The Pros and Cons of Having a Large Family

I have six children. While my family is not as large as some families I know, I can say that having a large family is a life changing experience, for good and bad. There are some problems that arise from having many children. But at the same time, there are many benefits that I have noticed. How many children you decide to have is up to you. I hope this article gives you some insight into this question.

Con – Kids Cost Money

This is true, but not as much as the divorce lawyers would tell you as they are sucking blood money from you for your ex. Sure, there are added food costs, added housing costs, and whatever. But they don’t need individual bedrooms, nor do they need to eat steak everyday.

Pro – Kids are a joy to be around

They are fun, the trick is to encourage them to burn up their energy. Outside is a great place (unless you are in Detroit) I enjoy teaching concepts to them and seeing them develop.

Con – Kids take time

Yes they do. Funny thing is, whether you have only one, or ten, they take all your available time. With larger families, they will entertain each other.

Pro – Kids provide entertainment

As a guy with a goofy personality, some of the better times I have are teaching them how to make armpit noises and such. They are fun.

Con – Transportation

Yes, I drive a van. It sucks gas, it is dorky, and it is expensive. If we have any more, I would have to get a full sized fan, or just haul them in the back of the pickup.

Pro – A Tighter Family

I noticed that the kids are content spending time with each other, rather than looking out in the community for friendships. While we encourage them to spend time with others, we do things as a unit.

Con – Less room

There are two bunkbeds in the boy’s room, and we have one of their dressers stuffed in a closet. ’nuff said.

Pro – They entertain/help each other

In helping each other, they learn valuable life skills that I feel single children miss out on.

Con – Logistics are more complex

Vacations are not relaxing, going shopping is not relaxing, taking the kids to the park is not relaxing. Jim Jr., where are your shoes???!!!

Pro – Increased community status

Maybe not all areas, but here in Utah, large families are looked up to, especially if the kids are good.

Con – Wife is stressed

With each kid, comes stress on her body, and more things on her plate. If that keeps her from sitting on the couch or getting busy with the pool boy, that may be a good thing.

Pro – Wife is less likely to divorce

The divorce rate for couples with children is as much as 40 percent lower than for those without children.

Having a baby before marriage can increase risk of divorce by 24 percent

Divorce Statistics: Over 115 Studies, Facts and Rates for 2018

I guess if you are unlucky enough fall into the divorced category, rather than the huge family category, the kids could be thought of as cheaper.

Pro – Future progeny

You know how much grandparents love to brag about, tease and spoil their grandchildren, I am sure I will do the same in 20 years.

Pro/Con – Liberals hate you

It ticks them off, I love it.


Author: Jim Johnson

As a man in his early 40's, I grew up on a dairy farm in an irreligious home. Disgusted with the choice of women out there, I looked into religion to find a worthwhile mate. At 23, I joined the LDS (Mormon) faith, married, became a civil engineer, and now have six children. My favorite things are puppies, long walks on the beach, and the color blue (not really).

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  1. “If we have any more, I would have to get a full sized fan”
    Just toss in any extras.

    You didnt mention children as a source of labor. Sure, you will have to go through the headache of training and supervising them, but when they are good enough, it will start paying off. Put those little fpckers to work!!!

  2. Jim you’ll probably squeeze 8 out of the wifey before it’s all said and done. I say this because I’ve known a few Mo families and 8 keeps popping up. 8-ers or ‘aters’ I call them. This one ‘ater family I knew, #9 was a dud and it tore her up emotionally when she lost the baby, but I told her I’t’s okay. Some have 9, 10, 11 or 12 and it’s a bonus. They’re lucky. Every one after 8 is a chicken dinner winner and heck, keep playing the streak till she’s finally blown I tell them. That’s what it’s all about.

    Crowded house, shee¡t. This one ater Mo family I knew, they had a 3 bedroom house where the eldest son was approaching jr in HS. He needed space I guess. These folks had a beautiful living room with perfect furniture and a large 15 foot framed painting of the last supper on the wall. I hadn’t visited them for a year or so and then I dropped by. The eldest son had taken over the living room as his own bedroom with a sheet and beads covering the entrance. Inside was a mattress on the floor with skateboard stickers and gothic looking artwork drawn on the walls with magic markers. Fast forward and now the eldest son is through college and making bucks.

    Looking back the son didn’t have to commandeer the living room like he did. I remember visiting there and was so impressed how nice it was before. The problem was the stuck up burb subdivision they lived in was so strict on modifications to your house. If only they could have added on and built a side room, but the homes were all like 10 feet apart.

    Another Mo family down the street had only 2 kids. The wife was a tight ass I guess. A dry hen. KEEP IT SLOPPY ladies and don’t be a dry hen. But anyways the dry hen family had a son too and the place looked overly perfect. They never let the son take over the living room or even think for himself. Dry hen moms are psycho bossy, even over their sons forever. SLOPPY MOMS let the man do the bossing. Anyways their son has psycho conditions, no career and head pills as of date. Yeah he got all the shots too.

    So that’s kind of a lesson to start your sons off letting them at least make their own room. Don’t sacrifice the garage though. A lot of people refinish a good attached garage into an extra bedroom – but then you park out in the cold and this wussifies the layout of the house. I learned this the hard way. A man deserves to do car work and projects indoors.

    When your son(s) get to be 13-15 or so, they might get a mind to build their own bedroom as a side addition. The best time to learn construction and building codes is around 12+ when they’ve got enough math to measure and show them how to draft plans. A good hammer swing you gotta learn young.

    I’d never give a daughter her own bedroom though because they’re not princesses. Marry them off ASAP.

                  1. 15 passenger van? say what you want about the mexicans, but those mother fuckers could fit 15 people into a 2 door corolla with the back seats removed for a speaker cabinet

    1. “Keep it sloppy”, yeah I see that a lot around here. Some Mormon women pride themselves in their perfection. Problem is, they lose track of what is most important to maintain this fake image.

    1. They have their socialist Macron at the helm. What could possibly be going wrong?

      In all fairness, he has never really been popular, though. I just checked, and somehow he was elected with 66% of the vote. Never quite understood the dynamic of how someone wins a landslide election, and two weeks later his approval rating tanks to single digits.

    2. Correction & update: they are chanting “We want Trump Steaks”

      Not satisfied with destroying their society they feel the need to destroy their culinary reputation as well.

      1. WW3 against who. it seems more like a bunch of civil wars are kicking off. I highly doubt its gonna be a big blood bath though

        1. White Europe is getting tired of the migrants and want them out. It could be contained within the region, but I doubt the US will keep from being dragged in.

          1. Not really WWIII though just a multitude of civil wars. The yellow vest protest are for high taxation mainly on fuel. Europeans are finally realizing that having the balls taxed out of you isnt a good thing.

                1. Hmm. And what sort of large nosed creatures love money and would like to have millions of europeans killed??

                1. see, there is good posts just lurking under all those sperg memes Chip Fruit Teage, good stuff.

            1. Ha, watch how fast they change their tune if the EU removes the taxes as well as the insane amount of free shit from housing to trips to the alps that they get.

              1. Like i said i dont think its gonna be a big great civil war or some shit. Life is still too easy and enjoyable for most people to want to risk it all just for a tax cut. Probably just gonna be some angry people and voting for the troll candidate like in America.

                1. I don’t know what they call Americans. Other than ordering food from them I don’t pay much attention to what Europeans have to say. They have been totally irrelevant since 44

          2. You want me to be fair with them? JIM– how can you be fair to animals? Jim — for Crissakes, listen — They recruit muzzies — they recruit sand-niggers — and they do violence in their, in their Grandmother’s neighborhoods. And everything with them is Muhammad — Muhammad! Allah — junk prophet! And they leave civilization to last. Now I want to run my heritag without the EU on my back, and I want those Refugees OUT!

          3. The US has never tried to avoid a war. The US is a war whore. No matter what the people want the government figures out a way.

            There are only three phrases that are golden signals for concern in life:

            1) home by Christmas

            2) no-one is getting laid off

            3) of course I’m on the pill

            1. Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser. Americans play to
              win all the time. That’s why Americans have never lost and will never
              lose a war. The very thought of losing is hateful to Americans. Battle
              is the most significant competition in which a man can indulge. It
              brings out all that is best and it removes all that is base.

            2. The other Western Countries might wind up supporting Merkle just to avoid a long — destructive war. This is almost 1946 —

                1. It’ll get pretty goddamn bad. Probably all the other third world shitholes will line up against us.
                  That’s alright — this thing’s gotta happen every five years or so — ten years — helps to get rid of the bad blood. Been ten years since the last one. You know you got to stop them at the beginning, like they should have stopped Merkle at Munich, They should never’ve let her get away with that. They were just asking for big trouble.
                  You know, Ransom, we was all proud of you — being a commenter and all. Your father, too.

                  1. I got to the third sentence before I realized what was happening.

                    Artfully done.

                    I think my commenting does set me apart from the commenters. Thanks for noticing. Your noticing will not go unnoticed.

                2. Well, that’s the one good thing about global warming. No more cold wars – all future wars will be hot.

            3. Dude, write an article avout that. Maybe i will if you dont.
              Others to add :
              Hes just a friend
              It was just that one time.
              Its only the girls going on the trip…

              1. Please write it — everything I know is by reputation.

                If you write it I promise to read the whole thing before blessing you with criticism.

    3. But they don’t ask with respect. They dont offer friendship. They dont even think to call him Mr.President. Instead they want him to fix their shithole on the day he is to play golf.

  3. Lots of kids kids sounds great, but you have to start early. Carrying and birthing are harsh on a woman’s body after time goes by.

    Great article Jim.

  4. “Pro – They entertain/help each other” Pornhub makes me think dirty thoughts about this.

                1. not uncommon to have someone jerk off and leave it for the next guy.

                  never mentioned in any of the recruitment tv ads…

                2. There’s a term for that…..”hot something”…where the rack is still warm from the last guy….groce….

  5. ruh-roh.

    Civil War Erupts In Sweden as Irate Swedes Burn Nine Muslim Refugee Centers to the Ground

          1. Swedish Army Knife includes:
            can opener
            arabic to swedish dictionary
            butt plug

            what else?

            1. Watched Lord of the Rings this weekend. Had the conversation come up, if they thought of making a spinoff where Gandalf would fight the sporks instead of the orcs. Amusing for a 8 year old anyway.

          1. I went to a swedish restaurant once- I was disappointed to find out the chef was a Somali from Sweden…that famous chef(at least he was for a bit)

            1. Samuelson? Yeah, I’ve been to his joint Red Rooster up in harlem. He enjoyed being a celebrachef for a while. I really think the end of celebrity chefs will signal a good thing in the world.

                1. after the words “three volvos” i began to wonder if you were really a self loathing UWS jew but then as i read on to “in the yard in various states of functionality” i realized my error

                    1. i am well aware of the concept, but never heard of it with a volvo. i always associate volvo with jew lawyers who defend killers in the bronx for free and vote socialist and shit all over anyone who has money, drives their beat up volvo and has a 10 figure trust fund.

                    2. just an archtype i have in my head from my time living on the UWS. IT wasn’t a him it was a them. They are all fucking identical right down to their shitty volvos

                    3. (((evil))) drives a Volvo?

                      never really thought about what cars they would purchase, sorry swindle.

          1. Really funny you say that because i almost did. Figured id go with the classic.
            Hey .At least the hi points are repeaters.

            1. Over on 87th street almost at 1st avenue is an area where a lot of cabs park on their break and have their lunch or chat or plan 9-11 or whatever they do. There is also a barber shop there that has tried to make a couple of extra bucks on this by offering a promotion to drivers. There is a sign in the window that says “Taxi Driver Hair Cut $12”

              I really am tempted to go in with this picture

              1. How have you not already done this? Wouldnt take much time. Many lulz had. Dewit, dewit nowww!! Get to the (hair) choppah!!

        1. The one that I was going to reply to saying “but I’ve been told repeatedly they are only here to work and pay taxes.”

            1. When I tried to reply, I was told that it was an ‘inactive post’ or something similar. Refresh, it’s no longer visible.

              Some strange shit going on, if you didn’t delete it.

              1. Same here. I wrote a reply and everything.

                The internet does not respect our thumbs and the time they put in.


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            And It’ll never pick the wrong man to hunt again
            Oh no!

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