Hobbies – Rock Climbing

So far since being married, I have gotten into a number of hobbies to help break up the monotony. This past couple years, I have gotten into rock climbing. The sport is fun. Where I live, there are several places where climbers have put up bolted routes or accessible anchors to climb up.

To get into it, I spent maybe $500 for the rope, shoes, harnesses, and other equipment that we needed. In addition, I got a couple books, learned from my brother, and watched a number of Youtube videos on how to tie myself off safely.

It has been a real joy to do with my family. There is this favorite cliff we can hike to, where I hike around the back side, hook into the anchors at the top of the cliff, then repel myself off to the base. From there, we will spend an entire afternoon taking turns climbing up the cliff. My wife will make a picnic with potato salad and sandwiches, and we will hang out.

Surprisingly, the best climber in my family is not me, nor my oldest son. It is my 11 year old daughter. She has a flexibility and a core strength that we can’t match. Maybe, it is because she is still less than 100 pounds.

The little kids who are not climbing will spend the afternoon playing in the dirt, or climbing trees. Either way, it is a fun way to spend a fall afternoon.

Author: Jim Johnson

As a man in his early 40's, I grew up on a dairy farm in an irreligious home. Disgusted with the choice of women out there, I looked into religion to find a worthwhile mate. At 23, I joined the LDS (Mormon) faith, married, became a civil engineer, and now have six children. My favorite things are puppies, long walks on the beach, and the color blue (not really).