Love Is in the Air

The gentleman with the pomaded hair steps out of his Prius and casts furtive glances around the bar’s parking lot. He sees the cracked asphalt and the beat-up motorcycle pulled up beside the door to the establishment.

He nervously jingles his keys and almost drops his phone when it buzzes. He looks at the screen. “Honey pie” is displayed on the screen, along with her flabby arms and protruding gut. He taps the side button twice to cancel the call, then turns his phone off. It’s time for action.

Screwing up his courage, he walks to the front door, stopping only long enough to spit his mouthwash out into the bushes alongside. Then he steps through the door.

He’s greeted by the sight of a long wooden bar. To his right, a row of dartboards on the wall. To his left, an open area that could be a dance floor. Restrooms are past the dance floor. The light is dim and a haze fills the air. This place is obviously vape friendly. Good.

A chirpy older lady smiles and greets him as he walks up to the bar. She is weather beaten and has a bit too much makeup on, but seems nice. Her shirt says, “I found the Hole in the Wall.”Interesting. Could mean several different things. Did she find a way to extend her youth? Is she referring to the name of the establishment? Does she have holes in need of filling?

No matter. I have come to have the hole in my heart filled with meaning. No longer will I be shackled by the expectations and demands of this cruel world. I will find respite in the presence of one who has the answers.

These thoughts run through his mind and pushes him to utter, rather breathlessly in his heightening anticipation, “Is Nicholas in?”

Author: Jump and Jive

Married father of three who both he and his wife were virgins at marriage. Raised by a prophet who foretold the end result of feminism. Raising his family to love God and each other and stay pure in this filthy world. Wife is stay at home mom and loves it. Leads youth at church and wants to spread truth as much as possible

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  1. Im here to purge the faggotry from this post. Give me 40 HEH Marys and we’ll be okay with the big cheese.

  2. I gotta say, I don’t understand any of this. I sure it is brilliant in its subtleties. But I am about as subtle as a 40 oz bottle of Schlitz malt liquor.

          1. Hey Adam this is your cousin Marvin! Marvin Sandler! You know that new fucking retarded and corny style of joke you been looking for? Well listen to this!!!!!!!

  3. So I hear Mad dog mattis is sending like 800 troops to the border to stop the Mexican caravan. I caught coverage of it on lefty AF ABC news this morning. Talking about how “these are poor, women, children and families that are trying to escape poverty and crime”

    First, why the fuck do we need to take them? If all these other cultures are so great and better than us then why the fuck do they need to come here? Also, so what, generations of people come the the right way and these pricks can just walk right in?

    Im calling it now, theres an election about to go on, the left failed with their fake dildo bombs. The next “mass shooting” will be on the border with these fucks. EVERY time theirs an election going on there is a strategically placed mass shooting.

      1. Exactly, if the caravan gets rowdy and shit, and someone get shot or something, the liberal media will be “TRUMP EXECUTING POOR FAMILIES AT THE BORDER”

        If they get overthrown, then we’re fucked as well. It sets a precedent.

        1. I honestly don’t see a way it works out well if the caravan gets to the border and there are US troops there.

          1. they are being coached on what to say and where to go, according to judge napalitano, they cant be stopped

            they are also supposed to seek asylum in the first country they set foot in, so that would be mexico, but only we have to adhere to int’l laws

          2. It is sort of a no-win situation, isn’t it? Although, I do see a way it works out such that there is no major backlash from either side.

            The deployed troops are unarmed. I’m nearly certain about this. Their presence is meant to serve first as a psychological deterrent. Even if it convinces a couple percent to drop out of the ‘caravan’, the effort was worthwhile. The second part of their presence is meant to help chase down and detain anyone who decides to try walking across. Assisting CBP, basically. Then what?

            Business as usual. Asylum claims. Attempting to screen people that have no papers. Catch and release. Court dates with no-shows. Might be 10k cases. The right will know about all this and grumble, but the left doesn’t get their bloodied baby pictures.

            1. the gov has plenty of non lethal crowd dispersal weapons at their disposal; just point the microwave cannon thing at the crowd, they will retreat

              1. Trust me, they’ll go all Palestinian at the merest suggestion of violence, dead kids everywhere.

            1. I would love to see the military actually protect the borders like they should.

              That said, it could easily backfire politically with really negative consequences.

    1. If all these other cultures are so great

      It’s not that they’re so great, it’s that we’re so shitty and backwards and white.

      1. a few hundred ME refugees were sent by boat to S Korea. Thousands were at the port demanding they return to their home countries. only whitey can be way-cyst

    2. Letting that mob in is not an act of compassion— it would be allowing ourselves to be chumped on the international level.

      As a sensitive and live-and-let-live kind of guy, let me be the first to say: Fuck the caravan. And fuck the sociopaths that funded this ugly, cynical test of American sovereignty.

    1. They caught him because he called the post office to complain that 15 bombs were mailed, but only 13 were delivered.

  4. building pipe bombs in your pedo ice cream van to own the libs

    well, at least it keeps bone saws out of the headlines.

      1. what about that garbage truck left on the train tracks? train with 3/4 of the Repubs was on it..that story died quickly

          1. most peeps dont care. security guard disappears, then gives exclusive interview to….ELLEN!??!?
            I also read she owned a decent chunk of that hotel chain, so who knows..

            1. That whole thing was so fucking shady. And it just disappeared, no one looking into it at all…

      1. might be those layers of professional security who’ve trained years in how to handle exactly this situation

          1. those same layers of security that CAUGHT the ricin
            Are you stupid IRL or are you just a troll? Hard to get a handle on you

    1. Ah, you’re just jealous that even though you say all the same stuff as Cory Booker, nobody sent you a fake pipe bomb.

        1. I’ve heard nothing definitive. I recall one was described as being filled with an inert powder.

          I do observe that real bombs go boom, and that didn’t happen in this case.

          1. as jammy notes below, the top-notch boys in the mail room were on their game yesterday. I mean in between making fart jokes and check their fantasy sports teams, they are committed to their gigs

  5. Now accepting entries for the most creative bullshit narrative that will find some way to link this pedophile MAGA van to the idiotic “false flag” conspiracy theory that was being pushed earlier this week.

    Reply below.

    1. wall to wall trumo stickers too. amazed a car like that wouldnt be set on fire within hours by someone, but hey what do i know

    1. But wait…

      Trump and Conservatives are making people more violent….

      Yet, when BLM starts shit its “they feel they need to be heard and represented”

          1. Bro, you’re smarter than this. There’s only one guy in the White House talking shit about his political enemies. His influence is making marginal people do crazy shit. And he’s got a bigger microphone than anybody in the world.

              1. So you disagree with the phrase “with great power comes great responsibility”?
                You’re a fucking father, dumbass.

    1. Forget it. I’ve never bought into the fake outrage and never will.

      Palin prints up some signs with rifle scope reticles overlaid on the faces of Democrats. Obama says if they bring knives, we bring guns. These are useful analogies meant to encourage people to engage in the political fight. Everyone knows they aren’t meant to be taken literally.

      Both sides do it. And nobody is credible when they speak out against it because of the clear political motives as a member of a party with an opposing philosophy. Besides, it isn’t going to stop. We can try to sensitize ourselves to it, and eventually someone is just going to forget and do it again. Or do it intentionally because it is an effective analogy, simply not thinking about the time that one guy did that stuff …

      Responsibility exists solely with the nutbag.

      1. Yeah but we can do a lot to NOT trip the wires and set off the nutbags. Trump is purposefully tripping those wires.

        1. Typically I dont get into it with you but dude to say that Trump is the only one come on. Obama was the most race baiting faggot that ever lived.

        2. Trump is purposefully tripping those wires.

          Bull. He, like everyone else, uses the analogies. In our more sober moments, when it matters, we remind ourselves about the unacceptability of violence to achieve political goals.

          “Acts or threats of political violence have no place” in the U.S., the president said at a White House event.

          That’s what Trump is saying about the matter. He is being clear, and he is correct.


            “I’d like to punch him in the face.” 2/23/16

            “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” 11/22/15

            “Knock the crap out of him, would you? I promise you, I will pay your legal fees.” 2/2016

            “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” 3/12/16

            1. he has a country to run sometimes you gotta kick a little ass to make it run right what’s the matter with you

        3. I think we are in a Red Queen’s Race with rhetoric. Reasonable speech is less pleasureable to propagate and is thus selected against in meme-space. Observant participants now know this. Thoughtfulness will continue to be sidelined or not bother to even show up.

  6. Jammy, are you really sure you want to go with the “Trump’s rhetoric pushed this guy become a terrorist” angle?

    1. We’re all individually responsible for our actions.
      However, many marginal people are easily influenced by external factors.
      Trump is one of those external factors that is pushing marginal people over the edge.

      1. I’m genetically gifted at ripping off whores. you got to play to your strengths and Meyers-Briggs Type.

        1. Meyers Briggs type is like the Navy Seals of psychology. ENTJ makes up less than 2% of the total population which is roughly 114% of people who talk about meyers briggs type

          1. What about the fact that LGBTQOJFWHEHWE++2141654 only make up about 3% of the population but are allowed to dictate public policy by the same people who think the electoral college should be abolished because the will of the mob majority matters?

            1. Yeah, fags are to media what the seals are to the navy. I saw a meme i wish i had saved the other day that in the last 50 years there have been 670 navy seals and i’ve met all 10,000 of them

      2. Online court records show that Sayoc in 2002 was arrested and served a year of probation for a felony charge of threatening to throw or place a bomb.

      3. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.
        However, many marginal Islamic extremists are influenced by external factors.
        ISIS is one of those external factors that is pushing gay people over the edge (of buildings)

  7. Cesar Sayoc is 56 years old.
    In 2002 he was charged with making a bomb threat.
    Recently, he’s been threatening Democrats on Twitter.
    He went off on insane rants about George Soros.
    In recent years, he’s been convicted of theft and battery.
    He filed for bankruptcy.
    He now lives with his mother and drives a pedo van covered in MAGA stickers.
    This week he mailed bombs to prominent Democrats.

    You can’t make this shit up. I don’t know how you assholes are gonna answer this.
    No, wait, I do KNOW how you’ll answer this.

    1. Well, this asshole says he is clearly insane, and I’m glad he is going to spend some quality time in prison.

          1. Ehh crazy people always existed jammy ain’t sharing anything new . Hot illegal maids are where it’s at

        1. cmon Cholly- a cnnn reporter posted a pic of the device and the envelope- stamps werent cancelled- how did he do that from FLA?

  8. I agree with Jammy. This is all because of insane political rhetoric. We should immediately kick every politician who advocates violence out of office.

        1. Naaah, if it were a setup they would have made him white with a white name and that stupid-looking alt-right hairdo.

  9. After much consideration, I believe that the true source of political enmity in this country is people with too many bumper stickers. I propose we institute the death penalty with anyone who places more than 5 bumper stickers on any one vehicle.

    1. Come on. I think it’s been clearly demonstrated that the source of all the conflict is Republican voters. We need to round them all up, dig a big hole, and throw them in. Backfill as required.

      Only then will there be peace and harmony.

      1. I’m saying I did not know until this moment that it was the bumper stickers all along.

    1. exactly. This is what no one gets. You can have all of my fucking civil liberties. I don’t care if you want no guns, abortions, no abortions, fuck all i give a shit. You can do anything….JUST LET ME HAVE MONEY

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