Stop and Smell the Roses

The other night was kind of stressful. Coming on the end of the school year, the kids who do the online charter school have their major projects due soon. It is becoming apparent that two of them have not been keeping on schedule with their assigned tasks. My daughter was cramming, throwing together this last minute paper that she should have been working on for over a month now.

At this time, I take the opportunity to grab out this church publication “Eternal Marriage” and read with my wife from where we left off the previous night. In it, it talks about how we can have our relationships continue into eternity if we do the right things. That is when my wife starts getting teary eyed and starts to lose it. Continue reading “Stop and Smell the Roses”

3 Free Apps to Keep You Organized and Productive

Let’s face it, life can often be hectic and unorganized, especially if you got little ones running around the house.  People used to keep to-do lists on little sheets of paper or on sticky notes, but those can be easily lost or may require many revisions, leaving you marking out and rewriting what needs to get done.  Continue reading “3 Free Apps to Keep You Organized and Productive”

The Fear of…Success?

Hello men.  Got a random musing for today.  Feel free to interject your own thoughts or tell me where I’m wrong.

The Red Pill community often talks about finances and becoming entrepreneurs, but what percentage of men in this community are actually out there creating their own businesses?

How many men in our community, or in the general population for that matter, doing something great with their lives?  I would hazard a guess and say far fewer than the number simply grinding away at their 9 to 5 until retirement.  Continue reading “The Fear of…Success?”

Christmas Vacation

Like many of you, I took off work this week.  Out of all the holidays I believe Christmas time is like no other.  The burdens of work and life should be dialed back if they can.  This leisure time is good for you.  I got to thinking about just what it is about vacations that can be a reset a mans life, and why if you can, you should schedule time off.

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Thinking Your Way to Success


When lifting yesterday morning I had a set of 3 x 12 incline presses I wanted to crush.  That is a good amount of reps, but at 5 am it can seem like a daunting task.   I ended up getting every rep but I realized I did something different before I even put my hands on the bar.  I envisioned me doing the reps with ease. Today, I’ll go over how your mindset going into any task can set you up for success, and how to realign if you’re not focused enough to emerge victorious.

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