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Married father of three who both he and his wife were virgins at marriage. Raised by a prophet who foretold the end result of feminism. Raising his family to love God and each other and stay pure in this filthy world. Wife is stay at home mom and loves it. Leads youth at church and wants to spread truth as much as possible

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              1. I suppose so. Usually a set of legs like that with some nice teddies such as those has some kind of face. Usually with a mouth that can be used for things.

  1. new head of house judiciary committee already taking about impeaching bad orange man and kavanuagh- let the wrestlemania continue…

      1. that dam Texas rattlesnake is paying the price for stunnering Prez DT, hope he knows how to speak Mexican!
        Santa Anna for the win!

    1. some Texas judge released a shit ton of juvenile murderers, dropped them off the border at New Mexico and said “This is what the DEMS want”

      1. This one is some pastor hustler broad .While live pastoring her tits popped out . Im sure she made more money that day

        1. One night in college, I was drunk as fuck, like so drunk I had become belligerent, so my friends locked me in a room in somebody’s house and told me to go to sleep. It was like 2 am. There was a TV in that room, and I started flipping through the channels. I stumbled across this (relatively) hot female pastor explaining the difference in the translations of the bible from like Hebrew, Aramaic and Latin into English and how the various translations, or mis–translations, of certain words, completely changed the meaning of certain passages of the bible.

          In my drunken state, I was fucking fascinated. Here was this woman, diagramming Hebrew sentences from the Bible, and explaining to me this secret, hidden knowledge about the real meaning of the Bible that no one else knew about. I watched it for like 3 hours straight. I had an absolute transcendent religious experience.

          The next day, after I sobered up, I looked her up. It turns out, she used to be a porn star, but married some evangelical televangelist and became Sister Theresa. After he died, she took over his church. She doesn’t know Hebrew, Aramiac or Latin, and basically she just makes up all the shit she was preaching about.

          I was disappoint.

    1. Convo starter.

      Trump is better off for 2020 with crazies Pelosi and Waters at the helm of congress. Will make 2020 a cakewalk for Trump, and the Rs

      1. i don’t have the time today, but i can already hear the thick craniums here vigorously nodding in agreement at your hypothetical piece of confirmation bias

      2. No it won’t. Crazies adapt like the Andromeda Strain.

        Both sides feed off each other in a sick symbiosis.

      1. You like that? I’m trying to guess reasons why ads for this might suddenly start appearing on an office PC.

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