3 More Activities Every Boy Should Engage In

Today we’re going to add onto the activities that every boy should engage in.  This time however, we’re going to focus on activities that are more mental than physical.

These activities are great for boys for a variety of reasons including being able to practice them regardless of the season or weather and they will help round out your son’s development.  After all, what good is a strong body without a strong mind? Continue reading “3 More Activities Every Boy Should Engage In”

Lessons Learned From Chess

I wouldn’t say that I’m an avid Chess player or even a good one, but I do enjoy the occasional game.  As such, a few of the guys that I converse with on Twitter have created a Chess club of sorts where we challenge each other to battles of wits and tactics.  One particular game that I played against Hunter Drew at The Family Alpha stands out as one of my greatest victories, not necessarily because of any brilliant plays I made (I made quite a few blunders), but from the lessons I took away from that match.  These lessons translate nicely into the real world so I decided that today I would share them with you.

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