A Firefly Named Lulu

“Daddy! Daddy! Look at all the dragonflies!” My daughter exclaimed with eyes full of excitement and wonder as she stared out over our yard.

“You mean fireflies,” I gently corrected her.  We stood for a moment watching the yard glow with the interspersed lights from hundred of fireflies.

“Yeah, fireflies.” She paused for a second, then looked up at me.  “Daddy, can you catch me a firefly?”

“I thought you didn’t like bugs.”

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Book Review: Hunter Drew’s “31 Days to Masculinity”

I recently finished Hunter Drew’s  Men of March campaign which is a program that brings men together to work through his book 31 Days to Masculinity.  For those of you not familiar with Hunter, he is a long standing member of the red pill community, originally helping other men improve their marriages in the MRP section of Reddit before finally creating his own site.  Above all, he encourages men to live authentic lives – be true to themselves and to those they interact with. Continue reading “Book Review: Hunter Drew’s “31 Days to Masculinity””

Lessons Learned From Chess

I wouldn’t say that I’m an avid Chess player or even a good one, but I do enjoy the occasional game.  As such, a few of the guys that I converse with on Twitter have created a Chess club of sorts where we challenge each other to battles of wits and tactics.  One particular game that I played against Hunter Drew at The Family Alpha stands out as one of my greatest victories, not necessarily because of any brilliant plays I made (I made quite a few blunders), but from the lessons I took away from that match.  These lessons translate nicely into the real world so I decided that today I would share them with you.

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Manosphere Maxims

Early this week, our AKC Twitter profile broke the 800 follower count, a huge milestone for our site and message.  In celebration of this event, I have decided to compile some great Tweets circulating around the Manosphere community.  These tweets run the gamut of topics, but all are about making you a better man.
Some of the Tweets are pretty straightforward, while a few may take some time reflecting to really understand the deeper messages being conveyed.  Enjoy, gentlemen!

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