Hypergamy and Assholes

For most men just learning about the Red Pill, they often come across two key principles that a lot of other principles are built upon:

  • Women are hypergamous, meaning they will search for a mate that’s a higher perceived status than they are, or “marrying up.”
  • Women dig men who are assholes.

Many blue pill men out there take umbrage to these rules, especially the second, but today I am going to shed some light on how these two rules are interrelated and why women digging assholes can be somewhat hyperbolic. Continue reading “Hypergamy and Assholes”

Trusting Your Gut

Trusting your gut is a phrase that makes perfect sense to some while making others cringe.  As an INTP personality, I fall into the latter category, and struggle trusting my own instincts, preferring concrete proof before making decisions.  While this might sound like a logical conclusion to many men out there, it has its drawbacks.  Today, we’re digging into why and when you should trust your gut as well as steps to improving the accuracy of your instincts so you can wind up being right more often than not. Continue reading “Trusting Your Gut”