Feminism is Cancer


The official definition of feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes. This includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to those for men

Unfortunately, feminism has morphed into a women’s supremacy movement. What was once started to give women equal access to voting and the workplace has turned into a movement that hates men and seeks to see women elevated to a pedestal. It’s not about equal rights, no matter what they say. It’s about establishing a gynocracy where women rule over men. This never turns out well.

When placed in positions of authority, the majority of women will turn to backbiting and payback. This means nothing worthwhile gets accomplished in lue of jockeying for favors and position. One could argue that the feminization of our society has led to the increased amount of vitriol and divisiveness.

The feminine nature is one of chaos and emotion. Left unchecked it is like the wilderness. Where once stood majestic landscapes and tended lawns is now choked with weeds and brambles. Where there once was order there is now chaos.

Where there once was beauty, there is now nastiness and a despising of all that is wholesome.


Do not let your female family fall prey to this insidious mentality. It takes innocence and purity and turns it into filth.

Feminism is just one of many ways in which certain forces seek to destroy our civilization. It has led to the LBGFIVHNASDVH1E74$4&6)8 movement and is starting to make noise about accepting pedophilia. Call me a conspiracy nut (Hi, Uncle Bob) but I see guiding hands behind this. Once America is destroyed, who is there to stand in the way?

Feminism. Is. Cancer.

Author: Jump and Jive

Married father of three who both he and his wife were virgins at marriage. Raised by a prophet who foretold the end result of feminism. Raising his family to love God and each other and stay pure in this filthy world. Wife is stay at home mom and loves it. Leads youth at church and wants to spread truth as much as possible

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  1. Feminism is socialism applied to the battle of the sexes. It is a wealth redistribution based on the oppressor/oppressed dichotomy. Or rather, the producer/consumer dichotomy. The lazy uses the law to take from the producing class, rather than do what they can to earn it themselves, or qualify for charity from the producing class.

    1. Upon 20years of reflection, I cannot understand why anybody thinks Marx was brilliant. His thought is subject to a laundry list of logical fallacies known to rhetoric for 2000 years. Marx was a fraud.

      1. He was appealing to covetousness and sloth. Vices we all have.

        Slave owners and military conquerors are no different. This is just the newest version of state sanctioned thievery.

        1. I don’t mind middlemen and beakwetters— in ways, they help the world go round. But intellectual frauds add nothing and take much, just so they can masturbate and have everybody else tell them how indispensable and important their watery-weak cumshot is.

      1. Beto spent 59 million on his campiagn, but says he took no PAC money- can you explain? Honest Q, was it all crowdfunding?

          1. what is the limit an individual can donate? Why can people in Cali give money to candidates in other states?!?!?!

            1. the ladies (in and out of state) seemed to love him- at least on my social media- bc he was a skateboarder and punk rocker.
              these women are ALL 35-45

              1. Yeah, Democratic consiglieres have already tapped Beto as the next Bill Clinton — a total natural who drives the ladies mad. They’re dying to work with him and I’m sure we’ll see a presidential run in the future, probably in 2024.

                  1. Beto’s got a lot of heat right now, but I don’t see him keeping that heat for six more years…

                    People say “he’s the young Obama”. Well, Obama had a lot of heat in 2004-6 as well, but Obama also managed to WIN his Senate election. Against a much more popular opponent than Ted Cruz.

        1. apparently, yeah.
          I didn’t follow his campaign very closely though. The only one that really surprised me was FL governor. I thought Gillum had it.

  2. Good article. IMO, the biggest fight on socialism/feminism front is in the brains of the kids in public schools. There is a certain ENGLISH teacher at my son’s school who is constantly bringing up idealogy, everything from feminism, the merits of socialism, global warming and the like are brought up. Supposedly, this is supposed to be “critical thinking”.

    Just last night, he bring up this factoid “95% of all scientists believe in global warming”. Convincing argument, except there are very few scientists that are actually climatologists, and almost all are less than honest (as we all are) who are placating to the politicians in the pursuit of grant money in the schools. An 8th grade kid would not realize all this.

    My fear is parents who were raised on the same drivel, or don’t care enough to pay attention to what their kids are being taught. Johnny raises the same point in his house, wich is replied with “that’s nice” and a change of the channel. Or, Johnny doesn’t bring it up at all, and just assumes it is true because “teachers are so smart”.

    1. My daughter asked me yesterday if I was going to vote for a certain person. This person had befriended several of our church members and had them campaign for them. I explained that just because you’ve met someone and they seem nice does not mean that they are the best person for a job. I proceeded to then explain why I would not be voting for that person.

      I don’t want to waste any opportunity to educate my children

      1. the best ANALogy to that is, would you tongue punch a chicks ahole if you just met her? ask yourself that question.

    2. From the “teachers” perspective, it IS critical they get the students to “think” a certain way.

      The rot is so deep in education, I don’t think it can be saved.
      Nuke it from orbit, as they say.

      1. The school we have them in is supposed to be one of the best and most conservative charter schools in the state. I hate to think what a standard public school is like.

    1. I think it would be hilarious if the Muslims held a pig vigil next to a naked feminist vegan protest.

  3. memba gents: once you start to liberate women, you have roughly 100 yrs before civilization collapses. we are almost there!

          1. Can’t rely on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. We need a GoPro this time around.

          1. I feel sorry for the aliens who are relying on the golden disc on board the Voyager.

      1. If only. That took hundreds of years.

        The western empire basically fell because everyone got bored of it and forgot what they were doing.

        It wasn’t a crash so much as a meh.

        1. Legitimate global cooling didn’t help either. Less food, internecine warfare destroying a good chunk of what was farmland, then people moving to cities for protection, which led to even less food.

          1. It was interesting to learn about that all and how it slumped into the dark ages.

            History of Rome Podcast, people.

        2. Nah we have telltale signs of the Roman collapse ongoing right now. Decadence spreading, mass immigration from outside cultures, political corruption and the consequences of universal suffrage and a decaying sense of duty and unity.

          1. Wrong. Technology is not an endless upwards curve.

            Esp if demographic replacement succeeds. You think guatamalans are going to maintain our electrical grid, let alone invent anything??

              1. “Well be fine” famous last words no. 14.

                Are you even familiar with the demographic trends in USA and much of Europe?

                  1. They are fighting back. Plenty of rightist nationalist groups gaining and growing power.
                    Unfortunately, it might be too late. In the us too.
                    Once the boomers die off and the mext group of invaders comes with their offspring, the percentages will be very different.

                    1. Europe is a tourist destination and in no way is their political beliefs relevant. Right, left, neutral….get me my espresso and paddle this fucking gondola you can have your opinions when season is over.

                      As for the US….meh

                    2. I think the only time i ever felt overwhelmed by Mexicans was when i visited San Antonio. Other than that they just have some pockets here and there

                    3. you went to a place called Antonio. Of course you felt overwhelmed by mexicans. That’s like me saying i feel overwhelmed by blacks on Fredrick Douglas Blvd. THings are wacky in small pickets. OTher than that things’ll be just fine.

                    4. It goes with what I’m saying they primarily live in states around the US Mexican border but there are pockets of them at other places. Nashville has some mexicanos as well but they mainly live in a certain section of the city

                    5. WB you have the best description for things i have seen. I think this is number two after your nfl kneel one.

              2. Having a ton of kids doesn’t work anymore. That only works in countries that maintain their original demographics. If the government literally imports thousands of South American adults who each have their own kids into your neighborhood, it won’t be your neighborhood in another generation.

                1. but most of those people tend to live in the U.S mexican border with maybe some pockets here and there.

                  1. Lemme tell you a thing I learned after moving out of the Midwest: you don’t know shit.

                    Also, keep believing that their votes for even less border control aren’t going to affect you. I’m sure all those Somalians dumped in Minnesota, Ohio and Michigan got in here without the support of elected leftists and there totally wont be anymore after them.

                    1. The point is, dude. They shouldn’t be ANYWHERE in the US. And yet they’re literally swinging elections and ensuring that several states will be Latin America within a generation. Do you understand that precedent?

                    2. besides we are seeing a resurgence of conservatives anyway plus we got the best beer pong player in the supreme court

                    3. >things are getting worse
                      >ehh I’m okay with it

                      K man, “enjoy the decline” or whatever nihilist NPCs tell themselves.

                    4. So at this point I have to ask: do you actually stand for anything?
                      Gun rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the courts, financial independence, standards of education, government overreach, morals and the nuclear family have all been visibly eroded over the past few decades and are actually getting worse. If you are actively involved with any of those, you know this is the case.
                      All of your responses indicate that you don’t actually have anything you care about in life and are simply content shitposting on the internet and making pop culture jokes. If that’s the case, I guess it’s easy to say things aren’t that bad. Almost nothing will affect your hobbies or values if you stand for very little.

                    5. Fair, but I had strong convictions by the time I was 18. They were idealized, but I was ready to take action for them.

                    6. Yes, but we need to keep Michigan around because it’s the only state we have that rhymes* with ‘bitch again’.

                      *As Americans, we ought to be collectively grateful to Afroman for pointing this out to us.

                    7. we got a first- somali female rep from MN- nothing but lies…married her brother, but only to get him in the country…both went to college in North Dakota…but whatever..keep lowering that bar

                    1. Shit. Every minute. .you know how they have the fed debt counter?
                      I want one of those for beaners and other assorted turd world invaders.

          2. I was promised rocketpacks. As far as I can tell all we have now that we didn’t have 50 years ago is a faster method of disseminating pornography and gossip.

            1. if it wasn’t for bustedmugshots.com and thedirty.com, I would be on my 4th marriage by now.

          3. The old Civilization games had unlimited future tech but ended in 2020.

            What did Sid Meier know and when did he know it?

    1. gay accent is a mating call meant to approximate the sound of cocks in ones mouth. I have long surmised that eventually the homos will evolve to the point where they sprout bright plumage and will no longer need to speak like that.

      1. That cant happen because they dont reproduce in big numbers.
        Esp now that they dont hide behind a beard of a family.

        1. This is the first objection to my fags evolving to have bright plumage theory i’ve taken seriously. I will need to process and get back to you. I feel there is a solution.

    2. You’ll be unsurprised to learn the situation up here is now even more the same as it ever was. 5 measures on the ballot, not one of them went the way I’d have preferred.

      Actually, there was one small surprise. The governors race wasn’t as close as the polls suggested. They usually seem to overestimate the left; this was a rare example of them being wrong in the other direction.

      1. I said no salt . no salt. But there was salt all over the glass.
        Im going to burn this resort down

    1. Hey he pays her bigly. His pay for her is the best… She gets the best pay from him. THE BEST

      1. didn’t hurt him one bit. he would have lost more money throwing his helmet after a touchdown.

    1. Cokehead hardcore vegan?

      Someone finish this sentence for me: Coke is commonly cut with [insert animal derived substance here].

      1. He was yelling at the reporters. Td a Pakistani woman he couldn’t understand what she was saying. Stuff like that.

        1. That’s the whole point. They put extra ‘e’s on things.

          I went to all this trouble to have a point and you blunted it.

  4. Anyone see the controversy with people killing the female suffragette NPC in Red Dead Redemption 2? lol, that’s good shit.

    1. last i heard about that game was a facebook update from a guy i know who says he hasn’t eaten in 16 hours because he is spending too much time feeding his red dead redemption character

      1. Apparently there is a feminist NPC that is promoting the 19th Amendment. Some guy playing the game killed her because she kept interrupting him while he was trying to talk to another NPC. Then he uploaded the footage of the game to YouTube. So YouTube shut his whole channel down for promoting violence of some shit.

          1. Get this: now Bitchute, one of YouTube’s competitors, is holding a competition for the most creative way of killing this particular female NPC. Ain’t capitalism grand, lol?

      2. Lol.
        This one is golden. You will love it.
        So. Many years ago. There was a videogame out. Im pretty sure it was a gta but it could have been something else. So. You control the character. How he dresses etc. One of the things you can do is buy food and eat it. There were grocery stores fpr good food and fast food for crap. You could also take your guy to the gym and workout. It was not a simple thing. Lile just push a couple buttons and done. No. It took a while to do. So a friend ( more like associate, no , contemporary) i had then would take his character to the gym and spend time getting him buff and eat right. And brag about it lile its so cool.
        Meanwhile, in meatspace, he never worked out at all, played a bit of basketball, and ate wendys all the time.

        1. No different than watching porn in your basement and forming Fantasy Porn Leagues. Then recording the number of pumps, thrusts and blowjobs onto a stat sheet and then chatting with other guys about the numbers at work. Heh.

        2. Gotta tell ya, that game sounds like a great big waste of time. What’s the point? TBH, I never really understood this craze with the videa games.

          1. I don’t know slim, i saw a commercial for it and it seems very cool. Way too involved for me to be sure, but the plot seems movie worthy as does the visual effect. I can see it being fun. The problem is that it is SUCH a time sink. I played one game like that many years ago after i had my surgery. I couldn’t get off the sofa anyway. Having no where to go and being loaded up on painkillers i got into a game and the story was much better than anything that was on TV at the time.

    1. How is it genocide when people choose not to breed . No one stoping you from
      having kids. Take that stuff back to ROK

      1. My god, you are stoopid!!!
        You really think feminism just popped up organically?
        The concept of too manu people here already and kids are sooo expensive has been pounded into only whites minds for decades.

        Do i REALLY have to show you the origins and intent of feminism???????

        1. I’m…*friends*…with a borderline HB10 fitness model. She is so old school it would make you flip. Hotter than a tin roof in summer, but won’t deal with Millenials or men with anything near a low T count. Highly right wing. She was talking to me in a bar one night and flat out said, to the look of shock of nearby women, that “We had it easy before this whole women’s lib and feminism thing came along. We didn’t have to work and pretend to be men, and we could stay at home and raise kids and be happy without being insulted by everybody. I guess I can see why women may have liked it, originally, but really, we really messed that one up big time” Heh.

        2. I think the sanest route right now is to head to another country entirely (not a Western nation) or go out to the deep red flyover country (think the Old West here, excluding Colorado) where the word “feminism” means a movement of women looking to improve their femininity.

          Others have suggested poaching from the Amish and Mormons, which is what my son seems to be doing. His gf is hard core on the right and very traditional and the daughter of two Amish parents who went out into the world and stopped officially being Amish, without giving up their actual Church habits.

                  1. 1. Much Lower taxes
                    2. Women should not vote

                    Do those 2 things and watch problens disappear. Although I admit 2 is much harder than 1.

                    1. Realist solutions . Repealing women’s voting rights ain’t gonna happen . Lower taxes is possible though

    2. I’m kind of like you in a way, except that I have no problem with the uber hot Hispanic women. Generally I’m a Viking Princess kind of guy though, and if you can find me a red headed Celtic beauty floating on a cloud over a rainbow I’m on that like white on rice.

  5. The rest of the World, and Europe in the first place, is following the american decay.

    There is no hope for it, until Americans awake.

    1. I don’t think America is as monolithic as we might suppose. lots of people are waking up as we speak. However, it will take changes in law to re-incentivize men to marry again. That may take some time. There are lots of good, moral people out there, but there is little reward in it.

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