Be the Bad Boy, just not too much

The other night, I came across a YouTuber that spoke about the bad boy and why girls go for them. While I have heard most of this before, but this time,coming from a woman, it got my wheels turning.

Women are attracted to guys who project a higher status, that they believe are willing to do what it takes to get the resources they need and to keep them safe and secure. Back in the hunter/gatherer days, it meant the more aggressive, stronger, more risk taking sort. That is what women are biologically programmed for. Problem is, we don’t live in a hunter/gatherer society. Now, it is the more reserved, educated, disciplined men who end up making the money sitting in their cubicle.

Here is where lies the problem. The type of man who will be a good provider today is not the same type of man who would have been a good provider 2000 years ago, Poindexter would have been wiped out. Protection has been delegated from the “bad boy” to the police and army. Also, the provider role may go goes from the guy who can kill and destroy to get what he wants to the geek sitting at the cubicle.

When in their twenties, the women are most fertile and attractive, but it is also the time that the Poindexter and the bad boy still have not achieved their roles in life. The bad boy appears stronger, more confident, more able to fulfill that provider role to the reptile brained woman. She will naturally want to go for this stronger image, despite her conscious acknowledgement that  Poindexter is living at home with his parents so he can get his STEM degree without debt. By the time the roles become apparent, in which the Bad Boy goes to jail or is living on the street, and Poindexter is becoming a millionaire, the woman is a used up, post-wall hag or a gold digging slore. Not a winning situation for Poindexter.

Personal Experience

Frankly, when I was in my early years of college, this ticked me off. There was this hot little 18 year old half Oriental chick in my small hometown. I developed a crush on her, and so I would do everything I could do to win her attention. I brought her gifts, I stopped by often, I helped her. But, she kept dating these losers. Eventually, I lost interest and moved on with my life.

At the time, it baffled me. She knew I was studying to become an engineer, I treated her good, I was a clean guy with no prison record or substance abuse problems. Why would she go for these losers? Now, I understand why. Even though I had drive and ambition and demonstrated that by doing what society asked of me, I was projecting weakness. By living with my parents, I was being dependent and weak. Despite her knowing I was doing the right things, her reptilian brain saw an inability to provide in the future by my perceived weakness.

15 Years later, I bump into her mom at a department store, and I ask how my ex-friendzoner is doing. Predictably, she is shacked up with a loser, 3 kids, 3 different dads, living on welfare.  I tell them how I am doing, with my wife and kids, job and such. While talking, I could see the hurt in her mom’s eyes, knowing what could have been for her daughter. If I knew then what I knew now, as soon as she told me she was dating Chad, I would have simply moved on without a care. That, and I would have placed bets on the Cubs winning the World Series in 2016.


We are biological creatures, and we are spiritual creatures. We have morals and values, but we also have this base biological system that doesn’t always coincide with logic. To overcome this, society has put up values and constraints to keep people in check. At this time, for women this is largely torn down, leaving them to subjugate themselves to only their base, biological side. In this state, they are no more than animals. We cannot be mad at a dog for grabbing food, it is just doing what comes naturally.

At this point, women are in the same situation. Because survival is not an issue like it was in the 1800’s or earlier, women are free to do as their biological side dictates. In order to counteract this, we as men must either play along and “trick” her biological side into thinking we are the reptilian bad boy, or wait until she had more sausage ran through her than Armour Meats and is “Ready to Settle Down With a Good Man”, or we could settle for being alone for the rest of our lives.

In the next series of articles (not the simple paragraph posts) I plan to delve more deeply into this. We as men want the best of both worlds, to be the bad boy and get the girls, but not go to prison either. Hopefully, this will unfold into an interesting series.

Acceptable Risk Management in being the Bad Boy.

Why are there so many complaints that once they marry, the sex  disappears? What can we do to stop it from happening to ours?

Why does the 80/20 rule seem so prevalent today, while it didn’t seem so prevalent in generations past?

What should we do about it? How can we project masculinity in a healthy manner?


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Author: Jim Johnson

As a man in his early 40's, I grew up on a dairy farm in an irreligious home. Disgusted with the choice of women out there, I looked into religion to find a worthwhile mate. At 23, I joined the LDS (Mormon) faith, married, became a civil engineer, and now have six children. My favorite things are puppies, long walks on the beach, and the color blue (not really).

545 thoughts on “Be the Bad Boy, just not too much”

  1. This was a good read Jim.

    ‘we as men must either play along and “trick” her biological side into
    thinking we are the reptilian bad boy’

    – IMO, it’s extremely difficult to be something you are not. To go against your nature. Maybe can be done in short bursts, but almost impossible to sustain.

    ‘or wait until she had more sausage ran through her than Armour Meats and is “Ready to Settle Down
    With a Good Man”’

    – Agree 100% that post wall sluts should be avoided like the plague. But unfortunately, there are guys who do not avoid them. They wife up with them and become the hen pecked husband.

    “Poindexter is becoming a millionaire, the woman is a used up, post-wall hag or a gold digging slore. Not a winning situation for Poindexter.”

    – Some of us “Poindexters” find another way… That way may not be optimal. But it sure beats a plain Jane, a land whale, or a post wall hag.

    OK, almost 6 AM. Enough BS’ing. Time for Poindexter to finish his workout…

    1. I’m not so sure it is difficult to sustain. The reason is, being the docile workhorse is actually what is against your nature.

      Prior to coming across the red pill, I would fall into that category. I was working 50-60 hours/week, living my life to please others. My sex life with my wife wasn’t horrible, but once a week between two healthy individuals doesn’t seem natural to me.

      Since then, I got a better job, learned to stand up for myself, and do things I enjoy. Even though she gets annoyed at my AC/DC, she respects me more and finds me more attractive. Sex is daily now. What’s better is I feel more comfortable being who I am

      1. I think you and I may have very different ideas on what it means to be a “bad boy”. Which is good because frankly, you live in a much better world than I do.

        1. I think of it as the guy who does what he wants, regardless of consequences. I go through this in another article soon. But, there is a line, I’m not going to do something that will put me in jail or sleep around and break up my family

          1. I think of it as criminals, thugs and drug dealers. Or the guy who goes to clubs and bars with a whole lotta drugs to entice sloots.

            What you describe just seems like a regular guy who sets boundaries on what he will put up with in life. That doesn’t sound so “bad” to me.

          1. Yup. Isolate his vocal tracks and listen. Nails on a chalkboard. I’m sure it’s on YouTube.
            The only worse vocalist was David Lee Roth. He was a wacko with a microphone. Total clown show.
            (*honorable mention goes to Geddy Lee. But at least he could stay in key, and he learned to sing better later in his career.)

      2. I didn’t know this until after my divorce, but a “sexless marriage” is defined as sex less than once every five days. The measure is apparently how long sperm can live.

              1. Just about any guy can get all the free sex he wants. He only has to do one thing: lower his standards.

              2. I once ran a back-of-napkin calculation on the CPO (Cost Per Orgasm) of my entire marriage. If you included all 65 months of rent, the CPO easily ran $400-$500 per pop. Not per sex session with 3-4 acts each. The CPO was close to half a grand per orgasm.
                NEVER again. My God, that was a fool’s errand.
                I urge all men to seriously reconsider the necessity of marriage to a healthy and affordable sex life. For real.

                1. “The CPO was close to half a grand per orgasm.”

                  Have to admit, I pay less.
                  About 200/pop on average.

            1. I once ran a back-of-napkin calculation on the CPO (Cost Per Orgasm) of my entire marriage. If you included all 65 months of rent, the CPO easily ran $400-$500 per pop. Not per sex session with 3-4 acts each. The CPO was close to half a grand per orgasm.
              NEVER again. My God, that was a fool’s errand.
              I urge all men to seriously reconsider the necessity of marriage to a healthy and affordable sex life.

    2. “Poindexter” oughta come back in a big way. Everybody understands what it means, but nobody says it anymore.

  2. Are we going to get a Guess the Felony today, or what? That’s like my second favorite game show.

        1. dude its the internet spergs arent ever gonna disappear . How long has the fruit been here. They are like the phoenix. You kill them and they resurrect.

    1. I believe in shitposting. Shitposting is how i get my luls and i raise my son in the meming way.

    1. WB, wait a minute. I’m talking about aboy — that’s mixed up in drugs. I’m
      talking about ah – ah – a dishonest boy — a crooked boy who got mixed up in the badness and got what was coming to him. That’s a terrific story. And we have webiste people on the payroll, don’t we?
      And they might like a story like that.

  3. TL;DR: Alpha fux, beta bux

    But seriously, we live in a no guilt society these days. A woman who would have been shamed as a slut about 30 years ago is championed as a “strong woman.” You also run into the types of guys who will stick their head in the sand about the whorish nature of their their “one and only”.

    Aint no girl wanna fuck the kid studying in his parents basement when “bad boy” is partying, fucking around, and having a DGAF attitude. Once these girls hit around 26+ they realize that the guy selling weed and pimping out his car isnt the best guy to buy a 3 bedroom in surburbia with. Thats when the nerd gets his “trophy”

    fuck outta here

    1. Funny thing is that those “good guys” usually hit their SMV peaks later than the bad boys. The bad boys often get washed up in some way or another by early 30s, which is when those of us who’ve been clean living start to look more attractive. Not always true, but often.

      1. Because young women cannot differentiate between “Bad” and “Strong/confident/assertive”. Its a sophisticated distinction they generally don’t internalize until it’s too late.

        1. 100% this. A young girl sees a guy who doesnt give a fuck as strong and confident, as her parents are most likely telling her not only that this guy is the “forbidden fruit” but also hes most likely in stark contrast to what they the parents are painting as a “ideal mate”

      2. Absolutely true. The guy who is 30, been locked up 3 times and cant hold a job doesnt work out for people wanting a stable life. A nerd who studied and is making 100k at 33 is much more desirable than some broke piece of shit “bad boy”

        Its not so cut and dry as are most things in life. I think you can make bank and do well in your career while also being a guy that takes no bullshit. If you try to act like a movie bad guy you end up sounding like GOJ.

        1. feminism and the sexual liberation has created this issue for men. Working hard early in life gets you ahead financially, but you do end up with sloppy fifty-seconds unless you figure out a way to cheat the system

                1. Life lessons from dumbass taco.
                  You should write a book with all that wisdom and knowledge.
                  Id totally take a shit in your book.

          1. Kinda sucks but thats the game. Seems like waiting, making bank in your early 30s then wifing up a 18 year old would be the ideal but is next to impossible. Factor in shit like instagram where a girl can have hundreds of thousands of dudes validating her and why would she want Bob from IT

              1. The fact is, Bob from IT has rose colored glasses on because these skanks wouldnt give him the time of day in their 20s. They’re the “hot girls” who they’re so desperate to be with they not only ignore, but cant even fathom the degradation their “trophy wife” has been through

          2. “unless you figure out a way to cheat the system”

            That cheat code is spelled C-o-l-o-m-b-i-a.
            Or P-e-r-u.
            Or C-o-s-t-a-R-i-c-a.
            Etc etc.
            Those women LOVE beta white American males.

            1. There are different techniques. Mine was M-o-r-m-o-n, but that does leave to a life of paying tithing, going to church, no rated R shows, no beer, et cetera.

    2. The guys who’s heads are in the sand will also say things like, “she’s told me that’s not who she is anymore.” Sorry bro, can’t wash that cum stain out no matter how hard you try.

  4. I think this is closest to the truth. I’m 6’3″ and have been lifting since I was 17 years old (late 40’s now). I’ve been told by a supervisor that some of the women in our department felt intimidated by me. Not because of my attitude (I’m professional and courteous in the workplace, to a fault), but because of my huge physical presence. Knowing women’s minds as I do, I know that this translates directly into “tingles”. There’s something in almost every woman that wants to be dominated by a man, so if you come equipped for the task right out of the gate they can’t help but get really flustered and turned on. Heh.

    1. I remember the first half of this one.
      Did you straight-up copy the guy’s comments for years? That’s creepy dude.

      1. I agree with Jammy. Y’all really need to stop making fun of our Ohioan friend. You guys just don’t appreciate his greatness.

        1. Bear, you are impossible to read.
          That’s a compliment. You’re probably great with chicks.

  5. Half Asian? And yet “Predictably, she is shacked up with a loser, 3 kids, 3 different dads, living on welfare. ”

    At least one of the three will go on to become a piano prodigy. Another will become a pharmacist. The third will be assistant manager at Wendy’s and ostracized from the mother.

      1. Of course not.
        But Asian-Americans have the highest university graduation rate of any ethnicity.

          1. Well they don’t really get into trouble over here . Hey pretty much are only focused on making money

        1. its all BS- I recently found out the chinese and koreans only use the IQs of those who went to and are currently in college to figure out what the avg IQs of their people were- did the Japanese game the results as well?

          1. Probably considering most of China is still dirt poor . But I’m talking about success not IQ . Plenty of geniuses are broke like Tesla was

              1. thats what im saying. I think iq is overrated. Most people are average. Honeslty as long as you bust your ass and network you should be good.

                1. “Most people are average”

                  HOLY SHIT!!!
                  WHAT A FUCKING REVELATION!!!!!!

                  good thing we have you sharing all this type of knowledge with us.

          2. I frequent a Pho place with a bar, not one of those catering to millenials or a franchise. Lots of Vietnamese getting sloppily drunk there, many spending their last dime on liquor.

        2. Once they send their daughters to sleep away college its all over.
          In fact no one should send their daughters to sleep away college.

          Or their sons either…

      1. If its sprite then the other half must be negro.
        Their animals anyways, let them lose their lemon lime peewater

                  1. What? You dont want to fight in pointless war? You are coward! Be a man and go die for… Reasons.

                  2. No idea, thought most didnt really have a choice due to conscription. Unless you where wealthy enough to avoid it.

      1. Answer: nothing/ being white

        This is what those africans in america “girls” described as the person who shot that little girl in Houston.
        A white man with blue eyes.
        Always blaming yt…

  6. There’s a missing piece here. One of the defining characteristics of “alpha” (in the alpha fucks/beta bux sense) is this: Alphas leave. A lady assumes that an alpha had girls before her, and will have girls after her. If a man stays, he’s not alpha. He can’t be, by definition. So, a lady does not even want an alpha to stay, not really. She wants to put a mark on his brain, so she stands out from the others in his memory.

    Therefore, all this “family-alpha” stuff is a non-starter. Maybe it’s not “beta bux,” but I don’t have a name for it.

    1. shit then, I must be super double probation alpha because I usually have to run away from them.

    2. Finding the alpha bux route is the hardest and you are right about leaving. Knowing a man won’t disappear is the least appealing thing on many levels. I think it is the female equivalent of never wanted to belong to s club that would have me as a member

      1. very the day I found out that I wasn’t the only person on the block to receive the police booster badge sticker in the mail.

    3. “A lady assumes that an alpha had girls before her, and will have girls after her. If a man stays, he’s not alpha.”
      Behold the female mind, where contradictions CAN exist!

    4. I agree man. For a family to work, you need to possess both alpha qualities, and beta qualities. You cant be all “hey your pussy dried up so Im fucking 18 year old sluts two at a time now, wheres my dinner?” nor can you be a bitch that takes shit from your woman all the time. You need alpha qualities (being assertive, using logic and acting like a man) and beta qualities (compassion, the will to take care of kid when needed etc)

            1. or anyone with roots from east of Poland or Mideast who lost a pint of blood before its invention.

  7. I had a very similar life as you when I was younger Jim. I owned a business in my early 20s, 6 figure income, and I’m not ugly, yet I could not figure out why I could not get the girls “I” wanted. Ticked me off too, as I just did not understand anything at that age. Well you said it best, I was projecting weakness. Even though I was taking major risks in my business venture, it just did not translate in my personal life. It was like the simp farm boy switch would flip on around the girls, LOL. Learning the hard way sucks, but at least I finally learned. Kind of wish at times that I had a time machine so I could go back and be a father to myself.

      1. That sounds all too familiar. Mine occasionally “beta rages” at times, but for the most part same.

        1. I know all about that. It takes time to go from the beta in a marriage to the alpha, some guys never do. Throwing a fit doesn’t help, she will only view you as a toddler. Applying the first six of dread game slowly works

    1. That’s me when I was younger. I decided to cheat the system by going as traditional as I could and going to church. That gave me about a decade of being the docile work horse, but at least she is a trustworthy woman. Then, finding the red pill, I learned to not project weakness anymore.

      1. It is a rare woman indeed that will come anywhere near accepting the ‘equal partners in everything’ drivel many of us grew up with, without clawing for advantage. Even so, its essential to put your foot down at least a couple times from the onset on whats important to you.

        1. That is the thing, you put your foot down and she may be annoyed at the time, but there are long term dividends, not just on that particular issue.

          Trick is to not do it so much that she will resent you.

        1. Pretty much, not a bad marriage or anything. Just giving more than I received.

          There were a few game changers, one was finally learning how to talk to her about sex without someone getting mad and shutting down. Another was those love and respect articles you or jak did awhile back. I read that with her and it opened her eyes on how to please me.

    2. Suggestion for new article: “If you had Doc Martin’s Delorean, what would you say to your 21-year-old self?”

            1. Fun fact: If I’d had a sidepiece back then that was the same age difference as my current sidepiece, she would have been -1 years old.

                1. LOL
                  I’m telling the goddamned truth! It’s just me! I ain’t never been anybody else here except jammyjaybird!

              1. Sidepiece? So you are not loyal? You are dishonest? Cant be trusted?

                Exactly as expected.

        1. Docs were invented by a german after the war and resemble jackboots. If you wear them you are basically a nazi

        2. Ha ha ha. (eye roll)
          That was the cocktail typing, dammit. Cold and rainy Monday night here in Europe and I ain’t got shit to do til the morning…

        1. well yea we havent been in a real war since WWII so of course we can do all that now. If we did get in a real war then you can bet they would get the boot fast

                1. I remember reading that the CIA is basically fucked these days and they have a silent war going on with the FBI. Basically, the CIA is being run by, and pushing the leftist narrative. FBI is still kinda on board with repubs, but the’ve been infiltrated as well. Nothing we can do though, heres tom with the weather.

            1. I seem to remember an old article, after years of dealing with other nurses and cold wives of the infirm, she alledgedly said that

                  1. perfect neg. use it tonite at home and report back.
                    (snaps fingers, trying to recall name) “um, goddamnit, what do they call you aga– COOK! YAAAAS! How was your day?”

                    1. A couple days after we met I introduced her as Tara to someone. That is not her name.

                      I still get shit about that.

                      This was 27 years ago.

              1. ” I’m fucking Irish. I’ll deal with something being wrong for the rest of my life.”

      1. Not one peep from the feminist propaganda machine cheering this on.
        You know, like “See, women can efficiently kill suspected terrorists in Pakistan using drones JUST AS GOOD as a man can!”

          1. no, the feminist propaganda machine is simply ignoring it. cut off the oxygen.
            I for one look forward to women in positions of great, horrible responsibility–so we can finally show the world that getting women into positions of power will change. absolutely. nothing.

              1. Yup, it will implode then they’ll go apeshit and the men will have to fix it again, vowing to never give them power again. This keeps happening.

                1. A top notch CIA should help prevent wars. Although our CIA has been in the business of getting us into wars for decades now.

              1. Probably true for 99% of women out there.
                But there’s always a few who are hard-ass types, and those are the ones who are rising up to the top of our organizations/institutions.
                My sister actually had one as a client at her business — the CEO of a MAJOR global corporation — and my sister said that it was a little frightening being in the room with her because of the woman’s intelligence and situational awareness. My sis doesn’t scare easy, either.

                  1. it’s not my area of expertise, so no — and i hate identity politics, so am not inclined to “study” that crap.

                    1. CAn you please tell us what you do for a living? Id love to know which Dem pol you work for, but I know that aint happenin

                    2. hell no I won’t. Boothe has a minor deranged obsession with me, personally, and I would legit fear him finding me with an AR-15 someday.

                      But I work with my brain. Not in politics, not in law, not a teacher. There ya go.

                    3. I still see you as some Dem pollster, which is the equivalent of a car starter for some mob boss

                    4. “our fact checkers” That line killed me during the debates. I want to see the resume of a professional CNN fact checker.

                    5. That’s like the “community standards” section of YouTube is entirely populated with blue-haired lesbian SJW socialists.

                    6. it’s like the fags who plug their brown eye to know “what it feels like to suffer from HIV” .. young girl wants to know what it feels like to hit the wall without hitting it.

                    7. polling would be fun to work in. but it would be totally frustrating because nobody seems to be able to get anything right. they don’t even know how to reach cell-only milennials.

                    8. Dems are one of 4 people:

                      Lazy, welfare riding pieces of shit
                      College students that dont understand how economics work as they post commie memes on their $1300 Macbook
                      Surburban soccer moms that think Trump is evil
                      Super rich elite types that are out of touch with reality.

                    9. jewish female attorney who broke up with me because I don’t believe in global warming, yet I came in her mouth.

                    10. you forgot most Catholics, most Jews, most immigrants, almost everyone under 30, and about a hundred other demographic groups.

                    11. that would’ve been laughably ridiculous except that now there are actual neo-Nazis marching on the right. so maybe you’re right! er, correct. lol

                    12. Actually, if you pay attention, the neo-Nazis are starting to gravitate back towards the left. They appreciate all the socialism.

                    13. We’ve witnessed the shift from everyone “nuts” being a conservative/nazi and the “normal” people being more liberal to the complete opposite

                    14. Yeah those arent the neo nazis of yesteryear who beat up fags. They’re the neo nazis of the current year that are gay furries so it all works out

                    15. Why do you say “most catholics”???
                      If you don’t count the hispanic ones and the Irish in the unions, we are overwhelmingly conservative.

                1. Even those types though. Not trying to go too GOJ potato level, but I’d wager those are the women getting choked and whipped when they fuck.

                    1. I read or heard somewhere that people tend to be opposite their normal self behind closed doors. Like that mousey shy girl in public being a total dirty whore in the bed.

                  1. Jammy and GOJ confirmed as the same person

                    EDIT: Can you imagine a leftist GOJ…..wait…..this just proves my earlier point.

                    1. I agree. I think he was just so much more of a man than all of us, that we just couldn’t handle it. He was just too high T for us to really comprehend it.

                    2. lol i get the ball busting. maybe i deserve it.
                      but some of the stuff he said squared directly with my own experience. It wasn’t all farfetched.
                      In other words, if it was a troll, it was a masterful troll who stayed juuuuuust on the near side of satire.
                      I mean, he seemed really torn about the decision to either open a bar in Panama or a bar in Ohio.

                    3. Not a troll he actually got heated if you called his bullshit claims out. A troll lies online for a cheap laugh, this was something else. This dude has mental issues and or is so fucking boring that he invents these crazy retarded stories. then defends them.

                    4. You think he was a skinny little beta programmer in Colombus, Ohio living out his Walter Mitty fantasies thru a keyboard?
                      I don’t. He gave a few legit recommendations regarding the gym.
                      Most of his backstory seemed to hang together.
                      I don’t know. Maybe it was a skilled novelist making a character.

              2. Im like santa claus. Ive been preparing for that event for a long time. And im making lists and checking them twice. Gonna find whos naughty…

            1. The actor who played Epstein was Hungarian-American.
              And they couldn’t have found a guy who looks more like a Puerto Rican Jew.

          1. I find that too restrictive.
            I like to show him how hes wrong and mock him.
            But you have the right spirit

          1. Shit was stressful. My articles came out at 6 am every damn day when old Mapletits couldnt get an article published before 10am.

            So what are you saying Jim, I was a cunt before I dgaf about this site? Shit, you’re the one who said one of my old articles helped ya, ya prick!

            1. Writing new shit every day was unsustainable. Unnecessary too. If you have a dozen contributors that’s one thing, but two people saying “stop being a fag/I like tae kwon do” becomes meme-fodder….

              1. It was kinda fun for a while but the whole premise of the site was a sub-sect of a basically non-existent topic that has been repeated ad nauseam. Getting an article out every day was like a job I didnt get paid for. After a while I didnt see the point of investing so much time in something that no one gave a fuck to read, just wanted to shitpost,. I stopped taking it seriously and it made it more fun to destroy it. Jak/GOJ seem to think this was gonna be bigger than US steel but I knew it was just a place to go fuck around when we should be working.

                Now stop being a fag

      1. “Paul Kersey is a pseudonymous white supremacist who founded the blog
        Stuff Black People Don’t Like (SBPDL). Kersey, named after the anti-hero
        of the Death Wish franchise, has written hundreds of posts
        deriding black people, various civil rights icons, and racial
        integration, while portraying African-Americans as uniquely violent and

        Kersey has written that black people have the “amazing ability” to turn “formerly peaceful streets into war zones resembling Mogadishu,” and “an intrinsic desire to commit crime with an obvious gratuitous, meaningless and licentious abandon.” And he wrote that cities with a “preponderance of Black people provide one constant regardless of the latitude or longitude: crime.”
        Following the death of Michael Brown at the hands of Officer Darren
        Wilson in 2014, Kersey urged readers to anonymously give to Wilson’s
        legal defense fund, complaining that, “Being explicitly on the side of……..”

        Not sure if there is any connection here, but I did a quick google

        1. Its a good site. Read it some.
          Theres no way “our” kersey has anything to do witj that.

          1. I just find it odd the this mentioned both kersey and death wish in the same sentence. Like our kersey akready knew of this connection and named his avatar on this in reference to Paul kersey’s racism. Too much of a coincidence otherwise. In my experience, there is no such thing as luck.

    1. I respectfully submit my opposition to the selection of today’s Featured Comment.
      It fails to achieve the extraordinary level of shitposting as required by the AKC Bylaws, Chapter 7, Title IX, p 69, paragraph eleventy-eight.

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