A Man Must Be Able To Master The Chthonic Powers Of A Woman

There has been a tendency, often in traditional masculine belief systems like Vedanta (one significant facet of “Hinduism”), Taoism, Plato and Aristotle’s philosophy and Christianity, to categorize men and women into different and distinct elements.

Both in Pagan and Abrahamic thought, the man tends to be associated with the sky or heaven (Zeus, Jesus), the sun (Helios, Apollo) or at least does have a northern origin (Hyperborea), while goddesses (Gaia, Kali and others) are mainly associated with the living matter, or specifically the earth itself. Continue reading “A Man Must Be Able To Master The Chthonic Powers Of A Woman”

A Family Carved of Stone

As the leader of the pack that is your family, your guidance, words and most importantly your actions will dictate what your family looks like and ascribes to.  You’re the horse, and the driver of the cart and your actions are what they will consider the norm.  When it comes to health and fitness, there is no exception to this rule. Continue reading “A Family Carved of Stone”