to do a 3 month challenge -starting May 18, 2018 and ending August 10, 2018-  where we will compare the differences between doing weight training (J.Nyx) and bodyweight exercises (Jak).  Each Friday we will share our results, what changes we’re going to make to our respective programs, and specific benefits/issues we come across.

Alright ladies and gents, Week 8 is all wrapped up and below we’ll cover the results!  If you are not subscribed to our site and wish to receive our weekly newsletter covering topics about the challenge not being discussed here, be sure to enter your email in the subscribe section at the top right of this page.

Let’s begin!

Jak’s Stats: Week 8 (Bodyweight Training)

Measurements (Starting Point ⇒ Current)

  • Chest measurements – 39.75 in ⇒  40.25 in
  • Bicep measurements (relaxed) – 13.75 in ⇒ 14.25 in  
  • Waist/Hip measurements – 39 in / 41.25 in ⇒ 35.5 in / 40.25 in

I’m really enjoying the convenience of the My Fitness Pal app and how easy it makes it to track my calories and macros each day.  The fact that you can scan barcodes and it compiles all the nutrition info on your food makes it almost feel like cheating after doing it with a pen, paper, and calculator for so long.

I’m taking a fairly aggressive weight loss plan on the app and, for most of the week, either met or exceeded my goals…. except for Wednesday.  There was pizza in the house and well…pizza happened.  Not sure how much that day of gluttony threw me back, but the numbers are still going down so I can’t complain too much.

J. Nyx’s Stats: Week 8 (Bodybuilding)

Baseline                                                   Week 8

Measurements (Starting Point ⇒ Current)

  • Chest measurements -41.5 in ⇒ in 42.25
  • Bicep measurements (relaxed) –15.25in ⇒ 16in
  • Waist/Hip measurements -33in/35in ⇒ 31in/34in

You fuckers happy now?  I found the only beater I own that isnt black so you guys can cool it with the “he uses the same pic each week” shit.

I miss last weeks post due to being away on vacation, but that didn’t stop me from lifting on vacation.  My chest measurement went up due to getting some solid advice from WB Fitness author Lou Skunt on how to hit a lagging area.  Even though my waist and hip measurements are the same, I definitely will measure my body fat percentage this week.  I’m feeling really lean and refreshed.  I’ve consumed 10g carbs total this week while keeping my protein and fats on lock.  Also I’ve been doing 3 hour sessions at the gym.  Lifting, then cardio.  I feel really good.  In talking to WB, we will reintroduce carbs moving forward.

I’m back full scale on the WB Fitness high volume routine. I’m just going to keep rocking this shit out all summer until we hit October and the WB Fitness team does a 100% clean bulk.  Should be interesting to see where I’m at at this time next year.


Author: Jnyx

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