A Slight Change of Focus

Aikido, like all martial arts, devotes a lot of time to focus on the individual.  However, unlike most martial arts, whose sole focus is on the physical, Aikido spends much more time on the mental and spiritual aspects.  Whether or not you believe in chi, life forces, etc, softer styles like Aikido offer a unique perspective not just on the individual, but to your entire life.

One exercise we do from time to time is a little something called Unbendable Arm.   Continue reading “A Slight Change of Focus”

Every Day Matters

At church last Sunday, we had a guest preacher speak to us regarding following the teachings of the Bible.  While I was listening,  I was struck by a secondary message that was part of his sermon, but also applicable to all aspects of a man’s life: Every day matters.

To be quite honest, I would have passed over this little piece of his sermon if I had not heard the exact same message the previous day at my Taekwondo testing, albeit formatted differently to fit the audience. Continue reading “Every Day Matters”

Celebrating AKC’s First Birthday

From Jak

Yes ladies and gentlemen, today marks A King’s Castle’s first full year up and running on the interwebs and what a year it has been!

I’m going to be honest with you.  When J. Nyx and I first thought up the idea of creating A King’s Castle, I knew we were onto something big, but I had no idea that we would explode the way we did in just one year! Continue reading “Celebrating AKC’s First Birthday”

Homeschooling 101

Since we were married, my wife and I were on the same page as far as home schooling our kids. As the public schools  become more corrupt, the home schooling alternative has become increasingly more popular. Since 1999, there has been a 75% increase to 2.04 million, or 4% of all k-12 students. As parents who home schools their children, we hope to offer some insight into why we do it, what are some of the costs and benefits, and what we do. Continue reading “Homeschooling 101”

3 More Basic Rules of Sparring

Last week I posted an article on some of the fundamentals of sparring.  While these basic rules were primarily geared towards sparring, and to a lesser extent self-defense, some of my followers on Twitter saw real-life lessons outside of martial arts that these rules applied to.

Due to the warm reception to that article (and the fact that I can talk about martial arts ad nauseam), I decided to compile another short list of basic sparring rules.  Continue reading “3 More Basic Rules of Sparring”

How To Unleash Your True Intellectual Potential (And The Psychology of Belief)

Humans are interesting creatures.

Despite our ability to think “rationally,” our underlying emotions and physiological needs take priority over our higher cognitive processes. Still, our brains have incredible potential to understand the world within the abilities of the less evolved structures of our brain and our sensory function.

I mention our “less evolved” brain structures because we still have to contend with our physiological needs, our emotions, and the aspects of our ego that prioritize keeping us alive before they help us understand reality. I mention sensory function because one should keep in mind that there’s many wavelengths of light we can’t see, frequencies of sound we can’t hear, and scents we cannot smell.

But even with these limitations in mind, our potential to maximize our understanding of the world is excellent. Continue reading “How To Unleash Your True Intellectual Potential (And The Psychology of Belief)”

Question Everything

The advice to question everything comes from a local radio show host who shared this lesson with his sons.  He told them to question every “fact” they were presented with and to not simply assume the person speaking was knowledgeable about what they were talking about or being truthful.

The sad fact of the matter is we live in a highly politicized world.  Continue reading “Question Everything”

What I Learned After 15 Months With My Girlfriend

After more than 15 months in a serious relationship with one woman, I have made a couple of reflections along the highway, and summarized them in a number of key points that together paint a picture of what all that means.

Since relationships come with a limited one-sample-only, it would be misguided to draw any general conclusions. Nevertheless, the principles which I have discerned are to be regarded as relatively stable components, and thus worth sharing to a larger audience than my inner thoughts.

Continue reading “What I Learned After 15 Months With My Girlfriend”

The Easiest Way to Hard Boil Eggs

Good Morning Gentlemen.  I have a short, but hopefully worthwhile article for you all on a new technique I’ve found for hard boiled eggs.  As most of you are aware, eggs are a fantastic food that not only tastes great, but also has a plethora of vitamins and minerals.  I’m not going to spend much more time on the health benefits of eggs other than the fact you should be eating them regularly.

So what piqued my interest on making hard boiled eggs in the first place?  Continue reading “The Easiest Way to Hard Boil Eggs”

High Protein Dessert Recipe for Bodybuilders

For those of you trying to eat clean while putting on muscle mass, it can be hard not only getting enough calories and protein each day, but it can also be hard creating delicious meals and snacks.

Some forgo the taste of meals and focus simply on hitting their requirements each day (cold chicken, broccoli, and rice).  To be quite honest, I’m not one of those people.  I enjoy savoring my meals and become quickly discouraged eating cold, bland food. Continue reading “High Protein Dessert Recipe for Bodybuilders”