J. Nyx Vacation Lifting Routine

Right now I’m on my weeks vacation.  A time for relaxation, overeating, drinking and no workouts right?  WRONG!  That’s right, I am actually going to continue to lift on vacation.  Something about having the time to do it makes me happy to get before everyone and get a quick session in.  Sure I could go join a local gym, and I may get a day pass here or there, but I actually brought some of the gym with me.  Today I’ll go over my quick program that I’ll be doing for the next week while on vacation.

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Favorite Lifts: DB Close Grip Bench and Bent Bar Cable Tricep Pushdowns

Happy Monday! Guys we have a month until July 4th, the official Suns Out Guns Out holiday.  Are you beater ready?  I’m working out 7 days a week this month so I can really push the next 4 weeks.  I’ll continue to work on lagging bodyparts with an update to my favorite lifts series.  I want to build my triceps up a bit so today I’ll be reviewing Dumbbell Close Grip Bench Presses and Bent Bar Tricep PushdownsContinue reading “Favorite Lifts: DB Close Grip Bench and Bent Bar Cable Tricep Pushdowns”

Get Out of Your Way

This post is happening today due to the new WB Fitness format.  My posts will be on Mondays going forward.

Have you ever thought your way into or out of a PR at the gym?  Your mindset is as important as your training.  You have to be in the right frame of mind to get those coveted gains, but how do we do this?

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