20 Quotes From Rollo Tomassi – Part 2

2. From The Rational Male – Positive Masculinity:

However, it is important for a Man to bear in mind that his SMV (Sexual market value) will eventually exceed that of any woman if he continues to improve himself and grows personally, physically and financially into his SMV peak years. There will eventually come a time when a woman’s SMV will decay to the point that her necessitousness will exceed her value. In other words, due to her fast burn-fast decay SMV, and recognized or not, she will eventually need a Man more than he needs her when he enters his peak SMV phase and she’s declined to the Wall of her own. It’s during this critical phase that a woman must rely on her man’s socially expected love, charity, obligation and parental investment to maintain his secure attachment to her in the face of an obvious SMV imbalance. As I’ve covered before, women fundamentally lack the capacity to appreciate the sacrifices men make to facilitate women’s reality – and once those facial wrinkles and cellulite can no longer be disguised by makeup or collagen, women will still persist in the expectation of monogamous obligation, in preference to the genuine desire, love, devotion, etc. a man may legitimately feel about her regardless of her wrinkles.

I have written about this before. There comes a time when a woman’s physical attractiveness falls below her neediness. This is the point that her usefulness comes into play. If she cannot be pleasant enough or useful enough to court a man, and no man already loves her enough to hold onto her, despite her fading looks, she will be bitterly alone with cats. Many women end up kicking themselves for listening to the Disney princess trope and passing up many good men.

This needs to be communicated strongly with your daughters. She has about ten years (18-28) to attract a man to marry. At this time, she will be tempted to fritter away her attractiveness chasing after Chad, but in the end, Chad won’t stick around, neither will Poindexter who would have married her in her youth.

Author: Jim Johnson

As a man in his early 40's, I grew up on a dairy farm in an irreligious home. Disgusted with the choice of women out there, I looked into religion to find a worthwhile mate. At 23, I joined the LDS (Mormon) faith, married, became a civil engineer, and now have six children. My favorite things are puppies, long walks on the beach, and the color blue (not really).

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  1. oh that chart again…it should be shown to every 18 yr old girl at their freshmen orientation

  2. Want to increase your SMV?… learn to sing. I love Karaoke. La Bamba is one of my go to songs. I can Richie Valens the fuck out of a room. Heh.

      1. The one that gets the chicks swooning, for me, is Sea of Love as done by the Honeydrippers. Robert Plant actually put on a good rendition of that without his normal “I’m having a weird orgasm thing on stage” thing that he did with Zepplin. Heh.

      1. The one that impresses everybody because I’ll do it after a few tenor songs, is Ain’t That A Kick In The Head. My Deano voice is *on point* on that song. Heh.

          1. I took the plunge and went out on a public stage with my girl where we were the only ones dancing in front of thousands. Total turn on. Hated dancing a year ago, but now I’m getting into it. Heh.

        1. I am not a singer myself, but I was in a market one time and I just happen to grab my nunchucks and start showing off my bad ass skills. I was instantly surrounded by literally thousands of people cheering me on

  3. He’s got female SMV at its height at about 24/25.
    I would say that is too high. I would go with 16 to 22.

    Also, as long as you don’t care if they “want you/love you”, if a guy has disposable cash and is not a complete slob his SMV won’t matter. He’ll get what he needs one way or another.

    Jeez, this article and my comment reminds me of the old days back on ROK…

        1. I always thought having suicidal tendencies would open the doors do new opportunities. Want to explore some crazy exotic location? What would it hurt? Maybe try insane sports?

      1. I think maturity plays a part here too. If you marry them that young, you won’t have a solid idea on how she will turn out. If she is able to make it through the freshman year and still remain clean, you have a winner.

        1. the always wise Boothe explained female maturity levels in a way that I still think is brilliant and while a little off topic i think bears repeating.

          It is true, the old saying, that women mature faster than men however they stop maturing at 18 and stay that way.

        2. No. Marry young and mold them as you see fit. That is what I would have done were I not uglier than the Elephant Man…

          1. I would have married younger if I were to do it again. She wanted to serve a mission though, and I had to follow suit if I were to get her or another girl as clean as her.

    1. According to the founders of OKCupid, using their own data, the most desired age in a woman is 23.

        1. I don’t think so. That was the average desired female age, as entered by males.
          They wrote a book analyzing their findings. It’s really good. It’s on Amazon for a few bucks.

  4. ” At this time, she will be tempted to fritter away her attractiveness chasing after Chad, but in the end, Chad won’t stick around, neither will Poindexter who would have married her in her youth.”

    It doesn’t have to be so black and white there. If you own your shit (taking care of yourself, making money but not putting up with her bullshit and failing shit tests) you can find a woman to wife up with that doesnt look like Jabba the Hut or who has had more wood in her than a saw mill.

    I agree with Slim below, the highest SMV for women is around 17-22ish give or take, interestingly enough, at her most fertile years. Its not going to be easy to pull a woman in this age range out of the temptations of modern life in favor of having kids, but its kinda my story, and I’ve seen others do the same.

    1. That chart is something I drew up awhile back. Yeah, as far as their sexiness goes, a little younger is the peak, but they are still children at 18-19. Very critical time in a young woman’s life. She needs to grow up a bit, but not by running 20 pounds of sausage through her.

      1. Serious question Jim.
        Did you feel that way before you had daughters? About the age, I mean.

        1. Probably not. I am just aware of how little my kids know now. My daughters are 12 and 10.

          Crazy to think I knew a girl in my class that had a baby at 13, and that is with being taught even less than my girls know. Her mom (not dad, imagine that) signed the permission papers to allow her daughter to marry when she turned 14. That marriage was over by the time she turned 16. The baby would be…..28 now. Crazy.

          1. You need to talk to Cynic. According to what was said yesterday, he owns (or at least controls) the name “akingscastle.com”. He will need to provide you with the details necessary to assume ownership of the name in order to renew it.

            1. According to what was said yesterday, he owns (or at least controls) the name “akingscastle.com”.

              The real owners are the old JNYXville road group from Philidelphia and our friend in Utah. Meyer Cynicman runs the store — he gets a peice of it, too — he does alright. But I’ve been instructed to tell you that if you move Cynic out our friend in Utah will go along

              1. Really, I’m not interested in running the store, I would rather just contribute as I have time. I would like to see it go on like this, with maybe a little advertisement to get new blood in here.

      1. To what point and purpose?

        If he wants to turn this into an endless treadmill of vegetable clickbait I’m out of here.

  5. Something I noticed about mid October and on through December was that on Tinder (let’s hear it, lay on the shit) more and more “older” girls started showing up. When I say older, I mean the 25-30 age range as well. You can just see the 1000 cock state, the multicolored hair, god awful tattoos. Of course you have a good portion of 18-24 year olds that have the same. Obviously they’re all looking for some Chad to provide them with cash and prizes throughout the holiday seasons and on through Valentine’s until the start of the Slut Olympics.

    Also, thank you to WB Fitness for his legendary Slut Olympics comment awhile back.

      1. This was back on ROK, maybe summer 2016. The slut preseason started off in April/May when girls start going to the gym to get in shape and start blowing a few dudes here and there. June is the official start of the season where they go screw everything in sight. The all star game was July 4, where they go to the beach and get totally blown out. The regular season ends in September and the championship is Halloween. Just a total full on fuckfest between the sluttiest of the slutty. During the holidays and Valentines is when they try to lick someone down and to also let their battered pussies heal up

        Pretty sure that’s how it went.

    1. I tried online dating when it first became a thing(2004/05). thought it was weird and so did most others.
      shit has changed ALOT in the past 10+ yrs…

            1. it was a scarlet letter to admit you tried to get a date online. that “L” on your shirt wasnt for Laverne either

          1. If only I could have lived to see it…to be there with them. Uh, what I wouldn’t give for 10 less years. There they are protected by a tolerant society free to make poor decisions without the goddamn mores of the late 1990’s. Ninety swipes away, sex with a hairless 22 year old, ninety swipes. its nothing. Just one small swipe looking for a girl that wants to try anal and having the app to make it possible.

  6. Sitting in a Schezuan noodle house in 2009. While I was dressed nicer than my normal Muumuu attire, I was still wearing my straw hat and sandals . I was looking, if I might say so myself, quite Hunan’. This immediately attracted the attention of a couple of Mongolian girls, who made it a point to come over and offer me some spicy beef and we chatted for a while, nothing major, whatever.

    Girls leave and I turn back to my drink and staring out the window. Three rice farmers walk over and just stand around my table. The biggest was a full, maybe, 0.59 meters and 22kg sopping wet. They were kind of sloppy dressed and clearly at least two of them were drunk.

    “We’d all be better off if you just ate won ton” (this apparently over women giving fake ethnic food to me while ignoring them?)
    Sensing “Oh fuck, what now” I stood up and towered over them. The speaker gets these dumpling bowl type eyes.

    Me: (in semi-Bruce Lee accent) “Mind rour own bi-ness, ”

    They do this weird look between them and turn and leave. Nothing more said, just a silent retreat. Strangest encounter I’ve ever had in my life regarding what I thought was going to turn into a dojo fight. I can only assume that they were making poo poo platter in their paints. Not sure if this completely relates to the article, but even then, what, 9 years ago they struck me as sweet and sour fucks airing grievances who think numbers give them superiority, and the moment they encountered push back they turned tail and fled like little appetizers.

    These are not the men who endured tiananmen square in the 80s. Shamefully, these men are descended from the men who my grandparents stood shoulder to shoulder with as they set up buffets all over America. I was kind of ashamed to be only 2 generations removed from these people. HI-YA

    1. This is so amazing. The best part of this thing being hilariously funny is thinking back on all the random things that had to happen in my life that i just read that whole wall of text and laughed myself to tears. HI YA

  7. Lucky for me, in China, we dont have this problem. The girls in the rice fields dont have to be beautiful, just able to carry buckets of water on stick. HI-YA

      1. You are good with Chinese. See, being born in Xinyang, I can trace my bloodline back to the Qun dynasty. I was exploring the tombs of emperors and just there, a girl comes up to me and says I look just like one of the Emperors on the murals on the walls. HI YA

  8. I’m starting to think maybe we were wrong about The Ohio. Maybe he really is the long lost prophet of True Hetero Masculinity that we have all be waiting for.

      1. I like the way that one guy worked in an advertisement for his business into his comment. That guy was networking before networking was a thing.

      1. Back then you could probably support a family in NY and put three kids through college on that salary.

        1. It’s beautiful –
          It’s totally, totally untraceable.
          Our only problem is getting the keys,but I got a plan. Me and Teddy and this citizen.
          If I’m right, there could be five, six new cars in that lot
          The best time is probably over a weekend. So maybe Saturday night.
          There’s a Jewish holiday Monday. They won’t
          find out until Tuesday. Beautiful.
          And Security?
          You’re looking at it. It’s a joke – I’m the midnight-to-eight man. Teddy just comes in like he’s picking up his own car
          It’s beautiful.

            1. And we’ll did the right thing.
              We’ll give @Jim Johnson:disqus his tribute.
              Sixty thousand….

              It’s going to be a good summer.

      2. min wage established in 1960 at 1 dollar per hour in NYS. Lets assume he parks for a generous guy and makes 1.75. a 60 hour workweek nets him 105 bucks. with tips and scams lets be nice and give teddy 200/week. Average rent in nyc is 200/month.

      1. Oh, yeah, so I was running your game during your absence. I hope you don’t mind, because nobody will care if you do. And I got a few more to do before I give it back.

            1. I hope you aren’t as shitty at this as me, because I think I only actually knew the felony one time.

      1. Ouch, ha. It turns out that she is only 27 as of today. And I’m not able to immediately verify the date the picture above was taken, but I have a suspicion it was about 7 years ago.

    1. Shes about a 7.5
      Maybe a 4.5
      I think ben is onto something about a knife.
      Second guess is fire.

    2. 6.5. Not because she isn’t cute, but because sexiness vibe is lacking.
      She’s got deadlights and TCS. Blunt affect/low empathy. I’ll wager it involved abduction and torture as an accomplice to her boyfriend.

            1. The scale is 0 to 10. It follows a normal curve with the prettiest and ugliest in the world getting the score of 0.0000001 and 9.9999999. There is no going outside those boundaries. Anything below a 1 doesn’t count anyway as they have serious medical conditions which only bring feelings of pity.

      1. First, you know everyone in Jail was like “sup holmes”

        Second, a diet of chee chees, jail food and drugs will do that to ya

  9. I like this article. It reminds me of something I saw several years ago. Couple elder ladies, obvious sixties, obvious facelifts, spending plenty of money where I worked. A fellow employee informed me one of them was married to a very successful doctor. I remarked that doc must not have any balls. When asked why, I told him to think about it. That lady is old and ugly, yet she has the nerve to be high maintenance. Me, I would replace her with a younger model. My friend laughed a little.
    Terrific article. My first time here.
    Shout out to AutomaticSlim!

              1. Sitting on the crapper, dying!!! My wife… : “What’s so funny? What’s going on in there?”…

          1. We’re not closing down.

            What an odd assertion to just sort of randomly blurt out. Or, well, it might seem a little odd if one lacked context, anyway.

            1. Good site.
              Much less argumentative than ROK.
              Lots of laughs and some decent advice every now and then.
              But then again, there are only about 30 or so of us here. If that.
              Hopefully more in 2019.

              1. I’ve been visiting Jared’s site for a few months. Haven’t been to Roosh V in over a month. But I intend to visit here more often. Hopefully AKC will continue to grow.
                And I like that it is less argumentative. I am losing the skill for arguing!

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