Phase 3 – Prioritize your Spending and Give Charitably


In the last article, we discussed the foundation needed for a strong financial mindset, faith, unity, and commitment. In this article, we start laying the groundwork by making the work for us, rather than us working for the money. Continue reading “Phase 3 – Prioritize your Spending and Give Charitably”

Personal Finance – Phase 2: The Foundation of Faith, Unity, and Commitment

The Roadmap and Becoming Unified in Your Approach

With most projects, a plan is beneficial to see your goals, where you are in achieving those goals, and what you need to do to get from point A to point B. Personal financial stewardship is no different. Continue reading “Personal Finance – Phase 2: The Foundation of Faith, Unity, and Commitment”

Filthy Rags

A few months after I got baptized into the LDS church, I had a good Protestant friend of mine invite me to go on this backpacking trip with him and his parents. I thought nothing of it, I hung out at their house many times over the years. My friend and his parents were always doing outdoor adventures. We start off at a meadow early, then climb up this mountain, then scramble along this ridge until we come to the trail to this lake. By the time we get there, it is late in the evening, and we set up camp.

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