Don’t Overgift This Christmas

We all heard it “you’ll spoil your kids”. But have you ever thought that you are doing the same thing if you overgift your wife?  While riding into work this morning, I found myself listening to a jewelry ad. They were telling you to buy an expensive ring “because she is worth it”. Guys, you are worth it to not piss away hundreds of dollars so your wife has this frivolous status symbol.  Of course you don’t need to be a cheapskate, but do not saddle yourself with debt for some frivolous, unappreciated things that do little more than take up space in your garage or closet. There is a line between being the provider, and the used workhorse. Figure out what that line is, and don’t cross it. You may actually find yourself having less than diminishing returns, and actually having negative results.

Author: Jim Johnson

As a man in his early 40's, I grew up on a dairy farm in an irreligious home. Disgusted with the choice of women out there, I looked into religion to find a worthwhile mate. At 23, I joined the LDS (Mormon) faith, married, became a civil engineer, and now have six children. My favorite things are puppies, long walks on the beach, and the color blue (not really).

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      1. Is there a library of articles I can use as a template for easy publishing? or just change the pictures of Troy Francis articles.

  1. Why he hell are presents so important to females? Can someone explain please?
    All I need is food, booze, and walla walla bing bang and I am fine. What the hell is their problem?

      1. “jewelry is so odd to me. It does nothing to improve the value of women,
        What guy has fawned over a pair of earrings that a girl is wearing? The
        only place I see a woman actually using that stuff is in bragging rights
        over their femaile counterparts. Like it is a competition to see which
        woman has the guy most wrapped around her finger.”

  2. I actually love jewelry. I love the idea of taking ancient material from earth and forging art from it. All the better when it’s meaningful and tied to a history of some sort. So much consumer shit is fully disposable— fine gold is the exact opposite. It’s never disposable. It abides, and can be passed on.

    The issue is finding a lady that gets that.

      1. i see what you are saying, but i take a more holistic approach. I look at the situation of who i want to be on a macro scale and if who i want to be includes a person with a woman, what that woman is like and what she posses are part of it. IT is an extrapolation on my theories of going on a date. I am not TAKING her on a date. I am bringing her on my night out as accessory. If this includes being dressed well and in a nice restaurant it is about me. She is, like my watch, something i have with me and ought to fit the occasion properly. If i want a woman who has a box full of jewelry i better buy it for her. It goes along way in making her the girl that i want. Now if you don’t want a girl with a box of jewelry that’s fine, but thinking that this is about what you are giving her as an end in itself rather than what you are giving her as a means to the end of making her into exactly what you want for you is, I believe, an error.

        1. I like your line of thinking on this. I guess the question remains, “who are you doing it for?” If you don’t feel like a $300 pair of earrings on your wife is worth it to you, you shouldn’t get it, despite her begging, or demanding.

          I was referring to guys like my uncle, who’s wife will go out and buy jewelry, and he will roll his eyes and put up with it. Personally, I never thought much of jewelry on women. A nice figure is so much more important to me than what they are wearing.

          1. Yeah uncle is in bad shape. I get you. You don’t think much of a woman in jewelry and don’t buy it. If you did like women in jewelry you would. It’s abouh you is the important part

  3. This came as a result of me visiting my rather wealthy uncle in Oregon. They have a rather nice house, with a full time housekeeper, and a wife who blows his money like water. He gave her everything, she doesn’t respect him.

    1. jewelry is so odd to me. It does nothing to improve the value of women, What guy has fawned over a pair of earrings that a girl is wearing? The only place I see a woman actually using that stuff is in bragging rights over their femaile counterparts. Like it is a competition to see which woman has the guy most wrapped around her finger.

      1. It can’t even be viewed as an investment either, cuz resale is about 10% of cost. Average dude who plunks down his credit card at Zales while wifey bounces up and down all happy next to him isn’t going to ever see that money again.

        1. Back in my bluepill days, I got my wife a diamond engagement ring. Then for wearing every day, I went to a pawn shop and bought a gold ring for $20. It is a rare occasion when she will wear the diamond ring.

          1. In 25 yrs of captivity I have bought maybe 5 items of jewellery. None outrageous, all somewhat meaningful. There may or may not be additional ones but they will absolutely not be scheduled.

      1. There were two equally correct answers:
        “UR MOM likes my banana pudding”
        “In russia, banana puddings you”

    1. Urban dictionary is the only website I can think of where the value goes down when more content is added.

            1. You know what else is wrong with Urban Dictionary? There’s not a single example sentence that helps demonstrate the definition of any of the entries. A sentence for the word fluzd might read: “Ryan said the word fluzd this morning”.

              Utterly useless!

              1. Well, what do you expect? “Ryan shorffed her in her fluzd hole until she pudding herself.”

  4. Also don’t be that dickass grandparent/uncle that buys the kids in the family a mountain of plastic garbage for every occasion. The crap breaks/gets thrown out in weeks and the kids never learn to appreciate the actual quality gifts because everything they’ve received has been disposable.

    1. Knives are good, machetes are good. Guns / BB guns / air rifles are good. Archery equipment. Level three body armor. Those cool old yo-yos are good.

        1. YES. Unless you are purchasing for the father of a newly-nubile teenage girl, in which case I suggest a Daewoo USAS-12.

    2. We do that, or the kids do. We take them to the dollar store and the get crap for th other kids. When each buys a gift for each, that means five times seven, or thirty five crap gifts. Soon, the toddler will be doing the same, bringing it i to 42

      1. Yeah but it’s the kids buying each other trinkets for practice while they’re young, not a grown adult attempting to purchase a child’s favor through material goods.

        1. how come being doomed to repeat history by forgetting it only goes for bad stuff. I probably forgot a lot of good things that happened in history and none of that shit seems to be repeating

    1. I’ve been struggling over Cain and Able. Aclima was the hottest of all the sisters to bang. He had to do it.

    2. We don’t do new articles around here. Go post it on last Tuesday article. 2 people will read it. Success!

      1. I just stumbled across that yesterday while searching for something unrelated. It was simply a coincidence that I had just found that when Disqus seemed to go down, and I wanted to make a test post. Apparently there is (or was) something of a coordinated effort to get real creative with Yankee Candle scents.

        Anyway, two of my favorites:

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    What do we pay our taxes for if we don’t even get a new post?

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