Book 1 Chapter 1

As their boat neared the shore, Ulaf gazed at the dark forest just a few paces inland. Having just attained his status as chief of the war-band, he was not yet as confident as he was sure he one day would be. Especially seeing as how he was leading a large group of his tribes’ best warriors to help a traditional enemy.

What was it they said, the enemy of my enemy is my friend? He was not completely sold on that idea, but if the reports of the Chauci were to be believed this great foe was the worst terror to ever appear. Ulaf and the other war leaders had listened to the envoy’s tales of whole tribes slaughtered, their men butchered and women and children sold into slavery in the direction of the sunrise.

They had been given promises of peace, which in all truth was only worth the empty air the words spun through, but the possibility of these Roman terrors subduing the southern tribesman and then turning their attention across the north seas to their homelands had roused the men to action.

The call had went out for the war-bands to assemble. Fish had been smoked or salted, water stored in barrels and blades sharpened. The men of the north would go to the aid of their southern neighbors.

“So here we are,” Ulaf roared to his men on the beach. “We have heard of the threat of these Romans. We have weighed the balance and decided to come fight. Not out of fear or the promise of plunder, but out of the noble desire to protect our homes and our families.”

Ulaf snatched his spear from where it was tied across his back and jabbed it into the sky, emphasizing each word with the blade.

“We will stop this scum. We will destroy them. We will make sure they never look this way again. And we will return to our homes, safe in the knowledge that our children will be safe.”

“Not all of us will return, but what better way to join our father Wodin than carried by the Valkyr to his side? Men are not made to cower in fear, but to go out to the enemy and if he die, die with a blade in his hand.”

“We are hardened by our winters and by our struggle to live. Our people are the strongest of all. We have never been subdued, never enslaved. So, let’s go show these southern goat humpers how real men conduct warfare.”

The answering roar crashed off of the thick trees and scattered birds from their nests.


*   *   *   *   *

Arminius welcomed Ulaf into his tent. Actually, tent did not do it justice. It was a tent in that it had a canvas roof, but the walls were of packed sod and logs. A fireplace crackled at one end, with a long table half covered by papers and a large map taking up the center of the room. A bedroll was adjacent to the fireplace.

Arminius himself was a striking figure. Tall and muscular, with blond hair and striking green eyes, he was surely beloved by the women. But most arresting to Ulaf was the intelligence that caused the southern leader’e eyes to sparkle.

As Arminius spoke, Ulaf also noted flashes of rage that crossed the man’s face as he recalled the unspeakable acts taken against his people.

“I was assigned to Varus because I had served the Romans faithfully since my youth. What other choice did I have? And, besides, I was fighting against people other than my own. I thought what I was doing could benefit us down the road, but I should have known better.”

“Rome’s appetite for conquest is insatiable. They have not suffered a setback in generations, so they believe it is their destiny to subdue all before them. It was only a matter of time before they attacked my home.”

Arminius reached out and gripped Ulaf’s shoulders, “Do not for a moment think that your people are safe. If we are defeated here, Rome will in time grasp for your lands. The sea is no defense for them. They have conquered lands across the sea before. In Africa and Brittania. They will come for the north lands.”

He released Ulaf’s shoulders and strode to the long table in the center of the tent. He picked up a scabbard and blade and turned to Ulaf, holding out the handle to the northman.

“I need your men. I need their savagery and unbreakable will. In return I offer you the best of my weapons and equipment. I also offer you security from attack by all under my control. This can mark the beginning of a new age between our peoples. An age of peace and security. Together, none can conquer us. We will be free.”

Ulaf’s gaze moved from the blade to the man. He stared into Arminius’ eyes for a drawn-out moment, then reached out and accepted the blade.

“I haven’t come all this way to turn back now, Arminius. We will fight. As for afterwards, well, what happens happens.”

Grinning the two men embraced, then Ulaf left the tent. It was time to prepare.

Love Is in the Air

The gentleman with the pomaded hair steps out of his Prius and casts furtive glances around the bar’s parking lot. He sees the cracked asphalt and the beat-up motorcycle pulled up beside the door to the establishment.

He nervously jingles his keys and almost drops his phone when it buzzes. He looks at the screen. “Honey pie” is displayed on the screen, along with her flabby arms and protruding gut. He taps the side button twice to cancel the call, then turns his phone off. It’s time for action.

Screwing up his courage, he walks to the front door, stopping only long enough to spit his mouthwash out into the bushes alongside. Then he steps through the door.

He’s greeted by the sight of a long wooden bar. To his right, a row of dartboards on the wall. To his left, an open area that could be a dance floor. Restrooms are past the dance floor. The light is dim and a haze fills the air. This place is obviously vape friendly. Good.

A chirpy older lady smiles and greets him as he walks up to the bar. She is weather beaten and has a bit too much makeup on, but seems nice. Her shirt says, “I found the Hole in the Wall.”Interesting. Could mean several different things. Did she find a way to extend her youth? Is she referring to the name of the establishment? Does she have holes in need of filling?

No matter. I have come to have the hole in my heart filled with meaning. No longer will I be shackled by the expectations and demands of this cruel world. I will find respite in the presence of one who has the answers.

These thoughts run through his mind and pushes him to utter, rather breathlessly in his heightening anticipation, “Is Nicholas in?”

Nihilistic Yawker

0330 – Wake up in my swanky NYC apartment. Look over at the dame I brought home last night. She was an 8.7 at the time, but now has mutated into a 4.3. Danged alcohol.

0336 – Stagger into the kitchen and pour myself a shot of the dog, while my dog watches.

0341 – Turn on shower and step into spray. As I wash my crotch I notice something. Horror of horrors!! THERE’S A PUBE DOWN THERE!!! I CAN’T HAVE THAT!!! WHAT WOULD THE ROMANIAN TWINS THINK OF THAT!!! Frantically I strop my razor and eliminate the hair. I’ll need to reprimand my wax therapist for that.

0402 – Kick the girl out of my apartment after calling her an Uber. Grab my gym bag and head out.

0748 – Finally finish my workout. Realize that I crapped my pants during the 422nd deadlift. Dangit. I wondered why that sexy mama wrinkled her nose like that when she walked past me. Oh, well. Can’t win them all.

1422 – Line up my night’s activities. The twins are out of pocket so I’ll meet this yoga instructor at one of my favorite 5 stars and we’ll see where it goes. Smack a manager around for slacking. Quote the Godfather 1,000,000,000,000,000 times.



A Gentleman

Day 101: Woke up at 5:51. Sprang from bed and rushed into bathroom to wet my hair and apply gel, lest my wife see me without it and remove my ‘snuggling’ privileges. Then I pee and brush my teeth, at the same time. Afterwards I checked my phone. 4 messages from Bruce. I reply with a kissy face emoji and begin to dress.

6:00 – I move to my closet where my best friend/spouse has chosen my outfit for the day. She’s such an inspiration. So strong and fierce…….

6:22 – After crying thinking of how much my wife means to me I am ready to face the world. I slip into my penny loafers (no socks) and stop to gaze at my magnificent mane of manly hair before grabbing my breakfast bowl of potatoes, bananas, and sugar, unlocking the door, slipping into my Prius, and leaving for my soul-crushing desk jockey job. To cheer myself and steel my heart for the coming trial, I turn on Sam Smith and sing along as I drive into the city.

What a life

Pussified Men

A coward dies many deaths

This world is full of weak, pussified men. Men whose wives run their homes, who let their boss run roughshod over them, who meekly accept the crap shoveled in their path. They take no effort in working hard to rise above their circumstance, content to wallow in despair and excuse-making instead of DOING something about it.

When I hear men belittled by their wives, or see their children disrespect them, I know I’m looking at a man out of sorts with what they were created to be.



Men were created to lead. Sure, most of us will never be a head of state or a 5-star general, but we were designed to lead nonetheless. Testosterone drives the male to greater risk taking and makes him willing to forego pleasure to achieve his goals. Mealy-mouthed fags with their justifications for why they can’t get ahead in life are denying their power.

Don’t look for the quick fix.

Find something you can do well, and do it well. Don’t be afraid to ask for just compensation. Don’t be afraid to shop yourself around. Find your niche and exploit it. It won’t be easy, and it will hurt, but keep on and you’ll come out on the other side better and stronger for it.

Again, don’t wait on opportunity to present itself. Make your opportunity. “Good luck” seems to find men that are willing to take chances in an inordinate percentage. Make your own luck.

Manhood is doing what may be uncomfortable or inconvenient in the near time in order to realize gain in the long term. If you’re constantly flitting from idea to idea, job to job, but no headway is being made, reconsider. Don’t be a pussy.

Today, I will address two key ways we can lead. This is coming from my experience. I’m not a high-powered executive. I don’t live in a metropolitan area, but I can still lead. And you can to.


A woman NEEDS a man. This is not popular to voice today, but it’s true. From birth to grave a female needs strong male influence in her life. I’ll talk more about this in the next section, but I just wanted to set the tone here.

When you marry that woman, it should not be a decision of fancy. This should be someone you are willing to stay with until death. If she irritates you, DON’T MARRY HER, because she most assuredly will work your nerves even more after the vows. Find the right one. Not the perfect one, because there isn’t one. Not a “soul mate”, that’s a load of crap. Find someone that you are willing to stay with and have her be the mother of your children.

Be the man. Make the decisions. By all means consult her on major decisions, but YOU are the one that makes the final decision. Try to compromise and find a solution that works for both parties, but if it can’t be arrived at make the call and stand by it. If it works out, great, take the credit. If it was the wrong choice, own up to it and learn from it. If you cop out and whine, you’ve failed as a man. Be the rock.

Don’t whine to your wife. About anything. Not the job, not relationships, nothing. A man must be respected and nothing tears down respect faster than seeing someone exhibiting weakness and blaming it on others. I’m not saying you hide your faults from her. She’s going to know them anyway, but don’t be constantly dwelling on negative things. Suck it up, buttercup.

I’ve heard it said that men desire respect, women love. Show your wife that you love her. Tell her. Don’t put on stupid public displays of affection. That’s virtue signalling and she’ll see through it. Again, be her rock. If Indians attacked my homestead I don’t want my wife to be the one fighting them off, or running to another man for help, I want her to call my name in confidence that I’ll save her.

It sickens me to hear of men whose wives don’t respect them. In the guise of “love” you have caved in every time they have tested you. My wife has never said she thought she was stronger than me or better than me in certain areas, especially not in an area of physical ability. Where does a wife get that idea? A weak man who does not exhibit strength and does not keep her in check.

A woman is like nature. Beautiful if tended, but left to her own devices she will grow wild and unruly.


Remember when I said that a woman needs a man? Well, girls and boys do to.

The nuclear family is the bedrock of civilization. One man, one woman, raising children. Not two men nor two women. It doesn’t work that way. The man is the head of the home, followed in authority by the woman, followed by the children. In our world it seems like it’s usually inverted, with the children calling the shots, the woman carrying out the orders, and the man just along for the ride. That is why we are seeing the breakdown of our society.

Who keeps the wife in check? The husband.

Who keeps the children in check? The father.

Is it any wonder that we see an inordinate amount of our crime committed by the black community when the single mother household rate is over 70%? With no fathers to lead, the children basically raise themselves and perpetuate the cycle.

Men, we must accept this responsibility. If you breed those kids you need to raise them. I look at it like this: I have the opportunity to influence a life. Why would I pass on this opportunity? If I don’t rear them, who will? The state? A foster parent? Your children deserve to know and be in the care of their biological parent.

It’s said that girls seek out men like their father to marry. I would put a caveat there. I would say only if the father did his job correctly. Why do “good” girls chase bad boys? Their father’s were pussies who did not demonstrate proper masculinity. Having big muscles and talking loud is not masculinity. Controlling yourself and leading those in your charge is masculinity.

It’s my duty to raise my son to treat others with respect while also defending what is right. We don’t shove ourselves in other’s space, but we will not allow others to invade ours or that of those we love.

I must teach my daughters that their place is in the home. They don’t belong in the world fighting with men for workplace dominance. They are to be nurturers and home makers. Just like their mother is and their grandmothers and their great-grandmothers.

My wife must exhibit submission so that my children expect submission. If my wife runs the home, there is chaos. My son should expect to marry a submissive wife, and you better believe I will have a say in the matter. My daughters will be expected to submit to their husbands. Not saying that my wife has no say in the conduct of the house or in the major decisions of our lives, but I am the CEO.

The buck stops with you, men.

Don’t be a soy boy fag pussy man. Be a rock.

The Ninja

Greetings all you mere mortals, heh. Prepare to bask in the awesomeness of me.

Got a problem? I’ve already been there, done that. Here, let me show you……………………….

Bad job? Have I got an idea for you, heh. Have you considered buying cheap Chinese manufactured junk (heh) and reselling them on Amazon for a 100% mark-up? Or developing your own brand of overnight oats? Maybe you should think about trying for an extra buck or million, heh. Or maybe you should just pray real hard for God to drop $1M in your lap while you’re at it? I know you don’t want to work hard, heh, and smart. Just keep hunting those gold pots at the end of the rainbow. I’m sure that will work out for you, heh.

Need to shed some pounds? Heh, well you’ve come to the right place at the right time. Oxycut is the way to go. You’ll have those Viking princesses all over you in no time, heh, heh, hehhhhh. Or just drop an egg in your coffee.

While we’re discussing pills, let’s talk about Testosterone. As your body ages you have to cheat a little to maintain your frame (heh). That’s where the little T pill comes in. Pop that sucker in and return to the vibrancy of your youth. Heh, the women will be falling all over you and you can be free to do your body weight exercises instead of those mean ol’ weights.

Heh, while I’m on it, let’s discuss these lunkheads who use free weights. The poor dears just don’t understand the meanness of a man with a finely oiled beard and pomaded hair pumping out 200 pushups a day. Heh, it drives the wife crazy to see the sweat dripping off your moobs.

Think you need dieting and exercise to lose weight? Nah, just crank up the cold water and watch the fat go down the drain. I mean, heh, you can burn 4.2896 calories in just 30 miserable minutes in an arctic stream of water. Why do jumping jacks when you can crank in the cold, heh? And if you wack off in the shower you can burn a few more calories. That’s the only way your pecker will see action if you live like this anyway.


Heh, heh, heh, hehhhhhhhh


Social Justice Mentality

Isaiah 30:8-10,12-14 KJV

[8] Now go, write it before them in a table, and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come for ever and ever: [9] That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the Lord : [10] Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits:

[12] Wherefore thus saith the Holy One of Israel, Because ye despise this word, and trust in oppression and perverseness, and stay thereon: [13] Therefore this iniquity shall be to you as a breach ready to fall, swelling out in a high wall, whose breaking cometh suddenly at an instant. [14] And he shall break it as the breaking of the potters’ vessel that is broken in pieces; he shall not spare: so that there shall not be found in the bursting of it a sherd to take fire from the hearth, or to take water withal out of the pit.


Each generation faces different challenges in our spiritual walk. We each face differing mentalities in the world around us. Some have faced persecution unto death. Others faced banishment and rejection. Some have enjoyed times of peace or even great awakenings in the Spirit.
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