Christmas Vacation

Like many of you, I took off work this week.  Out of all the holidays I believe Christmas time is like no other.  The burdens of work and life should be dialed back if they can.  This leisure time is good for you.  I got to thinking about just what it is about vacations that can be a reset a mans life, and why if you can, you should schedule time off.

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Avoiding the Holiday Gut

One facet of the Christmas season that I’ve observed is that people let their dietary  choices go out the window.  People just accept that they’ll be shoveling junk food in their mouths and chugging excess booze the whole time just to make a “resolution” to eat healthy in January, which usually has them back home on their lazy asses within two weeks.   As I prepare for my collaboration with Team WB Fitness next month, I’m going to keep my diet clean this month and I’ll share my plan on keeping myself from looking like Santa by Christmas

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