Mentally Ruthless, Maximum Result

Yesterday I read what was probably the most important article WB Fitness has posted on is site to date.  It is all about your mindset when going into the gym.   You have to be psyched up to get in there and kill the weights.  That got me thinking about how a defeatist attitude and not psyching yourself up for things is a sure way to end in failure.  Continue reading “Mentally Ruthless, Maximum Result”

Remembering To Be Human

We promote the go get it, kill it in every aspect of life attitude around here.  We’re committed to being the best fathers, leaders, husbands and also being fit physically, mentally and socially.  I’ve noticed at times that we can get wrapped up in this, after all its who we are, and there are times that you have to take a step back, laugh at life, and just run on auto pilot for a bit.  Today I’ll speak about taking that needed time to recuperate and what you can do to recharge when you’ve been hustling your ass off. Continue reading “Remembering To Be Human”

What I Learned After 15 Months With My Girlfriend

After more than 15 months in a serious relationship with one woman, I have made a couple of reflections along the highway, and summarized them in a number of key points that together paint a picture of what all that means.

Since relationships come with a limited one-sample-only, it would be misguided to draw any general conclusions. Nevertheless, the principles which I have discerned are to be regarded as relatively stable components, and thus worth sharing to a larger audience than my inner thoughts.

Continue reading “What I Learned After 15 Months With My Girlfriend”

Love & Respect: CHAIRS

  1. The L/R Dynamic
  2. Blue and Pink Glasses
  5. Putting It All Together

Last week we covered how men can express love to their wives.  This week we’ll be going over some ways women can show respect to their husbands.

If this article ever blows up I imagine a lot of women will be pushing back against this idea of showing respect to their husband with the misinformed notion that it means they’re lowering themselves to that of a doormat when that isn’t really the case.  That or they’ll use some excuse like “He needs to earn my respect” (see part 1 of this series to learn why this is a bad excuse to use).

Another common misunderstand women face is that they love their man so why is respect so important.  It’s simply due to the way we’re wired.  To men, a woman’s respect IS them showing love to us.

So what are the key areas that women can show their man respect?  Glad you asked!  Enter CHAIRS. Continue reading “Love & Respect: CHAIRS”