Making Time for Yourself

Last Sunday I decided to break up the usual homebody routine and decided to hit one of my good buddies up.  We met up, shot the shit, and really just chilled.  I was having a good time and a breather from being Dad and husband all the time felt great, but you see guys who never leave the side of their wives and kids, or worst case, they are “forbidden” to have time for themselves.  These guys always have a defeated, dead  look on their faces. Today go over why you should schedule solitary time and time with your guy friends away from the family.

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High Protein Dessert Recipe for Bodybuilders

For those of you trying to eat clean while putting on muscle mass, it can be hard not only getting enough calories and protein each day, but it can also be hard creating delicious meals and snacks.

Some forgo the taste of meals and focus simply on hitting their requirements each day (cold chicken, broccoli, and rice).  To be quite honest, I’m not one of those people.  I enjoy savoring my meals and become quickly discouraged eating cold, bland food. Continue reading “High Protein Dessert Recipe for Bodybuilders”

Knowing When To Listen

I challenged you all in last Friday’s Way of the Warlord challenge to become better listeners.  Far too many people these days speak without thinking and it can get you into world of shit, but more importantly, it leaves you powerless.  Today I’ll go over what I’ll be doing this week, as well as identifying why people today are always racing to get a word in rather than listen.  Also, we’ll explore what it actually means to listen to someone, who you shouldn’t listen to, and everything in between.

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Happy Wife, Happy Life… With a Twist

You’ve done it. Despite your best intentions, and all the warnings from your friends, you have fallen madly in love with a woman that you think will be with you for the rest of your life. You decided to marry her. Shortly after you take the vows, attend the party, and go on the honeymoon, you take your bride to your (now the both of yours) apartment for the first time. Now what?

I write this because I see the see discontent in people around me. Satisfaction in marriage has been in a decline. The breakdown of the family has serious consequences for the community and the nation as a whole. While there are no magic pills to keep her happy, there are things you can do to create an environment where she is more likely to be happy, and you will reap the benefits. Continue reading “Happy Wife, Happy Life… With a Twist”

Way of the Warlord: Phase 7

This week we continue with our Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men

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3 More Activities Every Boy Should Engage In

Today we’re going to add onto the activities that every boy should engage in.  This time however, we’re going to focus on activities that are more mental than physical.

These activities are great for boys for a variety of reasons including being able to practice them regardless of the season or weather and they will help round out your son’s development.  After all, what good is a strong body without a strong mind? Continue reading “3 More Activities Every Boy Should Engage In”

5 Healthy Changes I’ve Made after 30

While just a youngin’ to some of you readers here, I turned 30 a few months ago.  I never thought the shit people say about your body and mental state were true until I hit it.  While in one part I feel like I’m hitting that prime age of life, there had to be adjustments in my life.  Today I’ll share 5 things I’ve changed in my life after hitting 30.

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3 Activities Every Boy Should Engage In

The early years are incredibly formative for boys and provides many excellent opportunities for them to learn new skills and prepare for the challenges that await them.

Not only do taking on new and challenging activities benefit the boy who is learning and growing, they can also help strengthen the cohesion of the family and provide lifelong hobbies both father and son can enjoy for many years to come.

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Perseverance and Living in the Now

Perseverance should be looked upon as a virtue.  The ability to stick with it even though every part of your being wants to quit is something we should all have felt in some point in life.  When you push through something that is difficult it is your true chance to realize that you’re alive.  Being in the moment is necessary to get through it I’ve found that these are the times that build you.

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The Scout Law……An Introduction

Most of us look up to some mentor, hero, or deity to follow as an example in how to live. In doing so, we work to improve ourselves and come closer to reaching our goals, whatever they may be. As a long time Scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts of America, I have come to respect the original organization (notwithstanding the current drama unfolding). Continue reading “The Scout Law……An Introduction”