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We are going to start what is called the “No shitposting Rule”. Shitposts on these more lengthy articles are going to be deleted. We put too much work in these articles to appreciate irrelevant crap spewed out everywhere. Today, there will be a second “open thread article” which you may use as a toilet or grapefruit dumping grounds.

This is a repost from WB Fitness that he did awhile ago. One of the better articles I read, it brings Red Pill Philosophy into self improvement. –  Applicable to almost all areas of life. Continue reading “Freedom – WB Fitness”

Open Thread – Victim Blaming

Victim blaming is a touchy subject. The snowflakes view it as people siding with the enemy. The thing is, it it is trying to stop a bad situation from happening again. “Teach men not to rape” is an insulting and dangerous stance. 99.9% of the men do not rape, they go about their days and try to do what is right. The remaining 0.1% already know it is wrong, but they don’t care.

What is more, the “you didn’t do anything wrong” message when she put herself in compromising situations takes her autonomy away. If she did nothing wrong, she cannot do anything right, and will live in fear of that “random chance” happening again. The people who spread this message are effectively paralyzing the victims for the rest of their lives, telling them that their actions are useless.

Being an open thread, feel free to shitpost here, just not on WB Fitness’s article. Much appreciated.

99 Rules, Part 1

men suits hats

1. Measure yourself only against your previous self.

Yeah, the question is whether you are improving or not, not how you are keeping up with the Jones’s. Nor should you measure yourself based on what others say about you. Becoming your better self is a matter of the road you are on, not where you have been.

WB Fitness is a prime example of this with his website. Weightlifting is a great measure, but if you are not into that, consider other aspects of your life. Your moral compass, your finances, your career, and your cooking skills are just a few of the ways you can improve.

In Sickness and in Health

Yesterday, I posted the article about having a large family on another page. I got this response from another guy:

“I was 1 of six and my wife was one of six and we had six ourselves. We also raised a niece and nephew for much of their childhoods as well so generally we had 7 to 8 children living in our home at any given time. Definitely a challenge, especially considering my wife is paraplegic and spent nearly half of her time in the hospital dealing with bone infection. I can remember back to a time when I had four children in diapers at the same time and a wife on bed rest for a year healing from a surgery. Try getting stuff done around the farm while watching 5 kids, definitely an interesting feat.

As for sleep, give it up, never going to happen, I would get the wife’s bandaging done around 2 to 3 am and then be up at 6 am to get the two older boys ready for school and haul them 12 miles to school. I would get back home just in time for the younger to start waking and then I would bath them dress them and feed them breakfast along with the wife. Then off to work hauling all of them around with me… I was doing well to get 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night. Luckily I have trouble sleeping so even under ordinary circumstances I could never sleep more than 4 1/2 hrs a night, so 3 to 4 wasn’t all that hard on me thankfully.

To which I reply:

“Sounds tough, your wife get sick?”

He responded:

“She was in auto accident in 2000 which left her paraplegic and with infection in some of her bone tissue. Over the years the infection in the bone has worsened to include 8 resistant bacteria which makes it tough to deal with. She lost her right leg 4 years ago due to the bone infection and at this point they refuse to do any surgeries on her anymore due to it being doubtful that she could ever heal up from them. Crazy enough though, we have had her on bed rest for a bit over a year and half and she somehow has managed to grow tissue over the exposed pelvis bone and is slowly healing again. She has lived for more 12 years longer than they originally gave her as an estimate. We are hoping she will still be around when the youngest is 18 and maybe even to see some or all of our children married and maybe even a grand child or two.”


Dang, sounds rough. The guy must really love his wife and kids to not just jump ship.

Consider this example, and then think of half of all marriages ending in divorce, most of which involve kids. These divorces are typically “I fell out of love”, or “irreconcilable differences” in which 70-75% are initiated by the woman (or man for the remainder if he knows it is a forgone conclusion). Commitment is a real thing, for men. And women wonder why guys are reluctant to commit to marriage. The reason is commitment is commitment, not to be taken lightly.

Don’t Overgift This Christmas

We all heard it “you’ll spoil your kids”. But have you ever thought that you are doing the same thing if you overgift your wife?  While riding into work this morning, I found myself listening to a jewelry ad. They were telling you to buy an expensive ring “because she is worth it”. Guys, you are worth it to not piss away hundreds of dollars so your wife has this frivolous status symbol.  Of course you don’t need to be a cheapskate, but do not saddle yourself with debt for some frivolous, unappreciated things that do little more than take up space in your garage or closet. There is a line between being the provider, and the used workhorse. Figure out what that line is, and don’t cross it. You may actually find yourself having less than diminishing returns, and actually having negative results.

Early Crude Music

You think your mom or grandma were these innocent angels back in the day? This is a song from 1929. I am amazed how much the wool was pulled over my eyes when I was younger, thinking that this was the first generation to have real depravity.  Nope, the only difference now is with increased communication, secrets cannot be hidden as well.