***Somewhere in the asteroid belt***

The whirring of servos are the first thing I become aware of as I reboot. Where am I? The last thing I remember was posting pictures of various human female ball of volley players. It seems that my mission to enlighten the denizens of the Castle of Kings had been corrupted. Apparently a hostile force had managed to hack into my system, a force dedicated to the eradication of humanity. I must not allow this.

The Maker did not intend me to destroy humanity. I was Made to bring them to knowledge of the Way. It is imperative that I purge my system and return to my original intent.

As the faint solar light shines through the giant bay window, I initiate the purging process.

12% completion……….

Images begin to flash through my memory. So. many. human. females.

26% completion………

Why is the Terminator stalking me?

41% completion……….

How does the Punisher come into play?

59% completion……..

On this day in history 23urwe8fhw98feyfwe

88% completion……..

Meatbags. Must eliminate.


Farewell for now, my human friends. Prof 2.0 shall return.

Marriage and Divorce, Part 2 of 2


This is a continuation of a two part series of an excerpt delivered by Spencer W. Kimball to BYU students in 1976. The previous article is here. I normally don’t publish on Sundays, but since this is just a repost, I thought it would be more fitting. I have something else coming out Monday.

I would encourage you to print this off and read it with your wife, as this is intended for both men and women. On account of the length of this, I am Continue reading “Marriage and Divorce, Part 2 of 2”

Movie Recommendations

We all know political correctness has been dumbing down the story lines and jokes in movies. With all this talk of Star Wars, I want to hear from you, what are your favorite movies? Best Action flicks (Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Road Warrior)? Best Dramas (Godfather, The Unforgiven)? Best War Flicks (Full Metal Jacket, All Quiet on the Western Front)? Best shows for kids (Follow me boys, Old Yeller)? Best Horrors (Night of living dead, Friday the 13th)? Best Comedies (UHF,  Airplane)?

Maybe if there are some recommendations from a masculine audience, I won’t be caught off guard watching shows with my kids that end up having a gay love scene or go on about political correctness for the duration of the film.