Personal Finance – Phase 4: Creating a Budget

In last article, we discussed prioritization of money and changing your mindset into using a faith based approach in spending. In this article, we use the information we have collected, and the proper mindset to develop an aggressive, yet realistic budget to achieve your financial goals.

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Phase 3 – Prioritize your Spending and Give Charitably


In the last article, we discussed the foundation needed for a strong financial mindset, faith, unity, and commitment. In this article, we start laying the groundwork by making the work for us, rather than us working for the money. Continue reading “Phase 3 – Prioritize your Spending and Give Charitably”

Personal Finance – Phase 2: The Foundation of Faith, Unity, and Commitment

The Roadmap and Becoming Unified in Your Approach

With most projects, a plan is beneficial to see your goals, where you are in achieving those goals, and what you need to do to get from point A to point B. Personal financial stewardship is no different. Continue reading “Personal Finance – Phase 2: The Foundation of Faith, Unity, and Commitment”

Personal Finances – Phase 1: Self Reliance

Last week, my wife and I started a 12 part seminar on personal finances. This program is for those of us who want to increase independence, become unified as a family in temporal matters, and improve personal responsibility. During the next several weeks, I plan to regurgitate what I have learned, incorporating with my thoughts. In doing so, I hope to reinforce what I have learned and be of some benefit to you. Continue reading “Personal Finances – Phase 1: Self Reliance”

Homeschooling 101

Since we were married, my wife and I were on the same page as far as home schooling our kids. As the public schools  become more corrupt, the home schooling alternative has become increasingly more popular. Since 1999, there has been a 75% increase to 2.04 million, or 4% of all k-12 students. As parents who home schools their children, we hope to offer some insight into why we do it, what are some of the costs and benefits, and what we do. Continue reading “Homeschooling 101”

Happy Wife, Happy Life… With a Twist

You’ve done it. Despite your best intentions, and all the warnings from your friends, you have fallen madly in love with a woman that you think will be with you for the rest of your life. You decided to marry her. Shortly after you take the vows, attend the party, and go on the honeymoon, you take your bride to your (now the both of yours) apartment for the first time. Now what?

I write this because I see the see discontent in people around me. Satisfaction in marriage has been in a decline. The breakdown of the family has serious consequences for the community and the nation as a whole. While there are no magic pills to keep her happy, there are things you can do to create an environment where she is more likely to be happy, and you will reap the benefits. Continue reading “Happy Wife, Happy Life… With a Twist”

The Scout Law……An Introduction

Most of us look up to some mentor, hero, or deity to follow as an example in how to live. In doing so, we work to improve ourselves and come closer to reaching our goals, whatever they may be. As a long time Scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts of America, I have come to respect the original organization (notwithstanding the current drama unfolding). Continue reading “The Scout Law……An Introduction”

99 Rules, Part 12

men suits hats

12. “Remember when” is the lowest form of conversation.

A few years ago, I organized a hamburger feed with all my old high school friends. There were lots of people around, as most of them had families with young kids of their own. There was this one guy who was passing through, haven’t seen him since we graduated. He was living in Portland, and really didn’t have much to talk about. I don’t think he was too proud of what he was up to, because all he could talk about were the old days. His status dropped in my eyes that day.

A Scout Is Trustworthy

This article is part one of a twelve part series on the Scout Law, discussing virtues that we, as men, need to uphold in order to rebuild an affluent society.

“I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.” – George Washington

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Our Toolbox

As men, we have a limited number of tools at our disposal to prevent the further decay of society. These tools have varying degrees of usefulness and negative repercussions. We can be an example, we can raise awareness, we can use some legal means, we use force, we can….etc. One tool that has been neglected for some time is ostracism. Continue reading “Ostracism”