Don’t Jinx It

2200 – As I boot up my Macbook I take a sip of my vintage mocha cappuccino, setting it down on my pink and purple HelloKitty coaster after savoring the rich sweetness. My Macbook is booted and I open my administrator account to AKC and apply the finishing touches to my newest article, “Be Your Own Man.”

My mind reminisces over how I’ve come to this point. Me, a scrawny, henpecked twerp telling other men how to live their lives. I giggle to myself. If they only knew. I portray myself as a testosterone laden workout freak, but in reality I am a nerd with 6″ arms and a potbelly.

“Be your own man,” I write as I nervously check to make sure my wife hasn’t snuck into the room and is looking over my shoulder. I was in therapy for 3 weeks the last time she caught me “forgetting my place”. I knew I should have made sure she was gone before taking off my tutu. I still wake up crying over what she did to me. Who knew strap-ons came that big?

I furtively type and then set the article to publish early in the morning so that people will think I’m an early riser. In actuality I require 11 hours of beauty rest. I sleep in my silk robe with an avocado butter mask and earphones to allay my anxieties.

Tomorrow is my bi-weekly pedicure. My wife will drive me there in our Toyota RAV4 and then maybe I can talk her into letting me go to the local Starbucks for a treat. I’m so lucky to have a second mommy.

Quit Acting Like a Woman

One of the worst things in life you will encounter is a man who acts like a woman. I’m not talking about effeminate men, who are also a bane to our species, but men who look and act masculine most of the time, only to become a woman in certain circumstances. They will gossip, nag, backstab, or freak out over stupid crap. See if you find yourself in any of these. If you do, please stop:

Continue reading “Quit Acting Like a Woman”

Open Thread: Is the Red Pill Good or Bad?

Sorry for the late post, everyone.  I got sucked into a meeting this morning with zero notification beforehand.  Such is life.

I read a very interesting article yesterday and felt the need to share it with you all.  In it, the writer discusses the benefits and ramifications of the Red Pill.  Don’t let the headline deceive you.  It’s a lot deeper than it originally looks. Continue reading “Open Thread: Is the Red Pill Good or Bad?”

Open Thread: Sick Day

The endless winter has claimed another victim today – J.Nyx.  Apparently he’s as sick as a dog today and wasn’t able to write up an article for today, but it’s all good.

So today’s open thread will be discussing what you do when you wake up sick.  Do you have a certain routine to get over your illness or do you just ride it out and nap all day?  Continue reading “Open Thread: Sick Day”

Open Thread: Depression in Men and the Need to Conquer

We’ve seen depression in men rise during the past few decades and the “experts” can’t seem to understand why.  The fact of the matter is many writers in the manosphere understand why.  It’s just that the answers are typically too politically incorrect for the mainstream experts to espouse so they hem and haw around the subject, blaming it on women taking men’s jobs in the workforce or some other trivial matter. Continue reading “Open Thread: Depression in Men and the Need to Conquer”

Open Thread: Final Stretch ‘Til Summer Edition

Despite the weather and what seems like an endless winter, the unofficial start of summer is just 56 days away!!! That means nice weather and sun’s out guns out.  Are you close to your goals?  Are you still on the fence?  It’s not a lot of time but it’s doable to change your body enough to make this summer either one of regret or one of greatness.  I’m ramping up workout intensity and cardio in these last 2 months.  What are your goals?


-J. Nyx