The Ohio

0600 – As I roll out of bed on this dull, cloudy, sunless morning I can’t help but think back over my life. All the things I’ve done. All the times I saved our great nation while in military intelligence. All the 9s and 10s I have bedded. The men I’ve intimidated with a glance or a tipping back of my cowboy hat. The infinite miles on the back of a hog.

Most men could only dream of my life. Living in the paradise of rural Ohio, surrounded by nubile college females only to eager to jump the bones of a man the age of their grandpa. When you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

As I walk to the bathroom to prepare myself for ComicCon 18 I have to stop and admire the reflection in the mirror. Arms and chest that can benchpress a Volkswagon, rakish goatee, and a cocky sneer that reminds one of a refined Sean Connery. If only people realized how blessed they are to be in my prescence, or to even walk the same Earth as I.

0822 – I step out of my door way, a ruggedly handsome man dressed to the nines in a tight white t-shirt and blue jeans. With a cowboy hat rakishly tilted and hand tooled leather boots, along with a distressed denim jacket. I am the spitting image of Wolverine, if he were a towering 6’4″. I climb onto my Harley and ride off.

Look out world. Here comes the man of all men.

Author: Jump and Jive

Married father of three who both he and his wife were virgins at marriage. Raised by a prophet who foretold the end result of feminism. Raising his family to love God and each other and stay pure in this filthy world. Wife is stay at home mom and loves it. Leads youth at church and wants to spread truth as much as possible