J. Nyx Vacation Lifting Routine

Right now I’m on my weeks vacation.  A time for relaxation, overeating, drinking and no workouts right?  WRONG!  That’s right, I am actually going to continue to lift on vacation.  Something about having the time to do it makes me happy to get before everyone and get a quick session in.  Sure I could go join a local gym, and I may get a day pass here or there, but I actually brought some of the gym with me.  Today I’ll go over my quick program that I’ll be doing for the next week while on vacation.

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Favorite Lifts: One Arm Dumbbell Upright Rows and Behind The Back Barbell Shrugs

I return to my favorite lifts series this week where we go over some of the lesser known accessory lifts.  Today we’re reviewing the One Arm Dumbbell Upright Row and Behind The Back Barbell Shrug.  Lets get to it:

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The Motivation Booster Workout

At WB Fitness we follow a strict workout and diet routine.  It is designed to be brutal but efficient in making you lean, cut and looking good.  We adhere to this regimen to achieve the results we desire, but everyone who spends time in the gym knows all about that day where you make it to the gym, but your mind isnt here.  The music isnt working.  You’re dreading that next lift.  So what do you do?  You’re already there, so dont waste the time.   Today I’ll talk about a fun thing you can do to get your head right, get some reps in, and get back on track.

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Iron vs Bodyweight: Week 3 Recap

Jak and I have decided to do a 3 month challenge -starting May 18, 2018 and ending August 10, 2018-  where we will compare the differences between doing weight training (J.Nyx) and bodyweight exercises (Jak).  Each Friday we will share our results, what changes we’re going to make to our respective programs, and specific benefits/issues we come across.

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