Male Feminists

These people are odd, and yet I understand to a certain point. You may ask how they became feminist? It takes a few things, lack of male role model, liberal ideology,  lack of real world experience.

I have seen them. Usually, they are doubling down on the “nice guy” persona. Trying everything they can to please women. Only problem is, they have zero experience with women (outside platonic “friendships” where they are used on the false promise that if they suck up to women enough one will return their favors).

White Knighting is a strong trait in them. They are trying to tell you this schizophrenic message that a woman can do anything a man can do, and more. And yet they come rushing to the aid of a woman if she finds herself on a level playing field. From what I have seen, they are the ones most likely to view porn for hours each day, most likely to be bitter towards women (hence the most likely to commit violent crime against women) and yet the most groveling towards women when face to face. This split persona towards women is one of the major factors that “the nice guy” creeps women out.

I feel bad for them, they are about where I was in early high school. Not sure how to attract a girl, and feeling powerless. Maybe we should help them out and give them advice, or we could continue to let them listen to women on how to be attractive. That seems to be working for them, no really.

Author: Jim Johnson

As a man in his early 40's, I grew up on a dairy farm in an irreligious home. Disgusted with the choice of women out there, I looked into religion to find a worthwhile mate. At 23, I joined the LDS (Mormon) faith, married, became a civil engineer, and now have six children. My favorite things are puppies, long walks on the beach, and the color blue (not really).

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  1. is that a real magazine or is it an uncle Bob Smith type mock up?

    not sure i agree 100% with you on this Jim, what you describe in the article sounds alot like blue pill mentality not male feminism.
    ill bet most of us were like this in our blue pill days, i was, i always thought male feminists were identical to their female counterparts & hated on strong masculine men & their activities, mannerisms etc?

      1. sure do, especially as feminism is pushed now as ‘kosher’.
        a BP/soft man hating (feminism) mindset is what is now taught to young boys from kindergarten right through to marriage to one.

    1. You may have a point. Male Feminists, simps, and white knights all fall under the category of blue pill mentality. I suppose it is differentiated by how far they want to take it.

  2. Bike night a few years back. Some guy, whom I’ve never seen at a bike night since, was watching me interact with two chicks. I was doing my normal “command them and have them smile and comply” thing, and after I was done he walked over and said “Red pill? You’re a natural aren’t you?” Heh.

      1. There’s a reason young chicks hit on me all the time, and it has zero to do with being a trained comedy monkey (because hoss, I ain’t one). This isn’t to say be anti-social, far from it, but don’t lower your dignity to becoming Bango The Funny Chimpboy as if it’s the only way to quench your thirst. Heh.

    1. You’re so alpha that the only way to satisfy your high T is for someone to lob grenades at you for the rest of your life.

              1. and she was orthodox- married, kids, left hwood for a loooong time, gets gig on big bang theory, divorces her husband. she is heinous, and she still divorced her hubby and wrecked the family

                1. I only watched a half an episode of BBT , then went straight to Archie Bunker clips on YouTube.

              2. I saw this a little while back. Funny to see feminists who get their way for 20 years run up against the wall. They made a deal with the devil and payment is coming due.

  3. If a man spends enough time being hit on by women, being told specific things by strange women he’s never met before, and being handed numbers unsolicited and without even striking up a conversation with aforementioned women, then a man cannot help but draw certain conclusions. Heh.

    1. yup, happens to me 10 times per day. Coincidentally, right after I get a read receipt for my intro: “want to have fun in my car for $500?” HEH HEH

  4. admit it: you guys really dont understand this headline

    “Ethereum Overtakes Ripple As Biggest Altcoin As Cryptos Surge In 2019”

    1. I read that because i know you’re a serious poster to be treated with respect…….but, uh, i must say no to you and ill give you no reasons.

      1. Well, I say yes. There’s more money potential in imaginary money than anything
        else we’re looking at. Now if we don’t get into it, somebody else will. Maybe one of the Fraternity of Excellence, maybe the whole Phaggosphere. Now with the money they think they’re earning, they can buy more bandwidth and gossip power;
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        they’re the best things to have. But cryptocurrency is a thing of the 2017. An’ if we don’t get a piece of that action, we risk everything we have — I mean not now, but ah two years ago.

          1. I’m trying for more godfathering, more lulz…. more memes, more humor for the laughing, more memes……

            1. For a second I thought I was dead, but when I saw all the lulz I
              knew they were shitposters. Only shitposters memed that way. If they had been normal people, I wouldn’t have heard a thing. I would have been dead.

  5. These feminized boys may not believe it, but it’s known that if you pack heat in daily life, women will visibly moisten. Hell, I was open carrying over Christmas and had some 75+ year old lady that I was standing next to on the streets of Columbus look over, smile nicely and say “I feel very protected with such a big, strong armed man next to me”. Grandma was hitting on me, Lol. Younger chicks, same thing. Heh.

      1. Very real, my friend. I’m 6’-3.59″ flatfooted, 6’-5″ in my cowboy boots, which I’m always wearing unless I’m sleeping. I think all women are drawn to tall men. Just a gauge based on how women react to me. Heh.

        1. There was a time I was blue pilled about the red pill. I took whatever anyone over here said and ran with it. I need some healthy skepticism about my skepticism of the world.

          1. GOJ had me fooled kinda. I just didnt think some guy could not only talk so much bullshit but then defend it. Stoic pointing it all out was like having an epiphany. I mean, I knew it all seemed suspect, but just idk.

              1. Exactly. Everyone bullshits online, and you’re a retard to think otherwise, but the sheer scale of the lies and how much fake detail put into it made it hilarious to me. That and when he was called out on it, he rage quit. MUH OHIO lol

              2. One night, Bobby Vinton sent GOJ champagne. There was nothing like it. I didn’t think there was anything strange in any of this. You know, a twenty-year-old kid with such connections. He was an exciting guy. He was really nice. he introduced me to everybody. Everybody wanted to be nice to him. And he knew how to handle it.

                    1. Numbers passed down from Scottish kings, ya know like those fake numbers with pics of girls you stole online and you text yourself with then screenshot it to show a bunch of guys online how cool you are?

                    1. that’s the Phantom 12 reboot. I wrote that up just a couple days ago. There was a earlier version of the Phantom 12 that is lost in the ethosphere. What a menace.

                    2. Money? That’s easy. Just hold a telethon, or a gofundme, or knock over a small liquor store. Problem solved.

                    3. 2/16/2019 will be the last day we can be here. Im just gonna allow any and all shitposting and let everyone be an admin on that day.

                    4. Guess the 15th then. I say we take our merry band of retards and find other sites that have disqus to bombard with our weaponized autism

                    5. Yep. its gonna expire then basically be free for anyone else to take the domain name once that happens. You’d still be able to technically get her if the hosting was still up, but I have a feeling that is toast on that same date.

                    6. I forget, its not too much, but Cynic has the rights/login to the domain. aka, unless he transfers it to someone (like you) we’re kinda fucked. Maybe he saved his debit card in there and forgot and we’re good for a while.

                    7. That sounded like Jim just volunteered to buy the domain and the hosting for a couple more years.

                      As he should. He obviously has more money than anyone else here.

                    8. If hes willing to shell out the cash for hosting and the domain, more power to him. I’m content with one epic shitpost article then let it implode

                    9. I love it. Monday Stoic, Tuesday Bem, Wednesday Grapefruit, Thursday Murdoc, Friday…Kersey An article from each of our best here.

                    10. Does anyone have the one where Kersey completly flipped out and challenged GOJ to a duel? I would love to print that out and hang it on my wall.

                      There was also the one where FO3 confided that he finds Tai “Pretty Boys” attractive.

                    11. Won’t someone PLEASE think of Kersey!? He’ll be forced to find a different website for his hit-and-run stalking!

                    12. …and if you plan on using any concrete I’m sure the Teamsters would like to have a word with you

          2. John Milton argued an interesting case for the problem of evil. If God is all good and all powerful why is there evil in the world. It is simply, milton argued, that to an all good being like god evil doesn’t make sense. In lay terms, he just doesn’t get it. Much the same with honest brokers when people bullshit them….they just ain’t on the lookout for it

            1. A naive god?
              But if he created us, in his own likeness no less, then surely he would know of our bullshit and evil.

              1. not saying Johnny Milt was right, just that it was interesting and applicable.

                As for me? Well, there’s only one God for me, your dad’s old hunting trophy.

            1. There was I time I was unaware of the godfather script, and here I was thinking all you watched it so many times you practically had it memorized. Again, blue pilled about the red pill.

            2. You were right there with him in word count.
              You fuckers would have lengthy discussions with everyone, everyday!

            1. This kid was great. They used to call him axle liftin’ Tommy, I swear to God! Now he’d make your ales move off the ground like fuckin’ pillows, ‘scuse my language. He was terrific, he was the best. He made a lot of money too, ah salud, Tommy.

      1. missed that somehow. Trump endorsed him, and now Mitt slams T in an op-ed.
        politics is not for the weak of heart.

        1. Romney is the problem with the R’s. He is the go-along to get-long type, willing to bend over backwards. If he doesn’t like Trump, then things are going quite well, as far as I’m concerned.

          1. These are subhuman creatures; the fathers of betrayals and treasons large and small. I wish we could just ignore them, but they keep forcing themselves onto the public.

    1. Yup, he will be there for some time. Utah politics sucks. The politicians know the people will vote for an “R” each time, so lots of liberals will get in as a republican and they won’t get voted out. Orrin Hatch was that way, McCain was that way, and many others.

      1. dont take this the wrong way, but do mormons believe we come from another planet? i memba bill maher(yeah I know) holding up a book many years ago, and the back cover featured the planet we supposedly came from

          1. so you are one of those people who think we evolved from single-celled organisms? half decided, “Im tired of walking, think Ill become a tree” and the other half became animals because they like to walk around? Whales are dinosaurs who developed back problems and decided to walk into the ocean, let their legs fall off?

              1. cmon- look up who Darwin was and who he was related to…non scientist notices beaks of finches have different lengths and presto chango- there is no God?

                1. Just because I can figure out how a car works after the fact doesn’t mean that engineers dont exist.

              1. You know whats up. youre a cunts hair away from the truth, but, at that point, who would feed your dog??

  6. This guy I know told me how he HELPED his dykish blue-haired wife actively cok-block a pickup artist in France…..
    I was disappoint…..

      1. This should be the only Best Man Speech allowed at every wedding, from now until the sun explodes.

    1. There’s some lesbianiac tendencies there. I see it in the spare tire/love handles and the impossibly dirty denim. So, my vote is she committed a crime of passion involving a FFM love triangle.

      Firm WNB.

      1. I used to get to Bend now and again, haven’t in a few years though. I’m fully covered in moss. Don’t mind it, except for one of my roofs, very steep, difficult to clean, waiting for dry weather to install one of those zinc moss killer things.

        Those winters on the prairie can be bitter cold for an extended time.

    2. Nobody was really close at all on this one. Hand Tourettes gets honorable mention for being the least correct.

      A 16-year-old girl has pleaded guilty to slashing a man to death, but refused to admit intending to kill him. Jennifer Secomb was sentenced to 25 years in prison without parole Nov. 25 (1996) for the murder of Jon Beckerich, 33, in Portland last March. Sccomb and two other teens lured the victim into taking them from the City Nightclub to a bowling alley. In the parking lot, Secomb slit Beckerich’s throat from ear to ear and then stole his money. Another defendant, Joshua Rennells, 15, was sentenced to more than 16 years in prison, and a third, Stacey Jones, 16, is expected to plead guilty.

      Walla Walla Union Bulletin, 28 June 1996:

        1. Jim, what’s the deal here? Is the domain expiring? If so, send me the bill – I’ll pay it tonight.

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