Proper Punishments

In lieu of my article on Monday (Curb your Temper) I wanted to hear from you on how you deal with punishing your kids. Personally, I used to spank quite often, but have since eased back on the throttle in that regard. Now I do more lecturing, taking away computer time, handing out chores, or just making a comment of disapproval.  My punishments are approximately as follows:

  1. (Becoming annoying) – Try to ignore
  2. (Being annoying) – Maybe a comment of disapproval
  3. (Unintentionally hazardous) – Quick two sentence lecture
  4. (Mouthing off) – Stand in the corner
  5. (Refusal to help) – Loss of privileges
  6. (Fighting or belligerence) – Spanking

Problem is, with my oldest. He is too big to spank anymore, which led to our confrontation the other day. Any suggestions?

Author: Jim Johnson

As a man in his early 40's, I grew up on a dairy farm in an irreligious home. Disgusted with the choice of women out there, I looked into religion to find a worthwhile mate. At 23, I joined the LDS (Mormon) faith, married, became a civil engineer, and now have six children. My favorite things are puppies, long walks on the beach, and the color blue (not really).