Knowing When To Keep Going

These days it seems that the second someone is pushed out of their comfort bubble, they lash out and begin to lose control.  I’ve been practicing a method on keeping myself focused on the goal when things in my life become hectic.  There is a point where you have to decide that you’re in it for the long haul and that despite how crazy the situation, you’re going to kick ass and take names

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Book Review: Dylan Madden’s “Think And Go Hustle”

You hear all over the Manosphere that you should be creating side hustles to work on.  The reasons for this may vary -getting out of debt, quitting your soul-sucking job, retiring early, etc.- but the underlying reason is the same.

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5 Fall Season Things To Do With Your Kids This Weekend

I know we typically have a guest poster on Saturday, but I wanted to write.  Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  Things cool down, its a time for change.  I love being outside during the fall months.  Here are 5 things you can do this weekend with your kids to enjoy the season, and each others company.

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Special Announcement: Introducing the AKC Armory

Hello AKC readers!

We are pleased to announce that the AKC Armory is now officially open!  We have teamed up with Crypto Fashion to provide two different styles of t-shirts to choose from in multiple colors.

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Making Mental Gains

Once you begin lifting, you make the choice to be “forever small.”  You’re never big enough, you’re never strong enough, you should always be motivated to keep pushing and making yourself better.  You’ll make your body look better, and you’ll amaze yourself at what you can do. One of the things most people fail to realize is the mental side of lifting.  Today I’ll explain my approach and how I feel I benefit mentally from weight training.

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Manosphere Maxims

Early this week, our AKC Twitter profile broke the 800 follower count, a huge milestone for our site and message.  In celebration of this event, I have decided to compile some great Tweets circulating around the Manosphere community.  These tweets run the gamut of topics, but all are about making you a better man.
Some of the Tweets are pretty straightforward, while a few may take some time reflecting to really understand the deeper messages being conveyed.  Enjoy, gentlemen!

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13 Daily Virtues: Industry, Cleanliness, Tranquility

This is part three of a multi-part series which discusses a method Ben Franklin used to develop his character as a man. Today I’ll go over the next three: Industry, Cleanliness, and Tranquility. Franklin provided a quick explanation of each virtue, but I will provide my own interpretation, as well as how to employ these virtues in your life, and how it relates to red pill theory as a whole.

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Men Are Creators and Builders

I came across an article the other day that put me in a bit of a grim mood about our society’s current situation.  Home Depot is apparently starting to teach classes on how to use basic construction items such as a measuring tape, hammer and nails, and even mops. (full article here).  Apparently, the millennial generation is so inept at even basic construction projects that Home Depot is afraid they’ll face massive financial losses as the next generation will opt for hiring contractors for even basic projects instead of taking the DIY approach. Continue reading “Men Are Creators and Builders”

Dear (Daughter)……….an open letter

This is a rough draft of a letter I am planning to give to my daughter on her 12th birthday. She is this cute athletic blonde who is bound to turn some heads in the coming years. She currently has a strong sense of morality, and I want it to stay that way.

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