Easy Breakfast Bowl Recipe With Minimal Cleanup

As me and J.Nyx’s 3 Month Bodyweight vs Weightlifting challenge progresses, I’m taking the time to not only improve my fitness levels, but to also improve other areas of my life, such as my diet and minimizing the trivial day to day stuff that saps your time and/or money with little benefit in return.  One of these areas is, for me at least, is breakfast.  Continue reading “Easy Breakfast Bowl Recipe With Minimal Cleanup”

The Best Damn Liver Recipe Out There

I recently saw a recipe online for a liver recipe that I knew I just had to try.  It was simple, had a wide variety of flavors that still worked well together, is incredibly healthy, and -most importantly- damn delicious!

Many people turn their noses up at liver as something alien and disgusting to eat, but they are doing themselves a great disservice.  Liver, when prepared properly, is fantastic and boasts an astounding nutrient profile. In fact, liver is so potent that it is advised to only eat 1 or 2 small servings per week or else risk overdosing on certain vitamins and minerals.   Continue reading “The Best Damn Liver Recipe Out There”

The Easiest Way to Hard Boil Eggs

Good Morning Gentlemen.  I have a short, but hopefully worthwhile article for you all on a new technique I’ve found for hard boiled eggs.  As most of you are aware, eggs are a fantastic food that not only tastes great, but also has a plethora of vitamins and minerals.  I’m not going to spend much more time on the health benefits of eggs other than the fact you should be eating them regularly.

So what piqued my interest on making hard boiled eggs in the first place?  Continue reading “The Easiest Way to Hard Boil Eggs”

5 Protein Packed Foods for Muscle Growth


Killing it in the gym is essential for muscle and strength growth, but the other side of the coin is food.  If you’re not eating enough to sustain muscle growth, your hard work in the gym will not pay off.  Today I’ll review 5 protein packed foods I eat regularly and how I prepare them to keep things interesting.

Continue reading “5 Protein Packed Foods for Muscle Growth”

Eating Healthy on the Cheap

Today I’m going to discuss a topic in the same vein as one of my recent articles regarding health and nutrition.  This post was inspired through a few different interactions, but the most notable exchange was with a gentleman on Twitter who posted this: Continue reading “Eating Healthy on the Cheap”