Early Crude Music

You think your mom or grandma were these innocent angels back in the day? This is a song from 1929. I am amazed how much the wool was pulled over my eyes when I was younger, thinking that this was the first generation to have real depravity.  Nope, the only difference now is with increased communication, secrets cannot be hidden as well.

Author: Jim Johnson

As a man in his early 40's, I grew up on a dairy farm in an irreligious home. Disgusted with the choice of women out there, I looked into religion to find a worthwhile mate. At 23, I joined the LDS (Mormon) faith, married, became a civil engineer, and now have six children. My favorite things are puppies, long walks on the beach, and the color blue (not really).

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                    1. it’s refrigerator magnet poetry with UR MOM as the two permanent pieces while everything else rotates

  1. Fuck a chicken in every pot. Once I’m in charge, unnatural colors of hair dye will be outlawed. Along with not washing your hair. Filthy skanks will be a thing we read about in the history books, and wonder how humanity could ever have gotten so degenerate, like the Holodomor.

  2. “Nope, the only difference now is with increased communication, secrets cannot be hidden as well.”

    Thats right outta the Book of Revelations!!

      1. i just read that 200 million humans are now playing Fortnite…
        it’s approaching Angry Birds levels of mania…

    1. Remember “Free bem”? Now there was an idea people could get behind. Wildly popular grassroots movement.

      You must not be selling it right, or something..

      1. Yeah, I’m still hoping the Free bem movement pays off. Some day, maybe they’ll let him back on.

          1. I’m pretty sure that the alien organism growing on his chin and pretending to be his beard has actually taken over his brain.

      1. I’d be delighted to find an example of a sizable, perhaps historically reputable, news organization that explains what THOT means in a no-punches-pulled manner.

          1. You’re probably right about that being the best. I think Ho or Hoe is and always was a no-no, although the reasons for being so have probably changed slightly over the years.

            I find it doubly interesting they use the word “incel” twice, one of which is in the headline. First, it’s never substantiated. Second, I’d think it also needs explanation the same way THOT does.

      2. I’m really kind of divided on the subject. On the one hand, its really funny to see these whores getting all scared about the IRS, and all their beta followers white knighting and shit. But on the other hand, my well-established position on the matter of snitches is that they get stitches.

        1. I’m not divided. It’s grotesque beta rage. The “sexual marketplace is broken.” I get it. But there are lines you do not cross, and ratting to the feds is one of those lines. Snitches get stitches, not bitches.

          1. if the bitch did you wrong, then all bets are off. i’d absolutely drop a dime on my ex if she’d done something illegal and I had proof.

            1. and that’s the problem. Of all the options you have why turn to the feds? Go crack her in the mouth if you feel aggrieved. Better yet, do what most people do…go fuck a dozen or so randos over the course of a month or so and drink too much and then move on. Why get the government involved? If you get teased at recess you don’t go to the teacher and tell her the kid who teased you cheated on a test….either stand up for yourself or move on…either way, you can act like a man

              1. i did act like a man. in addition to fucking randos, I’d also like to see her hurt indirectly, by some person or organization that is not me.
                paging don corleone…

                1. seems strange to me.

                  I understand someone messes with me im gonna mess with him.

                  I don’t understand someone messes with me im gonna tell the hall monitor

                  1. I’ve always thought this might be because of regional attitudes that influenced your upbringing.

                    For example, I’m from New Jersey and washed dishes and bussed tables in several Italian restaurants when I was young. I therefore know how important it is to keep my head down and my nose out the fuck of other peoples business.

                    1. I have not done these things but do understand the importance of keeping a low profile in the business.

                  2. The people who get messed with are generally the people who have no recourse but the hall monitor.

                    These people want to be junior pro bono hall monitors.

                    1. I’ve thought long and hard about this and honestly haven’t made up my mind. What you say is true to an extent; but there is also a level of where everyone gets messed with the the cream rises to the top while the bottom feeders make a zip file.

                      I can’t say I’ve made my mind up. I see a lot of sides to this and just don’t know

                    2. I think it’s ergodic (?), where passing a given test changes the social and personal environment such that those who pass increase their chances of passing in the future, while those who don’t decrease it.

                      Picking on high-failure targets offers disproportionate returns and the social environment is optimised to signal easy and hard targets.

                      “Game-aware” bullies jump right to the final tile bypassing the learning process. Game-aware victims just go to the hall monitors. Each group is optimized for a different game.

                      Non-game-aware victims shut up, learn, or shoot.

            1. I did some mental wrestling with this question earlier. The internet thot is someone it is hard to feel any sympathy for. So you are painting into a corner of either defending vapid whores or defending a bunch of faggots who snitch to the IRS. This is a real sophies choice huh?

              In the end, I have to side against the snitches. If the thots are getting one over on the IRS good for them. These kinda things do bite most people in the ass, but fuck it. If I could hide my income from the feds i would. These thots have a lot to be sorry for, but cheating the guv aint one thing. On the other side, the snitches are really low lifes.

              1. I agree. It’s in everyone’s long-term interest to encourage this behavior, but the government can always count on people to cut their noses to spite their faces.

    1. Not really following it, but upon briefly reviewing things it’s remarkable how everyone on the Internet is suddenly an expert on US tax law.

        1. I’ve got the blood of Scottish kings in my veins, son. That’s what makes me an expert in everything. Heh

          1. That fucking war criminal … String him up!

            Oh, wait.. accusing someone of treason is racist… Stand by while I sort this out.

                    1. Actually, I don’t think you are allowed to filter out trannies anymore. You search for “women” and still get “gender non-conforming women”, which are basically just dudes who don’t even bother putting on a dress.

                    2. I actually heard a (real female) lesbian complaining about it on a YouTube stream I was listening to, which was funny. She was like, “I’m a chick who likes other chicks. I don’t want to search for other chicks and have to get 1000 dick pics in my inbox. I’m a lesbian, ffs, I don’t want any dicks.”

    1. A clear violation of wartime principles.

      Unless she was Russian. Was she Russian? If she was Russian it was okay. You can’t trust those tricky Russians.

        1. he’s probably going to interview spring breakers about the negative effects of the border closing.

          1. Yeah, the devastating border closing… such a horror… for all 5 HOURS that it lasted, lol

            1. Frat Chad being interviewed: “Yeah dude, I won’t be able to get slammed at Mr Frogs on my Pei Wei Salary”

    1. I knew something was up when they transitioned from hand-drawn mascots to 3D-rendered ones, but until today I didn’t know what.

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