There is an Agenda

Last night, I went school shopping with my wife to Walmart. While looking for khakis for my son’s uniform, I glance over and see, right there in the men’s sleepwear section, a unicorn outfit. At first, I thought it must havebeen a mistake by the Walmart staff, surely this was intended for women. Nope, my wife and I go over to check it out, right on the tag, it says “Men’s Pajamas”. Next to it, there are a few other similar outfits. All of these looked like they were intended to demasculinize men, or make fun of them. Normally, when I see stupid merchandise on the shelves, I make fun of it and move on. This time, it got a different reaction out of me. I was ticked off. Who would buy this sort of thing? Obviously, its intent is to ridicule men. The only ones I could see getting this would be some feminist cow, getting it for her beta husband to make fun of him. Either that, or a beta husband with the funny fat guy syndrome,, getting it to make himself into a joke. Neither one is cool.

Maybe I am out of the loop, not having a TV. But, I did not realize the lambasting of men has gotten this bad. My wife nor I would not get something like that for my 2 year old out of respect, let along an adult man. What I saw 5-10 years ago, the breast cancer awareness “are you man enough to wear pink?” was bad enough. This took it to a whole new level. Gentlemen, it is time to put a line in the sand. If you get something like this, even as a gag gift, know you are the butt of jokes, and get pissed off. A black guy would get pissed off getting a watermelon, a bucket of chicken, and a striped prison outfit for his birthday, even if it were done as a “gag”. Is this much different?   White, Christian men is about the only demographic that people are allowed to make fun of anymore in the public arena, and until the other demographics lighten up, do not capitulate, and allow them that luxury of making fun of you. The double standard is tearing apart our society.


The crux of the matter is to respect yourself men. Aretha Franklin is demanding respect, it is time we do the same. If it means a little social conflict, so be it. If someone else gives you a hard time, give it right back to them. No need to be full of malice, but it is time we stand up for ourselves.

Author: Jim Johnson

As a man in his early 40's, I grew up on a dairy farm in an irreligious home. Disgusted with the choice of women out there, I looked into religion to find a worthwhile mate. At 23, I joined the LDS (Mormon) faith, married, became a civil engineer, and now have six children. My favorite things are puppies, long walks on the beach, and the color blue (not really).