Love & Respect: CHAIRS

  1. The L/R Dynamic
  2. Blue and Pink Glasses
  5. Putting It All Together

Last week we covered how men can express love to their wives.  This week we’ll be going over some ways women can show respect to their husbands.

If this article ever blows up I imagine a lot of women will be pushing back against this idea of showing respect to their husband with the misinformed notion that it means they’re lowering themselves to that of a doormat when that isn’t really the case.  That or they’ll use some excuse like “He needs to earn my respect” (see part 1 of this series to learn why this is a bad excuse to use).

Another common misunderstand women face is that they love their man so why is respect so important.  It’s simply due to the way we’re wired.  To men, a woman’s respect IS them showing love to us.

So what are the key areas that women can show their man respect?  Glad you asked!  Enter CHAIRS. Continue reading “Love & Respect: CHAIRS”

Be The Chancellor

I myself always found the role of Chancellor a more fitting role to a guy like me than a king. Not everyone can rule, and I am okay with this. Every aspect of life is a game in one way or another; I am merely offering a different perspective. Let us begin looking at the history of kings and their various realms.  Sure, they obtain respect, legacy, and power.   However, they also gained arrogance, gluttony, and in time weakness from one venture or another.  Most of those rules were blind past their own ambitions and comforts.

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Open Thread: Holiday Traditions and Stories

Christmas is upon us and I have always found it amusing what differences each family does for the holidays.  Things like presents, egg nog, and a great meal are pretty standard.   I open up to you guys about a funny but annoying thing that happened last Christmas, an I hope it doesn’t again.

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In Memoriam

We all have major points in our lives, “pivots” as it were, where a major, often tragic, event happens and our live is turned in a completely different direction. December 21, 2017 is the two-year anniversary of one of those events for me.

Today I will be putting a rose on the grave of Evelyn Grace, the young daughter of one of my best friends. Having no kids of my own, I enjoy spending time with the kids of my friends and family. It lets gives me a taste of fatherhood and motivates me to work towards a family of my own. Whenever I would visit my friend and hang out with him and his wife, I would hold Evelyn, make faces at her and she would smile and wrinkle her big forehead (inherited from her father), and occasionally rock her to sleep on my shoulder. In many ways I loved her like she was a daughter of my own.

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The Carryover Effect

I work in tech and I have a female for a boss.  Typical 30 something “career oriented” woman, we all know the type.  She doesn’t handle stress well and freaks out over trivial things.  I got to thinking how I pretty much practice frame on her, dont back down, and handle my shit.  It got me thinking about how red pill tactics have a carry over into the workplace.

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Seeking Balance

There’s no doubt that today’s society seeks to emasculate men.  The food, media, lifestyle, and norms are all designed to crush the male spirit.  As this continues over many generations, we have seen men become increasingly feminized in both body and mind, so much so that we often don’t notice.

I was asked earlier tonight a question that brings this issue to light:

Do you ever find yourself doing something you feel is kind of feminine? And if so how do you stop it or correct it?

While this question seems pretty simple on the surface, it takes a bit of introspection and conscious effort.   Continue reading “Seeking Balance”

AKC’s Christmas Gift To You

We’ve been busy here at A King’s Castle, and with a little help from our guest writers we’ve been able to give you fresh content every day.

That said, there’s a lot of wisdom that our readers have to offer. While the comments section is a good place to offer it, there’s not a lot of flexibility for topic based discussions that aren’t what the articles are about and where the discussion might span a month instead of a day. Continue reading “AKC’s Christmas Gift To You”

Time Off

As I write this my wife went with her mother and my daughter to a ballet.  It gave me time to spend with my sons but more importantly, it gave us time away from each other on the weekend.  It got me thinking about couples that spend all their free time together and how a few hours apart on the weekend can benefit all of you.

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Love & Respect: COUPLE

  1. The L/R Dynamic
  2. Blue and Pink Glasses
  5. Putting It All Together

Now that we’ve covered the basics in part 1 and 2 of this series, it’s time to dig into the nitty-gritty of the Love & Respect dynamic.

As we covered in previous installments, men’s world are centered around respect and honor.  From what we hear, say, act, and see, nearly everything falls under giving and receiving respect.  When we feel like we are not being respected, it sets off our alarms and we either go on the attack or withdraw. Continue reading “Love & Respect: COUPLE”