Remove Responsibility from the Irresponsible

“No worries, we will take care of your job for you.”

One need not to look very hard at the statistics of children who are raised by single mothers to know this is a bad idea. No-fault divorce or unmarried women having children has caused a huge population of children growing up with a much greater propensity to drug abuse, suicide, and other social ills. Through no fault of their own, these children are more likely doomed to poverty and a self perpetuating propensity to broken homes.

As such, we as a society need to treat this child abuse and neglect as what it is, abuse. These abusive mothers are unfit to rear their children. A single mother who makes the choice to have children in these circumstances has proven herself mentally deficient to care for these children by the very fact that she thinks so little of them as to deny them a father.

Heterosexual married couples who adopt children have kids who are fit for society. For the most part, adopted children have the same likelihood of becoming productive members of society as do children born into nuclear families.

In light of these facts, I am proposing a solution to the scourge of unfit mothers and bastards in society. Continue to allow no-fault divorce, but declare the spouse who filed for divorce as unfit to raise their children. The children will be put up for adoption to a couple who is better suited to raise them. Same with single mothers, those children will become wards of the state and put up for adoption to loving couples. Also, eliminate alimony to the party filing for no-fault divorce.

You may ask, where will the couples come from that are willing to adopt these children. I have a solution for that. Those abusive mothers who voluntarily cut the fathers out of their own children’s lives shall pay child support to the adopting couples.  Instead of shouldering the cost of adoption on the couple, have the unfit parent pay child support if they are the one who filed for the divorce, or if she decided to have a child on her own (given that she has the choice to have an abortion, and has the option of birth control) lay the financial burden on her. If she does not pay child support, put her in jail.

Sound harsh? Well, that is roughly the deal a father has when through no fault of his own is saddled with a divorce or she decides to have a child out of wedlock. Only difference is, she is the one who decides to put herself in this situation. No longer would she be burdened with the responsibility of raising a child on her own, only the financial cost of raising that child.

Doing this would do a few things. She would think twice about going after the “bad boy” and riding the carousel. Women would again seek after the good men who may be less attractive. Shouldering the financial onto the single mothers would incentivize more couples to adopt children. These children would be in more stable homes, and eventually the number of welfare cases would decrease. Men would be more likely to marry if they are not the only ones shouldering the financial burden caused by divorce. This may increase the number of false allegations of abuse leading up to a divorce, but that too can be handled by real jail time for perjury.

When I first thought of this piece, I was thinking of putting this out as satire, but the more thought I put into it, the more sense it makes.

Author: Jim Johnson

As a man in his early 40's, I grew up on a dairy farm in an irreligious home. Disgusted with the choice of women out there, I looked into religion to find a worthwhile mate. At 23, I joined the LDS (Mormon) faith, married, became a civil engineer, and now have six children. My favorite things are puppies, long walks on the beach, and the color blue (not really).

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  1. No-fault divorce or unmarried women having children has caused a huge
    population of children growing up with a much greater propensity to drug
    abuse, suicide, and other social ills. Through no fault of their own,
    these children are more likely doomed to poverty and a self perpetuating
    propensity to broken homes.

    all part of the plan jimbo..these people grow up listening to the almighty State instead of their dads, uncles, granpas

    1. On rare occasions, the kid escapes all those social ills because mom’s actually got her shit together. I’ve known a few. One was a single mom because the doctor that knocked her up wanted nothing to do with her or the baby, and refused to ever meet his kid.
      Even if all other bases are covered, such sons are still psychologically searching for a male figure to pattern themselves after. Mom can’t do anything about that, and the boy’s hunger for an older male figure will never go away.

          1. VERY intolerant of any pro-Trump views there.
            You should see some of the hate repliesI have been getting.

              1. I am civil to people. Even those I disagree with.

                I expect civility in return.
                Just seems the left feels entitled to hurl insults at people who disagree with them.

  2. ” Continue to allow no-fault divorce, but declare the spouse who filed
    for divorce as unfit to raise their children. The children will be put
    up for adoption to a couple who is better suited to raise them.”

    Better idea:
    Eliminate alimony and child support.

    The spouse who earns the most gets the kids.
    It will most often be the father.

    He can then hire a hot, young au-per to watch the kids (and hopefully to bang on the side) while 30 something wifey takes her wrinkled, cellulite covered ass to get a job at Walmart and date Cletus the slack jawed yokel.
    Problem solved.

  3. Our Border Patrol is literally committing war crimes right now. Launching tear gas into a foreign country, the breeze carrying it hundreds of meters, poisoning foreign nationals.

    That’s a violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993. The U.S. fought hard to preserve an exception to use toxic chemicals for “law enforcement including domestic riot control purposes,” but this isn’t domestic and it wasn’t done to control a riot.

    Discuss, motherfuckers.

      1. The “tear gas is not toxic” thing is the only defense that Attila-the-Hun “fuck all immigrants” right-wingers have.

        1. Tear gas is not chemical warfare. Its riot control. If the animals cleared the area this wouldn’t happen.

          1. starting to think we should call him jammy jay (((berg))) he seems awfully invested in getting this invading army onto US soil.

              1. Jim, seriously, I thought you were smarter. Many are fleeing severe violence in Guatemala, particularly those in the countryside. That’s why they’ll risk their lives and their children’s lives. Most just want to work and live in peace. And some, I guess, are bad people. lol
                I suspect that this information is waaaaay outside your limited frame of reference, however.

                    1. so whaddaya gonna do? Shit needs to be regulated and sometimes that means shutting the door. AGAIN, we can’t “save” everyone.

                    2. It’s not our responsibility to save anyone.
                      Our responsibility is to protect the physical and economic well being of the American people.

                    3. No, that crazy homo is right. We literally (sorry Bem) cannot do shit. There is a fascinating example online about a man showing this with marbles. No matter how many marbles you add to our jar, it won’t even make a fucking difference. Like we shouldn’t even try.
                      Fuck hope

                1. Yes! Childrens lives are at stake. And all these nazis care about is gassing innocent wamen and children.

              1. You (like the ignorant right) doesn’t understand our real history.
                you think every italian who immigrated here from 1880 to 1924 had papers?

                1. The illegal ones should have been thrown in the drink.
                  I don’t see your point here. Illegal is illegal.

                  1. you just don’t WANT to understand, bem.
                    just be funny dude. stay in your lane. leave the flexible critical thinking to others.

                    1. 1. Fuk you.
                      2. I understand fully. Immigration is important to this country and always has been.
                      3. Immigration needs to be regulated.
                      4. I thought You People loved regualtions.

                    2. You aint the boss of me.
                      That’s what it’s all about. That’s what you and the FBI could never understand.
                      What bem and the shiposters do…is inform people who dont trust the media That’s it.
                      We’re like CNN for free-thinkers.

                    3. At least he’s good at something other than drowning in a complete lack of self-awareness and getting endlessly shitter-shattered.

                    4. Bro, look at his face. Does he look like a man who is flexible? Or capable of thinking? He’s probably gay. In fact, I’m sure he wears a fedora and does things ironically in spite of the cultural norms.

                2. we also were in the midst of industrialization, where immigrants were the only ones who were willing to lose arms and lungs for a job. I mow my own fucking lawn.

                  1. meanwhile, in news that should matter- GM to cut up to 18,000 of the 50,000 salaried gigs they have left in North America

                    1. in 1996 , a typical UAW worker made $70,000 per year including all health benefits , NOT including double time for Sundays and Triple Time for holidays and would make money by filing grievances against non unionized employees. Not a sustainable model .

            1. It is being used, dishonestly, as a vehicle to subvert the immigration process.
              Those people are not war refugees.
              And they are safe in Mexico, the country that let them in.
              They can stay there.

              1. do we know that they are safe in mexico? i don’t know enough about their situation to say either way.

                1. Lol.
                  You say that. But you are are for letting an enless river of them come hete. We are not the world’s orphanage. We don’t owe them shit

                2. Their goal was to get out of Honduras, and now they are out.
                  There are 100,000 jobs in Mexico for them.

                  BTW, I won’t lie.
                  I would be against this migration even if they were escaping a war.
                  I am for America first.
                  This 3rd world invasion has to stop.
                  Causing too many problems for us.

    1. and what the hell will the world do about it. Not a damn thing cause most of the first world is our bitch.

                    1. Charge them the 200k for each immigrant entering illegally, that would be roughly 80 acres in land price (depending on location) 20 million immigrants = 1.2 million sq miles. We should advance our border approximately 800 miles south to pay for these “refugees”.

                    2. You’re gonna get your ass bazookaed by a guy hanging out of the sunroof of a VW microbus.


                    3. People going about this shit all wrong. They are coming here wanting to “work” right? Conscript them into a military style construction force that builds bridges, tunnels, pyramids whatever. We will train them, house them and feed them (like any buck private entering the military) and after a 10 year conscription they are released with a trade, whatever of their pay they have saved, US Citizenship and a decade of good old fashioned brain washing.

                    4. Sounds great, but let’s start with all the illegals that are already in the country first, before we let any more in. And let’s make their first project be a giant wall between the US and Mexico.

                    5. always room for work. Anyone willing to take on a 10 year conscription into a construction military (maybe put under the supervision of the army corps of engineers) would be ok in my book. Fuck, you know how many roads need fixing? Wall? Sure. Why not. Hell, we could make money by hiring them out alla shawshank redemption.

                    6. yup. So you offer an amnesty and citizenship for 10 year conscription. That’s the carrot. The stick is that the penalty for being here illegally gets really fucking harsh.

                    7. and a decade of good old fashioned brain washing.

                      In public schools today, I observe that our founding fathers are no longer men of wisdom, but imperialistic slave owners. Standing for the pledge is optional.

                      Giving them a dose of America the Great? I doubt the do-gooders would ever let it happen. If anything, in their eyes, it’s the immigrants who are superior, and YOU are the one in need of re-education.

                    8. Probably right.

                      Is that really the case or is this in some wacky san fran school and makes the news. I don’t have kids so I don’t know. I do know sometimes some shitty lunatic school in the west village or san fran does something stupid and sites like breibart make is sound like its becoming national policy.

                      Do they really not teach Washington, jefferson, adams as great men of wisdom?

                      Standing for the pledge being optional, i thought, was always the case. There were some jehovas witnesses that refused to do it. Most kids did it because kids like standing better than sitting and no one wanted to be the odd man out.

                    9. Like i said, i really don’t know much of what goes on in primary education having not been part of it for 30 or so years. As far as teachers, I assume that they are similar to most professions. 20% are great. 20% are terrible and the rest fall on some spectrum of in between.

                      The problem is that the 20% who are great tend not to make a big fuss and the 20% that are terrible are often times the most vocal so it is easy to get a very negative view.

                      Still, i get what you’re saying. It’s a profession that does encourage the worst at times. Still, I do wonder how much of how bad things seem are real. Maybe I will enroll in kindergarten and go through the whole process again.

                    10. catapult plan can be subverted by one of those things i used to practice pitching against…they probably have lots of those in mexico judging by the makeup of MLB

                    11. That would actually be quite interesting. Except what will you do when the Zach Taylor problem happens?

                  1. united states isnt really in empire building mode now a days. We are all about making “friends” not conquering

                    1. Only because the fifty-first and fifty- second stars in the flag (Afganistan and Iraq) have refused our generous offer.

                      They seem quite insistant in it, actually.

                      I guess we’ll have to settle for Porto Rico?

      1. Yes.
        If we left it up to other countries, the “law” would be “give us all your money and hot girls”.

    2. Already did.
      Ad infinitum.

      Lots of guys on the left side of things there.

      Gets a bit rude, though.

        1. accordingly to intl law, you are supposed to seek asylum in the first country you set foot in, which would be guatamala or mexico- did these people break intl law first?

          1. is that so?
            the other problem is that San Diego shut down its border crossing completely, fucking over thousands of people who use it every day, many for work.

            1. isnt china violating intl law by throwing muslims into internment camps where they are being forced to drink booze and eat pork? are they not violating someones human rights over there?

        2. No its not.
          Defending the border comes first.
          Think of it this way.
          Speeding is against the law.
          But if your father was bleeding to death, would you not speed?
          Same with the illegals.
          They are invading our country and causing huge problems.
          It has to stop.

    3. so we can tear gas our own citizens, but not those of other countries trying to gain illegal entry in our country?

        1. and they’re shooting it at people who are trying to legally apply for asylum but cannot because we’ve shut down the asylum application process there

          1. what about the NGOs who have sent lawyers to coach these peeps on what to say in hopes of getting into this country? does this not seem subversive to you? its all above-board and ethical in your estimation

    4. Standard HuffPo boilerplate. You’re reeking of it. You’re like women when arguing, if we catch you on a logical point, you start with your emotional histrionics and screaming and crying. You’re just some spoiled, soft, untested liberal who lives with fantasies in his head to make him feel powerful, probably due to a lack of real power or control in his real life. You need your strong man fantasy to wreak revenge on your personal demons, and nothing more. Go peddle your Leftist narrative somewhere else, skippy. Heh.

        1. Grape, we’re all getting banned from
          Would ya be a pal and go over there are troll ’em for us?

          1. Getting banned from thehill is like shooting fish in a barrel. I’ve racked up a small handful of bans there..

    5. Wait a minute… Americans don’t use “meters”. What America would say “the breeze carrying it hundreds of meters”? We’d say feet, or maybe yards, not meters. Jammy is some kind of goddamn foreign spy!

      1. I would have agreed with you a few weeks ago, but have since learned that like watching soccer, use of the metric system is a new form of virtue signalling — as is using words like keen, lift, flat or anything else European. It shows that the person is not some savage American but a cultured and sophisticated citizen of the world with a social conscience

        1. Great. Now I can’t just watch a soccer match because I enjoy watching a soccer match, it has to be because I’m some fag globalist. Soyboys ruin everything.

                1. I did. lol. When I flew into london some years ago and got to my hotel everything was closed (this was before they eased the restrictions of everything fucking closing at 10 pm in london) I was in my hotel room with nowhere to go and nothing to do and all fucked up from the time zones so i put on tv. about an hour into a cricket match i said, outloud to myself, what the fuck am i actually watching. I turned the tv off and that was the last i saw of cricket.

                  1. I was in Northern Ireland, handing out leaflets and talking to people at this park. Stopped and watched some play in the morning time. Later on that afternoon, we walked by again, same game.

    6. Yes. Literal war crimes. It is also genocide. Evil white people want to kill all brown people. Thats so nazi, i can’t even.
      Every person on the planet has a constitutional right to come to America and get on benefits. Anyone who opposes this is literal nazis !!
      The chemical warfare is no surprise from literal nazis. They love to use gas as weapon.
      Good progressivism, comrade!!!

    7. You’re right; we should use bullets.

      Are you satisfied with the responses you’ve been getting? Both sides seem pleased with the opportunity to spleenvent. I want everyone to be happy.

      1. I love tossing bombs here once in a while. Enough to shake this place up, stop it from devolving into an right-wing echo chamber.
        Provocative is good.

              1. You could do a “Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game with chicks Scott Baio fucked. Basically everyone in Hollywood are eskimo brothers

  4. There is construction going on upstairs in the building I’m in. I can faintly hear Mariachi music, which means the drywall is going in today.

    1. So incredibky racist of you. Those coukd be guys from nepal who just so happen to enjoy mariachi music. You are such a bigot! Shill.

      1. I’m just using a known proven data set to track their progress. For example, I know the electrical was finished when the classic rock ended.

    2. In Texas, 40% chance my son will mix with a brownie. she better look like Sofía Vergara or his inheritance is cutoff

  5. We need a new article so Jammy can troll us about Manafort and all the future maids down on the border.

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