How To: Build A Plumbing Pipe Lamp

WARNING: The article below involves using electrical parts and wiring them up yourself.  We assume no responsibility for injury or damage to personal property.

I love a building project. Whether its building a whole new deck on the back of your house, or making a simple lamp, the pride you can take from watching something come to form makes you happy.  I have made 2 of these style lamps now and figured I’d share a fun, inexpensive project you can use as a functional yet stylish conversation piece, or even give as a one gift.

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Remembeing to Take Care of Yourself

Over the weekend, I was able to catch up with an old friend from high school.  He’s not too different from myself, married with 2 kids and a full-tme job, except for one glaring difference, he’d really let himself go.  Today I’ll go over why it is important to keep yourself in good shape and looking the best you can, and why it’s important to the health of your marriage and family.

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Personal Finance – Phase 2: The Foundation of Faith, Unity, and Commitment

The Roadmap and Becoming Unified in Your Approach

With most projects, a plan is beneficial to see your goals, where you are in achieving those goals, and what you need to do to get from point A to point B. Personal financial stewardship is no different. Continue reading “Personal Finance – Phase 2: The Foundation of Faith, Unity, and Commitment”

Way of the Warlord: Phase 11

This week we continue with our Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.

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Mentally Ruthless, Maximum Result

Yesterday I read what was probably the most important article WB Fitness has posted on is site to date.  It is all about your mindset when going into the gym.   You have to be psyched up to get in there and kill the weights.  That got me thinking about how a defeatist attitude and not psyching yourself up for things is a sure way to end in failure.  Continue reading “Mentally Ruthless, Maximum Result”

A Man Must Be Able To Master The Chthonic Powers Of A Woman

There has been a tendency, often in traditional masculine belief systems like Vedanta (one significant facet of “Hinduism”), Taoism, Plato and Aristotle’s philosophy and Christianity, to categorize men and women into different and distinct elements.

Both in Pagan and Abrahamic thought, the man tends to be associated with the sky or heaven (Zeus, Jesus), the sun (Helios, Apollo) or at least does have a northern origin (Hyperborea), while goddesses (Gaia, Kali and others) are mainly associated with the living matter, or specifically the earth itself. Continue reading “A Man Must Be Able To Master The Chthonic Powers Of A Woman”

Learning Wisdom

Wisdom: The proper use of knowledge which enables one to navigate through life successfully.
– Pastor Wayne

Success in life comes from wisdom. With wisdom, a man can take advantage of opportunities in life and more importantly avoid the pitfalls in life that entrap and destroy others. Maturity is both growing older and growing wiser. If you are looking to improve your life, the quickest and strongest way to do so is to increase your wisdom. Continue reading “Learning Wisdom”

Personal Finances – Phase 1: Self Reliance

Last week, my wife and I started a 12 part seminar on personal finances. This program is for those of us who want to increase independence, become unified as a family in temporal matters, and improve personal responsibility. During the next several weeks, I plan to regurgitate what I have learned, incorporating with my thoughts. In doing so, I hope to reinforce what I have learned and be of some benefit to you. Continue reading “Personal Finances – Phase 1: Self Reliance”

Open Thread: Cold Snap Edition

You guys get a break from Way of the Warlord this well.  We will pick back up this weekend.

We are on the last few weeks of winter and that means spring and summer will be here before you know it.  What plans do you guys have for the good weather this year?   One for me is getting in prime shape for the beach.  Another is a camping trip with the family in June.  Post what you’re planning to do in the warm months this year?  Have a good weekend, and if you’re like a good percentage of Americans who had 1 Irish ancestor 6 generations ago, Sláinte!!


-J. Nyx

Confronting Your Weaknesses

No man can be a master at everything in the world.  Even things you’re good at can suffer in minor areas.  Naturally, people want to do things they are good at, an oftentimes hide their weak points.  This applies in many areas of your life.  Recently I’ve been focusing on weak points in my physique that lag behind other areas.  I see these parts that need to be fixed, and I hate them. I realized in order to change it, I have to make it happen through hard work, but initially confronting them is often the hardest part.  Today, I’ll go over how I have been confronting weaknesses in all areas of my life, and the change it can bring to anyone looking to improve.

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